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My Cuban Love I cannot sleep


Hello all,

I met a girl we fell in love and now she's gone and I only have her full name and mail adress.. :(
The time with her was so nice that I cant think right, so I forgot to ask her for her adress and phone number.
I love her please help me, what can I make. I know on what school she goes to, her name and mail adress but no where I find a phonenumber. I want to call the school to ask if a girl names her, is there but nowhere is a phonenumber.
Shes 17 years old and Im 16 she said me, that she go to a medical school in havanna and she lives there and in havanna aren't so many medical schools so please help me
can anyone help me please. What can I do? I miss her:(


Hola a todos,

Conocí a una chica nos enamoramos y ahora ella se ha ido y sólo tengo su nombre completo y dirección de correo .. : (
El tiempo con ella era tan bonita que no puedo pensar bien, así que me olvidé de pedirle su dirección y número de teléfono.
Me encanta su favor, ayúdame, ¿qué puedo hacer. Sé en qué escuela va a, su nombre y dirección de correo electrónico, pero no donde puedo encontrar un numero de teléfono. Quiero llamar a la escuela para preguntar si una chica de su nombre, está ahí, pero en ninguna parte es un numero de teléfono. SchoolName es la Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina

Ella es 17 años de edad y soy 16 años, me dijo, que ella vaya a una escuela de medicina en La Habana y vive allí y en La Habana no son tan numerosas escuelas de medicina así que por favor me ayude
¿alguien puede ayudarme por favor. ¿Qué puedo hacer? La extraño :(

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Jun 19, 2015
Sultan Khan NEW
by: Anonymous

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Mar 06, 2010
She's young and ambitious.
by: Javier

Have you thought this is an ambitious young woman who would prefer to study medicine overseas.

Because a medical student who graduates does not stand a chance of getting an exit visa from Cuba. Same for sportsmen.

They govt. sees doctors as currency, same with sportsment. They have beenb trained to excellence so why would the govt. allow them to leave. Besides doctors are sent to other central american countries to provide medical care in return for oil.

So your friend might have seen you as an easy way out, before she qualifies in medicine and 7 years down the line is not allowed to leave.

Cuban woman are clever as foxes, born survivors, incredibly resourceful. As are Cuban men who play women.

If she really wanted you to remain in contact she would have given you her contact details. Most Cubans have access to a phone, even a neighbour's no.

You have to resign yourself to the fact that perhaps you were not the only Yuma being played.

Yuma is the word which Cubans use when referring to a tourist.

To Cubans a Yuma has money, can give you access to a passport to a better life.

A Yuma can be used to marry, thus ensuring a passport and residence in another country.

Lots of ambitious young Cubans who want to make it in medicine, sports, music seek out a Yuma. It is so much better than paying a crook $5,000 on the black market for a raft to Miami.

Perhaps this young woman did you a favour by not preying on you.

She will use another Yuma instead.

Oct 21, 2009
by: lucy

i dont know what it is about this negative vibe from this site... yes i do understand that many people have gotten screwed over from cubano's and cubana's BUT have you ever thought that MAYBE just maybe when they got to canada or wherever their love live the person that sponsored them over just made them feel like an object as oppose to a person?? like they owned them or something?? for all the money spent getting them over the border?? anyways, like i said email me the name and address that you have for her... ill see if i can help you in anyway... try just writing her a letter, it takes about 6 weeks to a 2 months for them to recieve it but its better then nothing..

Oct 21, 2009
by: Cayman Islands

Dear Germany, I am sorry for you. Whether you believe it or not you better drink a lot of water and put on your thinking hat.
Have,nt you been reading the blogs on here about these men and women. They dont love anyone. You fell for, and you got a good taste of what others have gotten.
Look for a nice girlfriend who will love you for the right reasons. This girl obviously has a man already, otherwise whe would have given you enough information to contact her. Leave those cuban men and women alone.

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