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My Life in Cuba

by Silvana-Teresa

After being widowed for a while my friend's convinced me to go with them to Cayo-Largo Cuba, and to shed my black robe's and start living again.I was hesitant but i finally agreed.To make it short,on my last two day's at the resort,a security guard offered me his assistance in accompanying me back to my room for it was dark and late,we talked for a while and i retreated to my room.
The next night he did the same this time he asked me to accompany him on his round's and i did,we finally sat down in the gazebo and talked about politic's,family etc.
On the last and final night it happened,he took me in his arm's and held me tight and i felt alive again,I refused intimacy,for respect of my late husband and my own dignity,which he much appreciated.When i made arrangement's to meet him in La Habana,he was not the romantic man i had met ,but an arrogant and abusive drunk with many failed relationship's,but i blamed the cuban economy for this and gave him the benefit of the doubt.
I stayed 10 day's and it was a disaster,he left me alone to go drinking with his friend's,and ignored me.
But yet it took another 4 time's for this Canadian to realize what was happening,i found out that while he was with me in Havana he had another pregnant woman in the isla,my cuban girlfriend warned me of this.
I finally knew which way the wind was blowing confronted him with this news and i went back home emotionally drained.
Yes i bought him shoes and food,but on recent visit's he was alway's there and tried his best to convinvce me to marry him,i said i might be crazy but not stupid.
He is a good looking Mulatto,and we still e-mail,but boundry's are drawn,i do not send money,and my last vist last year he paid most of the time.
Now i am in charge,i'm no longer intimidated by his age or look's,this was an experience for a naive widow who was married to one man for many year's,and thought all men were good kind and honest--bull-shit!
I have to thank Mercedes my best friend in the world for saving my life and my economy.
Gracia's Mercy por tu consejo en mi vida,por haber sentimiento para mi de hablar de una situacion que puede estar un disastro--Ciao--y Viva Cuba Libre!

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Nov 07, 2010
Enjoying Life Is The Best Revenge!
by: Javier

Silvana, the thing to do is to move forward, move on with your life.

My mother used to say.... 'What does'nt kill you makes your stronger".

You're a strong lady. You have lots of life left in you, and the world is a big place.

So get out there and enjoy it. Just trust your instincts. They are usually right.

And remember true love is unconditional, and does not have a price tag.

It's pure and from the heart.

You deserve the best. We all do!.

Lots of love and take good care of yourself.

And have fun!.

Nov 07, 2010
Reference to Grace and Celia
by: Silvana Teresa

I mentioned Celia as to referring role reversal but it was Grace sorry about the mistake,but I'm sure Celia would agree,thanx's to all, and any pay-back move's would be appreciated-!!
Well his latest new's is that he going to Matanza's to work and then to Varadero to relax!!.
Plus he's dying to se me,what do you think???????.

Silvana Teresa,---Ciao

Nov 07, 2010
Pay-Back Time ??
by: Silvana Teresa

Well Javier,you are correct in saying that I am a mature woman.
Married 41 year's and widowed for 5 year's,it has been a rough and confusing ride,all along, from my losing my hubby to meeting a parasite what a transition,that is why I was so naive at first.
But my asset's have been and alway's will be overseen by my lawyer and my financial institution's.
And don't forget I have 4 grown kid's that are very protective of me and their late father's estate.
I have total freedom with my life and any decision's I make now or in the future,I just have to learn to make the right one's.
Celia is right about a possible role reversal, I think role reversal would be a howl and very interesting to see his reaction when I have a couple of drink's and do and say the same crapy thing's to him he did to me --minus the laying naked in bed--lol lol !!
Thanx for caring,
silvana Teresa

Nov 07, 2010
Its a difficult one
by: Grace

Silvana, its a difficult one to think of payback for him, as I dont think it would register with him that you had changed, negativity is not a word they recognised, they only want to see and hear what they want to hear and see, its as though thier brain switches off.

You could do role reversal, you could get drunk and abusive, calling him names, saying that that he's no catch, you go out and get his favourite rolls, and throw them at him whilst he lying in bed, piping hot of course :-), or his favourite orange juice, chuck that over him, he wont like it as it will be all sticky lol.

Or go out with a couple pesos, have the one drink each, and when he taps his glass for another, you say, 'its your round' as I have no money, treat him as he treats you, as sometimes tyrying to talk and explain your feelings does not work, and the only way is to do to them what they do to you.

Nov 07, 2010
by: Only You Can Decide

As a mature lady in her 60's who married 46 years ago, I think you are wise enough to know what to do.

Most certainly he should be reported to the authorities as someone else said.

If only to prevent him from doing the same to other foreign women.

However, you must protect yourself and your assets.

Do not let a Jinitero ever abuse you or con you.

Look after yourself.

Nov 07, 2010
No Saint!!
by: Silvana Teresa

Hello Javier,
By no way or mean's is this man a saint,and no way will I ever see him as other than an abusive person.
But he did do all the thing's I mentioned and in all honesty it's hard to believe the difference between his sober state and his drunken stuper,but it is the truth.
From a guy I truly appreciate your candid statement,I will not be returning to Cuba any time soon but the thought has crossed my mind,I think I will go to Aruba and just enjoy a change of scenery.
But for the sake of conversation what would you recommend as sweet revenge for all the ladie's that have been hurt!!!!
Silvana Teresa,

Nov 07, 2010
Your last post makes his sound like a Saint.
by: Javier

To Silvana,

All I can say that after having read through your thread, you now seem to be praising this cretno, and looking for acceptance of this vile man.

After all he has done to you, been abusive, spent your money, cheated on you.

If you return to a man like this you have to be either a masochist, out of your mnd. In need of therapy, or have incredibly low self worth.

And that's coming from a guy.

If any man abused my mother or grandmother the way he has you I would personally sort him out, then inform the law that he was a con man out to use and abuse and violate tourist women.

No doubt the Cuban authorities are already on to him.

Nov 07, 2010
Hi Michelle !
by: Silvana Teresa

Well my friend,I think you misunderstood some item's I mentioned in my last post.
When he cooked and did laundry,and ironed clothe's and did shopping,and brought me coffee and juice in the morning and went out of his way to find my favourite sweet bread he was sobre,affectionate,and caring toward's me,which was only 10% of the time.
When he came back from his drinking binge he would lie naked on the bed and rattle off abusive word's and belittle me with no uncertain term's.
But a few minute's ago I received another e-mail,saying his love cannot be bought or sold he does not expect any "Regalo's" from me,but anthying I wish to bring him is certainly appreciated,eg.sock's,underwear.
He is leaving it up to me with no pressure to return,but he would like to see me again.
Thank's again for your concern,
Silvana Teresa--Ciao

Nov 07, 2010
So Funny - Doing Laundry When Drunk.
by: Michelle

Lol Silvana you made me laugh when you conjured up that image of him doing the laundry when drunk.

I only hope he did not chuck in your lttle silk undies and white skirts with his greasy dungaress and smelly socks. :)

With regard to returning. Why not?. but on your terms.

After all you do not need his permission, or much less his invitation in order to return to Cuba.

I would however start planning my revenge in advance, you have almost two weeks. So why not throw the thread open to other ladies on the forum, invite them to provide their suggestions for the Rat.

Most definitely I would book my own hotel or casa and do not let him know the whereabouts. Only contact him when you are ready to see him.

Do not meet him with more than 5 cuc in your purse.

Do not under any circumstances take any presents for him. None!

Ensure you have a programme, a plan to meet other friends, go out dancing, dining out. Trips to the beach etc. Have fun activities independent of him.

You can be civil, pleasant even.

But you must never forget that you are aware of the pig that he is.

That he is an unfaithful, drunken parasite thug who is on the make, who's prime objective is to find a Yuma.

Any Yuma dumb enough to fly him out of Cuba, so he can sponge scrounge off ther welfare state of whatever country he's flown to and use the poor woman's money to maintain his ever growing tribe of illegitimate children.

I would most definitely look up a Cuban hotline for reporting Fraudsters, conmen and jinteros.

If such a hotline does not exist, then shame on Cuba. Other countries have such a reporting hotline.

You could call the Ministry of Tourism in Havana or Cubancan head office, and suggest such a line.

And while you're at it you pass along his details, name, address, tel.no. his description, photo etc.

For the protection of future yumas.

Now that's what I call sweet revenge.

Nov 07, 2010
Women's Right's!!
by: Silvana Teresa

Hello Michelle.
Please know that the country's I mentioned,the women there have NO RIGHT'S and are being killed and abused as we speak by their husband's and their Sharia Law's.
My reference to my Ass going there was I know he would never be allowed,but his treatment of women would be accepted as normal in so far as his abuse of women..
In so far as men working in 3rd world country's that is another topic,for they are so poor, there is no development or Government support.
Maybe in the Middle East where there is foreign development going on but in other place's not.
All in all my Ass,when it came to eating he always preferred to cook fresh food,even did laundry,it was when he was drunk, he would put me down and say I would never marry in my country-blah-blah-blah.
Well he e-mailed me yesterday saying if I would meet him in Havana on Nov.21/10,I have yet to answer him,but somehow I'm in revenge mode,what do you think???
Silvana Teresa--Ciao-My Friend

Nov 07, 2010
But Would They Want Such A Drunken Loser?
by: Michelle

Silvana, none of the countries you mentioned would want a drunken abusive man who preys on women for money and an easy life. Not a hope in hell he would get a visa or remote interest from women of those countries.

None of their women would give such a abusive loafer the time of day. They have strict codes of conduct and behaviour to adhere to. Work is mandatory.

No hand outs in the Middle East or India, and certainly no tourists to indulge feed and marry them so as to provide passage to a more affluent life

He would be locked up for life for the type of behaviour you described.

The Cuban man in general is not good boyfriend or husband material . It's a Jekyll and Hyde scenario once they think they have you.

The sweet loving caring man you met morphs into a vile gigolo on the make who insults you with viscous words in an effort to undermine you.

He will make nasty references to your age, looks, whether you drink, all as a way to destroy your confidence and make you believe no other man would want you, certainly not in your country.

That is while he is eyeing up your posessions making a mental note how much money he can make from them, then he will sweet talk you the day before you are due to leave in the hope you hand over the contents of your case.

Mine spoke about feeling hungry. I suggested we go out to dinner. "Quale Rstorante" he immediately asked. "What restaurant" he had a preference, only the best one in town. He like Langostine he said.

Not for him the peso place that served 'warmed up food'. I had eaten there and found their fish and meat dishes to be adequate.

Beggars it seems definitely are choosers in Cuba.

He's did'nt get the Langostine nor snapper fish that night.

I suggested he go home to his mom to eat as he always did.

I had other plans.

Nov 06, 2010
Other Country!
by: Silvana Teresa

Well Celia, I'm going to help him out in choosing another country where he would fit right in.
7-Middle East
and last but not least---HELL!!
And he could bring all his toxic baggage there, where they will be welcomed with open arm's,until Sharia Law set's in and stone's his puta's to death for having sex outside marriage.
What a sight that would be--lol.
For no where in the civilized western world will any female be abused again, now that most of us are informed of this atrocious sub-human behavior.
Thank-you for your response Celia--good day to you.
Silvana Teresa,< ciao>

Nov 06, 2010
Good Advice.
by: Michelle

I this the last post offered sensible advice to women embarking on a romance with a Cuban man.

I remember my favourite Cuban 'Momma', the owner of a great casa in Trinidad offering me similar sound advice.

Rosa was a single mom,trained as an engineer in Russia and now running a homely Casa Particular in Trinidad.

She raised her lovely teenaged daughter single-handed.

Never received a dime from the drunken abusive layabout father who put her off every marrying again.

"Michelle" she told me.

"Never go out at night with your handbag. Always take a cuc or two tucked int your bra. If you take your purse chances are he will charm you into spending the contents they always try that after a woman has a couple of drinks, they turn on the charm, the sweet talk, the romance. And before you know it you've spent all your money".

"Even worse, if he's really devious he could arrange to have a friend ride by on a scooter and snatch your bag from your shoulder, there have been many such thefts, so be careful".

I took her advice and whenever I went out dancing to the Casa de la Trova I took no more than 2 CUC tucked inside my bra and the casa key tucked into the other cup of my bra.

I had not problem after that and it detered the hustler goldigging jiniteros who moved on to the more generous in naive yumas, no doubt the one selected to go on to be the 'Mujers" :).

Nov 06, 2010
Good Riddance To Him Then!
by: Celia

What an arrogant man!, he will look to another country, no doubt charm another Yuma into wining dining him and hopefully flying him out to her country at great expense.

I think he will be in for a shock. He's not a catch by an means.
He's exactly young by Cuban standards.

He has too much excess toxic baggage with all those exes, illegitimate kids, pregnant novias, abusive putas etc. etc.

He's also a drunk an abusive violent drunk at that.
Who needs such grief and stress in their life??

So what woman in her right mind would want any of that?. They would run a mile.

The Yumas are way more switched on these days. They read websites like this and also Cuba Amor. Names are exchanged. they know who to avoid, even the ones with acting skills worthy of an Oscar!

They see through the B.S. We work hard for our money, we pay our college loans, our taxes, mortgage, utility bills. We just do not have any spare cash to spend on gigolos.

And besides when we go on vacation we want to have fun. Not to be locked in the vice like grip of some drunken Cuban gigolo scrounger who's sponging off us for clothes, food, drinks, etc. etc etc.

Trick is to never ever let a Cuban man think you are his property. Never graduate to his 'Mujer' status. that's when fun leaves the relationship. They think they own you and you are his bank his ATM in a skirt.
Why would anyone want to be seen as a meal ticket for life?.

Let's face it, if we need a male whore, a parasite, a gigolo we need not travel all the way to Cuba? Why travel outside of Canada, or Spain, or the UK, or France or Holland?.
There are enough gigolos, spongers, and drunken thugs right here.

Nov 05, 2010
Fobia Canadiense!!!!!
by: Silvana Teresa

Hello Ladies - Hi Celia, well Have I got new's for you ladie's.
As you know I answered an e-mailed my cuban friend in La Isla wrote me and told him of the lastest new's and development's here in Candada.
I informed him that due to the lastest outbreak of abuse, sham marriage's, and fraud commited by Cuban's,there are committee's being set up in all centre's of all Canadian province's to address this issue and to protect the right's of the Canadian women.
His answer are you ready girls?????,he said "I do not want to be in a country that is full of phobia's about female right's and abuse,"he will look elsewhere to live.!!!!!!!!
He said he will never ask me for money, and that I will alway's be part of his life.
Now as Celia pointed out I was indeed lonely but not in that I did not have enough family ,friend's,and neighbour's to help me through the rough time's. I was lonely for the companionship that only a couple could enjoy,and I had lost my better half, I indeed had 2 marriage proposal's by 2 gentlemen who were mature and stable in all aspect's of life, but I do not want to get married again,just be in a relationship of enjoying, dinner, dancing, movies,summer picnic's and the occassional vacation together..
So that's the latest on my end---
Take care,
Silvana Teresa--Ciao

Nov 05, 2010
Any Woman Who Falls For the B.S. Deserves All She Gets
by: Anonymous

I have read though these posts, and I have come to the conclusions that the majority of women on here are in denial.
I respect the honesty of the one or two who admit the guy is a loser, on the take, out to con them for every cuc, piece of clothing, meal that he can.

So she dumps him. Well done her. She has self respect!.
Then I read the sad accounts from mature women who are looking for acceptance, permission for the abuse the guy is ready to dump on her.
Ladies. You do not have to apologise for being les than attractive, older than him, fatter than him. It's OK!

He treats you like S.HIT walks all over you. Asks you for money, cheats on you. Abuses you. Dump him for C.hystsSake!.

It's ok if you're overweight, older. You're a nice woman. You do not have to take the abuse, the denegration from a Cuban Gigolo Jinitero whore.

A whore, male or female is a person who offers sex for money. That is the dctionary defnititon.

Do not kid yourself. The parasite you are sleeping with is a whore, pure and simple. A gigolo.

A prostute using you for CUC. and all the regalos and meals you provide. He's a lazy user who does not like to work.
And why should he when he has a fool like you to maintain him?
No more no less.
You can post on here till you are blue the face. None of us are convinced. If you are f....ing a whore, a parasite gigolo, he is only with you for financial gain. Not because he loves you.

So please please stop trying to convince us as otherwise. You're in denial.
We are not. We can see through the B.S. you write.
Ask yourself. ..
When was the last time he paid maintenance for his child?.
To the older women, (you know who you are)
When was the last time he willingly agreed to see you without the dangling carrot of money, food regalos meals booze?
When was the last time he rang you to suggest a date? on his tab?
When did he last invite you out to dinner?.

None of the above.??? :)

Wake Up and live in the real world!
Do not live in Cloud Cuckoo land.
You may be fooling yourself but sure as hell you are not fooling anyone on here.

Jf you are 64 and he is 34, If you are 40 and he's 24, he's using you as a meal ticket.
He most likely secretly despises you and all you stand for.
But he grins and bears it, he plays along because you are his meal ticket and he is dog lazy.
If you go back for more, you have to be a Masochist !!
and you need to address that.
Work through those low self esteem issues. Get help in Canada, Europe.
Look after yourself.
Spend on you.
Your children.
Do not waste your cash on a lazy whore, parasite jinetero who is clearly using you and has no affection, much less respect for you.

Nov 05, 2010
You've raised a good point.
by: Celia

Grace, an interesting observation.

While some would say age is just a number I honestly think that a shrewed Jinitero with his eye on the prize or the jackpot will see a more mature woman as easy prey.

She will be more flattered by the attention for a start. She will be lonely as Silvana says she was, she was married for 41 years and a widow grieving for her beloved husband.

So when a Cuban charmer half her age enters her life do you blame her for getting swept away in all of the attention.

I am 30, my Cuban man 28, but a mature 28, raised by his granparents. Age bore little relevance to our relationship. We got along like a house on fire when we met, had a great time, chatted all night, danced like a dream, joked around.

It was only when I returned I saw the change. He'd been emailing me for 2 years professing his love, all a bit over the top.

Who knows what his agenda was?. Does any Yuma ever know what goes on in the dark recesses of the mind of the Cuban man?.

All I can say is I did not feel too comfortable in his presence this last time. Too many unanswered questions not to mention the lying.

Lack of communication, stone cold silence on the beach, obviously pissed at me for not taking the room. Pissed I had not cooked him dinner.

Ladies I need that type of cr@p like a hole in the head.

When I think of the times I've gone there with friends, danced the night away, carefree, great times with my friends, I missed that. This time way more depressing.

Am I the only one on here who hates being in the girdlock , posession of the overbearing Cuban male?

Nov 04, 2010
by: Grace

I'm just wondering if its an age thing, by this I mean that, is it because some older women fall for much younger Cuban men, ie 25-30, and these young cubanos see the older woman as a soft touch or desperado?

Im just wondering if some women has the same problem if she and the man is of around the same age.

I'm only 3 years older than mine, and been with him nearly 6 years, so am wondering if a biggish age difference has a lot to do with it, or are they just ponces no matter how old the woman is?

Nov 04, 2010
You Are Not a Fool! You Were Fooled By A Con Man!
by: Celia

You're a kind hearted lady who was duped by a lazy con man.

I have been there, believe me. Nothing changes is Cuba.

Met him two years ago, good looking stylish 28, whispered all the sweet romantic words, wooed and held me in his arms by the ocean front for the last week of my stay.

Bombarded me upon my return home with loving emails insisting I return, that he could not wait to see me. Put such pressure on he.

What struck me was that he had so much free time. He showed up at the casa early morning within 5 minutes of my call. He would show up midday with the excuse he had 'finished work early.

I wondered if the guy had a job. He explained away the stylish Italian shirt and trousers as clothiing he had 'bought n Havana'.

His father told me about his two children which he tried to dismiss as 'An Aventura' .No 'it's a life, a daughter' I told him, not an 'aventura.

They are lazy self centered selfish bastards, out to makes all they can from us. They have been raised to be selfish by their mothers who indulge them.

Mine was in for a shock when I was not prepared to wine and dine him every night.

He actually said in Spanish to the lady of my casa ..

"What's her problem? Why is she not eating? She has plenty of money"?

I do not know what gave him that idea, I work for my living as a secretary, I am not wealthy, but if I was it has nothing to do with him.

I saw through him, his shallow self when I was there last time.

I have since blocked all communication from him.

I deserve better. We all do.

Nov 02, 2010
A fool in Texas
by: Anonymous

To my friends above the border, the guy I was involved with came from Cuba with his family and friends about 15 years ago. He is still a loser. He took me to the cleaners always needing something. Hated that I am a strong independent woman, yet wanted my money and my home.
He wouldn't even try to find a job. He would panhandle and tell some story about his wife and baby being here with him. Bulls**t! He has no children or wife, I met his dad and sister who are lovely people. My man is a lazy, con artist so don't think this just happens to you beautiful lovely kind women from Canada. Even us Texas girls get snowed. Much love!

Nov 02, 2010
2nd time lucky
by: Grace

Andreas, unfortunately we, the tourist, or should I say the 'touron', ie a mixture of tourist and moron are to blame.
We have made these people the way they are, by going over tipping, giving gifts, trying to help, falling in love.
This has all stemmed from years and years of us who thought we were helping, but in reality has made them a nation of beggars and scam artists.
I am not saying all, but at least 80% think this is the norm, its the way of life, they do not realise that they have shot themselves in the foot.

By forums like this, more and more tourists are being made aware of what to expect, and sad to say that before long Cuba will be in a worse state than it ever was, as people will not return.

There are genuine cubans, there are genuine people everywhere, but the bad ones has made it so bad for the good ones, and its getting that how can you tell a genuine one from a con one?

At least this time when you go over you will be more wary, you will be more observent, and see things differently, but Cuba is still a lovely country, and you will find some lovely cubans, but think needle and haystack comes to mind lol.

Nov 02, 2010
by: Silvana Teresa

Hola Andreas,I wish you well on your future trip to Cuba,as you know I travelled there 5 time's and lived and ate with the local's in most of the Province's.
The truth is and let's be fair that we all deserve what we get get and receive based on our own decision's in life,and I made mine.
My Cubano is no different,in all honesty I do miss him,so I will share some positive point's with you.
I will never forget waking up wrapped in his arm's,his kiss on my forehead before he left,how we enjoyed dancing to "Time of my Life" when he picked me up and told me how much he needed me in his life.
In Holguin he put on a cd and we danced in our world,his word's "never forget this moment Silvana never forget it,for it it our's.
It was a dream and I never wanted to wake up.
When he put me on his knee's and we both shared the food on the plate,when we both drank beer from the same bottle---Yes I miss this very much----BUT,does that make him treating me like a street dog later on better,example,one night he came home drunk,told me to look in the mirror,and to find somebody else,another night, I told him to stop drinking because he has a stomach problem,and he responded by holding a knife to my head threatening to kill me and himself,if I don't stop telling him what to do,he was on his 17th can of Buccanero beer.
The night that he told me not to talk to him because he can't be bothered,and ripped the phone of the wall when I tried to call my friend to pick me up.When his mother dropped by unexpectedly and asked for money and clothe's,when I refused she called me every name in the book,and told her son to go back to his puta in LaIsla.
When he pushed me against the wall and I nearly fell down a flight of steel stairs,just because I asked him where had he been for so long,and if he was ok,he answered"never ask me question's"
When he shut the bedroom door by force to keep me out bruising my arm.
This type of aggression is also performed on male's who fall for Cuban girl's,most are violent and dangerous,all their sweetness turn's to hell on earth once they do not get what they want.A friend of mine in Toronto went back 16 x to his Cubana,finally she arrived here with her son, 6 week's later she just disappeared,he had a stroke which left him paralysed,and total loss $150,000.00,she is prostituting herself and sending money back to her lover in Cuba,when I asked her how she felt about breaking her hueband's heart she replied "I only think about my heart nobody else's"

Now you be the judge.
Silvana Teresa--Ciao!

Nov 02, 2010
by: Andreas

Incredible! After reading this and other stories and all the comments, I've concluded that all Cubans are lying, theiving scum who will sell their bodies and possibly even their madres for a few CUCs.
I think I better make a second trip down there to see if the people are really as bad as I'm reading here.
Wish me luck.

Nov 02, 2010
cont'd / February 23/06
by: Silvana Teresa

After finding my own place with the help of Fern.the Cuban followed me around like a sick puppy admitting he had made a mistake,so being a bleeding heart Canadian I let him in.
Once again thing's were going ok,until he asked me for 10 cuc's and the loan of my rental car to see his friend Pedro.
I played it cool,I said ok girl let him go,he gave me a warm kiss and left.
Well I called Fern and told him to come over,and he did we hired a local taxi for 50 cent's that took us to Havana Vieja.
We stopped in an open bar cafe to get cooled off,and guess who was across the street with 2 puta's drinking and laughing,yep Cuban ASS #1 &2.
Well I almost broke out in hysterical laughter,but i kept my cool,Fern waved to him,and when the Cuban seen me he was so mortified,he literally pushed the puta out of her chair ,and started to come toward's me.
I asked Fern to go some place else to finish our drink's.
Now remember,although I am of mature age,I keep fit and healthy and my weight is perfect at 128 lbs,with long hair,I am not beautiful but I have turned many head's in Cuba,I could sit with any Cuban girl and you would not know the difference.
So when I was approached by another Cuban while the Ass was following me all hell broke lose-- cont'd-later.
{ps.Fern was my guide and took care of my need's,he was the brother I wish I had.}

Nov 02, 2010
I Always Had An Element of Doubt
by: Celia

Despite two years of emails declaring his love, how we missed me, how we were born for each other I was always slightly apprehensive. Something said this is not for real.

I mean we had only met and known each other for one week two years ago. The parables or words were all just a bit too much.

Or was I being too cynical?.

My intuition told me to be on my guard, not lose it, not lose my heart at least.

He really pressurised me to return. And it was at great expense to me. I was not due holiday so I was at the loss of a month's salary because of this trip.

So I began to feel really manipulated having handed over most of my clothes and even sneakers to him.

The first sign he was on the make was when he insisted I see the room he had found me. I accused him of putting commission before my comfort and he was furious.

Would not talk to me at the beach, no affection because of my being totally honest. I loved the casa I was in .

Why would he want me to stay in a place I did not even like?.

Next alarm bell rang when he kept on and on about how desperate he was to paint his place..'For Us". It would cost 100 CUC, he did not ask for this but kept on and on. I was bored and left silently for my casa. He called me back I ignored him.

I went to a cafe and on my return to my casa we met in the road. He had been searching for me, apologised, told me he loved me.

Somehow it was not the same after that. I put up my guard and decided to watch him closely. Listen to what he was not telling me. Read between the lines.

Nov 02, 2010
They Are All Very Skilled Liars Worthy Of An scar!
by: Celia

Sylvana your story is very similar to mine. Let me say you have a gift for words and there is definitely a book there, go for it dear lady!.

My man is also a liar. He denied he had children. Lo and behold I ran into his father one day who approached me asking me where was my novio his son.

He said my friend had two children. I was horrified when I conftronted him but could hardly deny it. Said the 7 year old and 3 year old were different relationships, one an 'aventura' and the mother now married.

A local lady, (nerve centre of village gossip) said mom of 3 year old was single and lived nearby, that he was not living in cell like room but with a Cuban older women.

`i confronted him. He exploded in anger denying it

"They're all jealous trying to break us up, why do you believe them not me, who is she I'll punch her in the mouth"!.

Well let me tell you, after that I saw him in a new light.

I knew at that moment I could never be with, marry or even trust such a man. I was on my guard.

To be continued...

Nov 01, 2010
by: Silvana Teresa

Well Celia let me tell you what happened next,he totally denied that he had fathered another child,and that people were jealous of us,his mother,family and the local Santaria Priest also said it was a lie,so I went back.
When I saw him at the airport my heart melted he was so hottt!.
We rented our apt.near The National Hotel and for the next 3 day's it went ok,but on the 4th day thing's changed,he told me to get ready for supper by 5.30 and he would be back soon.
Never happened,but this time i knew the nature of the beast and accepted a coffee by a Cubano negro who worked at the casa,a real polite man who felt sorry for me being alone for so long.
Well at about 10.30 we left the cafe which was around the corner,and guess who we saw waiting on the verandah with arm's crossed,yes the ASS!.
He was so furious that he said no black man will be near my girl so he punched him out real bad.
After all was said and done we were in our room and told him I will never be "your girl" your a loser and an a-hole.
That's when he said for your information I do have another son,and all you Canadian bitches make me sick.
I was so hurt I could not even cry,but then my conscience said what did you expect girl?
So I left and got my own place with the help of his friend.-- will continue,later-
Silvana T

Nov 01, 2010
A Great Story!
by: Celia

Wow Sylvana, what a story. Thank you so much for sharing it. I feel it will provide invaluable insight to many ladies who post here.

My story is similar.

Though I am not a widow I too met an attractive mulatto man who declared love for me in emails for over two years, begging me to return.

I was way, having read the many shocking accounts on here, so returned with just a few presents.

The first alarm bell rang when I saw his face at the realization I'd found my own casa.

He insisted I "At Least Look' at the casa he'd found for me. Well it was dark and smelt of smoke. I said no way.

After that his character changed, he was cool with me the next day. He kept on about how much he needed to paint his place so we 'could live together'. Then it was his sister's 15 year b/day.

At the beach he was cold and uncommunicative, I could not work out what was up.

By coincidence I ran into his dad who told me he had two kids. I challenged him he said those were long ago and one was an 'aventura'. The mothers were married.

My casa lady told me the mother of the youngest was single.

He denied this. Those little 'mentiras' lied ,made me doubt him. Why cover up. Did he really live in that cell like bare room or with the Cuban mother of his daughter?

Too many unanswered questions. On my last night he charmed me into handing over most of my clothes and my trainers.

So we 'could communicate' by cellphone. He promised to come to the airport next day to ay goodbye.

He never showed up.

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