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My Cuban Love Story

by Nickiblueyes
(England, UK)

No need for negativity.... here maybe a true love story!

I thought I would try and dispand some of the negativity when it comes to Cuban men for the lovely and loving ladies in the world.
They are not all bad, I agree it can be easy to fall for the lushness of the dark cuban skin, the sexy voice but really there are some very good men out there, whether it be Cuba, UK you get your jokers in all walks of life.
So, here is some postitive vibes, I met my lovely man on a tour in Nov 2010, I have been back twice since and just having returned from another fantastic trip to the Country I know that I have not and am not being scammed.
He is now coming to the UK in summer, and is keen to meet his future mother in law!!
It's an expensive relationship, but fully worth it and I dont think I would want to be or love anyone else that the wonderful Cuban man I have met.
Keep smiling everyone-I know I am :) x

Remark by Vic, Webmaster

It's not my intention to be negative or to comment on the life of others, just to warn you! (Anyway who am I?)
BUT be alert! I have seen, heard, read to much on this subject. Please don't call me negative, I am more of "a Realist". Having said this, just a few question to reflect on.
How will he integrate in his new country?
Don't underestimate the cultural differences and barriers. Does he speak the language well enough to get a job? Will he work, (study?) are you going to support him? Will he support his family in Cuba by sending money? Can you afford this? Note that several Cubans are getting homesickness after 2 or 3 years, don't underestimate this.
In case of a marriage, talk to a lawyer to protect your assets, I know of a British guy who lost half of his assets, when his Cuban wife wanted a divorce and hired a solicitor in London. Be careful with credit cards too, you only know him from two short trips to Cuba!

Only after 3-5 years in the UK you can evaluate your relationship (and his integration) earlier is too soon. In the meantime stay alert.
A red flag is when he frequents Cuban bars in the UK to meet other Cubans without your presence!
Wish you all the best, but protect yourself, stay alert!
Good Luck!

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Oct 31, 2015
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Mar 11, 2015
loyalists NEW
by: Michael

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Dec 26, 2014
Eyes Wide Opde - I Think I Know Your Ex! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been reading your story Eyes Wide Open' and your scammer sounds remarkably incredibly similar to mine

He is 47, a smooth talkers, can be very sweet and charming but his hustler side shows up after a while.

He does not work at a resort, or in tourism, which made me think he might be genuine.

He has a short fuse however, and was not happy when I did not take up the hint about the cost of his bus ticket which he left on the table for me to see. He stormed out in a huff.

He's a a great dancer, loves music, particularly salsa, and is not short of material things, yet still hustles. He has a computer and stereo system in his room, and uses a Samsung Galaxy 3 smart phone (did you buy that for him?).

Clearly the signs are that he has used some other yumas, is a player.

Does the name of your ex begin with an L, tall guy, afro cuban, very charming but most definitely seasoned jinitero.

Jun 17, 2011
'Anonymous' We Are All Sick Of You!
by: Bill

It's you who is full of hate toward anyone who's posts you do not agree with.

You wade in like a bully boy and attack everyone calling them 'stupid' for falling for people 'poorer than dirt' etc.

Well let me tell you I have spent time in both Varadero and Guardalavaca and met Cubans who are doing nicely from the tourist trade. Cubans clever enough to con goods from those naive enough to be conned out of them. Clothing, cellphones etc.

It's not the poorest Cubans who have access to foreigners, nor are they the ones on the front line so to speak.

The hustlers are. And in no way are they 'dirt poor',

You need to keep your filthy mouth shut.

You need to unleash your venom, your anger somewhere else, not here, perhaps to an anger management counseller or a mental health psychiatrist.

I've seen your attacks on other posers, on other threads . Gage for example, you attacked her in a viscious manner.

You are clearly a very bitter person in need of help. I suggest you unleash your venom elsewhere. Your bitter nasty comments and vile attacks on defenceless people, hurt from their own expereinces in Cuba, are not welcome here.

Jun 17, 2011
And who the hell are U?
by: Anonymous

Re:-Anonymous-and who are you to stop freedom of expression??? and dictating what can or cannot be written,there was no offensive language or name mentioning.
The truth hurt's most when people like you have been used and abused and cannot come to the reality of being duped over and over again.
There is no hate on here just plain observation of how people like you can be so stupid to fall for scheme's of people poorer then dirt-we all know now who the smart one's are and it's not the people on this site who whine over and over again about the loss of their dignity!!
Maybe you should write your comment's to Communist country's where censorship reign's-I hope Vic come's to his sense's and reprint's the post,because in his heart and experience he know's it's the God honest truth!!

Jun 16, 2011
Thank You For Your Honesty.
by: Cynical About Cuban Men

Eyes Wide Open it's lovely to hear such honesty, and rare. I am also an honest woman who does not kid herself or others. I am an attractive 40 year old who was not planning on any kind of romantic involvement.

We just clicked. He pursued me, was like my shadow in the small town we met in. From day one he would call round to see me. The sad part is that they think they're being smart but they're not.

They're soo hell bent on making a fast buck, a commission, in getting something materially out of us that they are the ones who loose out in the end.

I believe that my ex really did love me, we would chat for hours, he did not persist in entering my casa.

Sex was not part of my first visit. We were like best buddies and we communicated for 18 months sharing every innermost thought. We had a close friendship, we shared so many common interests, including dance, poetry etc.

I guess he was being 'advised' by too many grasping women, including his mother who was a real vixen and loud with it, her friend who owned the casa he tried to force on me was also a pushy friend.

In the end they are emasculated by these fierce overbearing women who dictate to them what they should be doing, achieiving from the Yuma.

They grow up without the male influence and are completely led by, at the mercy of these loud fish wife, overbearing hard as nails witches who dictate to their sons, and destroy any modicum of confidence or free will.

It's the result of 50 years of being dictated to by a Communist regime. Cuba that we know today is the inevitable result of that regime. Out to con, manouver, manipulate all they can out of us at the expense of their feelings and in doing do deny themselves true and lasting love.

Jun 15, 2011
to Cynical
by: Eyes wide open

Hi Cynical, thank you for your nice words and sharing your story, but if I am honest with myself, I knew deep down that something wasn't right, it was just the little things that didn't add up, but I didnt want to be this suspicious person I was becomming.
My friends tell me I always see the worst in people lol, its not that I do, but I do pick up on things, and am I like a dog with a bone, I will not let it go until I have proven right, lol.

The thing is I am 46, same age as him, am slim, fairly attractive as such, been divorced for years, been out and about and travelled, so its not as though I have grabbed onto the first man that has shown interest in me.

I think even if you had the body and face of a Greek goddess they would still try and con you.
I do look back and laugh at it all, I am not hurt, or getting therapy for it lol I just shrug it off and put it down to experience.
I just feel sorry for other women, who maybe have just come out of a relationship, married for X amount of years, go over there and fall for the spiel, Unfortunately they don't read this site, or any other site until the damage has been done.

Jun 15, 2011
My Story Is Simlar to So Many On Here
by: Cynical About Cuban Men

To Eyes Wide Open, I am so sorry to hear how you've been duped by your man. I can sympathise as I experienced an identical story.

My Cuban man was handsome charming and tactile. I fell for him hook line and sinker.

He was also upbeat smiling and so communicative. Little doubts would niggle me though, his sob stories seemed negative. How he had lost a job through not having shoes. How he was single, did not have children when his neigbour told he he had fathered two by different Cuban women.

He conned me out of many gifts and tried to force me into a casa I had no wish to take.

I knew his mother and grandfather were in on the scam, even the casa owner of the dingy place he had tried to force me to take.

Only his alcoholic father told me the truth one afternoon when he was tanked up on cheap rum, for which he was castigated (for being honest).

Looking back it was all one big scam, staged so that I would feel great sympathy for him and fly him out of poverty, marry him so he could send money home to his two Cuban women and maintain his kids.

The ramshackle hovel he took me to was not his at all it belonged to his grandfather.

The guy was a major con artist and even better actor.

I was a fool who fell for his charm.

I would urge caution and restraint to any woman who has been swept off her feet by a Cuban charmer.

Read the stories on this great website and even better learn to read between the lines of the garbage they are spinning you to your face and online.

They are purely scripts, fantasy to con you into their web of deceipt and use you to extract as much as they can materially out of you.

Jun 06, 2011
the end of the story
by: eyes wide open

like anon said in the previous post,'say you will not marry him' I did all that, but he still loved me, wanted me even though I wouldnt marry him, so I had to think of somnething to prove my gut instinct was right.
So I came home, took spanish lessons, even had a private tutor for a while, went back still stuttering in my silly basic Spanish, looking thick and dense.
So off we goes again to his mothers, I had hired a car to get there as it was about 2 hours away. So of course the 'cousin' is there, and her son, her son was all over my BF, but thats ok, but I noticed when the boy was trying to say something to my BF they would talk over him so I couldnt hear the boy saying what they didnt want me to hear, but I looked blank, smiled, and acted if I was an imbecile, and my god it paid off......
I am sitting there, and even though I took spanish lessons, they were speaking so fast that I did find it difficult to understand them, but, my lessons and my gut instinct paid off big time, as they were talking about me!!!! things like, 'are you getting any money off her' 'I need this for the boy' 'just tell her anything, she will believe it' 'how long is this going on for, its taking too long' there was more, but by then I had closed my ears to it, it was his mother I felt sorry for, as even though she was in on it as such, I could tell she wasnt happy with the situation, as she was saying things like,'its not fair' 'shes a nice lady' 'I dont like this'

By then I had heard enough, I was expecting it anyway, but over 3 years he was playing the game, and it didnt hurt me, it just made me mad, so I turned round and said to the BF in English, 'ohhh I have left something in the car for your family, I will go and get it' so the cousin's ears pricked up, big smile on her face as she knew a little english and thought I was going to give her a gift.
So I walked out of their house with a big smile on my face, saying I will be back in a few minutes, I got in the hire car and drove off, left him there.
All the way back my phone did not stop ringing, got text after text asking what is wrong, why I left like that.
Went back to my Casa, packed my bags and moved into another Casa about 20 mins away, to this day he still does not know why I left, I have had emails, phone calls, texts that I ignore asking what is wrong.
I just hope he will always wonder/puzzle why I left like that, exactly the same way I wondered/puzzled.

Just be careful Nickie, test him, there is lots of ways to test him, just take

Jun 06, 2011
the rest of the story
by: eyes wide open

Then one time I went to visit his mother approx about 18 months after my suspicions, and noticed that the cousin and my BF disappeared into another room for approx 15 mins, bearing in mind, it was a small place they lived in, and I thought what the hell are they talking about.

I had doubts, I knew a little spanish at that time, but not enough to understand what was going on, but something just did not sit right with me.
I let it go for the time being.
She was quite young, my BF was 46, but the cousin looked 20 and she looked as though she should have been walking the streets, she looked really slutty, boobs spilling over, skirt halfway up her backside, but I knew from conversations his ex wife was a good 15 years younger than him, so it made me more aware that perhaps he has gone for younger model with this one.

Jun 06, 2011
Aint luv grand
by: eyes truely opened

Hi Nicki, what can I say? part of me wants to say congratulations, but the other part wants say commiserations, as sure as eggs are eggs it will end in tears.
You met him in Nov 2010, and its only the beginning of June, and you are bringing to the UK!!!!

I met mine in 2007, been back loads of times, never once would I think of bringing him to my country, and anyway he did not want leave Cuba, and that suited me fine.
But I did notice little things that didnt sit right with me, but I shrugged it off and kept making excuses for him, but bit by bit he started showing his true colours, which is only normal after a being in a relationship for a while, even though he didnt want to leave Cuba, and I would have moved there to be with him, I still wasn't sure.

He was gorgeous, he could dance, he was sexy to look at, and his voice would melt an iceberg, but he started getting impatient and greedy, in the beginning he never asked me for anything, and I would take over little things for him, then he wanted a new cell phone, designer clothes, then came the sob story his mother was ill, then I met his 'cousin' who had a little boy of about 18 months, (yes, you know what is coming next) I didn't want to think what I was thinking, but I looked at the child and he was the spit of my BF, and the cousin and baby lived with his mother, which I thought was very strange.

Jun 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am going to invest in the Kleenex company and i will make a good profit,because you will be buying and crying your heart out till you hurt,you made a quick and idiotic decision,Cubano score's 1 point and a free ride to freedom-you score financial ruin, lost respect, and dignity, and an ocean of tear's.
I have been going back to see my jinitero for 6 year's now-it's still the same crap-I want out of Cuba-nothing change's for him or Cuba,and nothing will change for your jinitero.
If you use your heart you lose your head or you can use your head and protect your heart,nada is real in Cuba the Cubano loses all brilliance and hot sex when they leave Cuba-that's why I keep mine in Cuba.
Remember when they get their paper's they will go back to their women and family,and he will totally ignore you.
You have been advised-now go for it!!

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