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Capital of the province of the same name and located 30 km from the resort Varadero and 90 km from the Cuban capital Havana.
Also called the city of the many bridges, over the three rivers Rio Yumuri, Rio San Juan and Rio Canimar, that cross the city.


The city was founded in 1693 and became an important center for sugar production. During the colonial era there was a huge import of African slaves, working on the sugar plantations. Because of the important Afro-Cuban population, decendants of the African slaves, the city is still a center of Cuban African traditions and religions.

Main Tourist Attractions

  • Parque de la Liberdad, a Spanish style square with historic colonial buildings. The Museo Farmacéutico located at this square was founded in 1882 by two doctors, as a pharmacy. You can visit the old style pharmacy with hundreds of porcelain jars. The pharmacy was in operation till the early sixties and became later a museum.
  • Catedral de San Carolos de Borromeo, located on the same square was one of the first buidings in Matanzas.
  • Teatro Sauto is a well preserved historic building and hosts ballet, opera and concert performances.

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