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Museo del Chocolate Havana Cuba Chocolate Museum The museum is located at the corner of Mercaderes and Amargura streets in the heart of Old Havana.
The place is announced as a museum but is actually a tasting room-café.
When you pass the museum you can smell the flavor in the streets. The admission is free, and the room has air conditioning. Inside the museum you find marble tables and the staff serves chocolate.
Beware with the chocolate milk, this good tasting product is actually liquid milk chocolate with a bit milk, not the same like in Europe, milk with a choco flavor. The "chocolate milk" was hard to digest (I got a real big cup) and my hunger was gone.
This is understandable, in Cuba ordinary milk is a luxury.
At a separate counter you can buy figures, the chocolate is of good quality and taste, and as a self-proclaimed expert in Belgian chocolates I know whereof I speak.

The museum part displays the history of the cacao, production and commercialization. Remarkable for the connoisseurs are the materials donated by Belgian museums, included posters of long gone Belgian chocolate brands like Martougin.
Also in the collection, chocolate packaging bags, printed with Dutch inscriptions give an exotic touch to the collection. The best Cuban Cacao is grown in the Oriente (the Eastern part) in the area around Guantanamo.

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