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My RED FLAG story in Cuba

by Dave

Dear Webmaster, you have done an incredible job here. I certainly appreciate what have provided for people in your website. I have read all the stories and all the comments under the Love in Havana and also read all other useful information in this website. I never thought one day I would be one of those who actually have stories to put here in your web site. I’m going to be very honest in my story and I appreciate all the good and bad comments given by readers.

I’ve been going to Cuba since January 2001 and sometimes I spent time with Cuban girls in my trips.

I and my friends had this rule which we called it rule number one and that was “Never fall in Love” in Cuba. We knew that it was hard to trust girls who hang around with tourists and offer sex for money.

Anyhow, this was the case until I met a prostitute this last June. I liked her at the beginning and I felt sorry for her when she told me that she did like to work like this and she had no choice since she had no father and she also had a baby from a boyfriend who had left her when she got pregnant. I found out that she was not lying and so I told her that I would support her if she stopped working as a prostitute.

Anyways, to make the story short I made three more trips to Cuba and I met her and gave her a lot of money and took a lot of gifts including a very expensive cellphone. I also wired money which by the way cost 30 dollars no matter how much you send.
My last trip was in September when one my Cuban friend who had seen me with that girl told me that she was still an active prostitute and he had seen her many times around the clubs. I got heart broken and disappointed. I was not very surprised since I already knew what she was before.
Anyways, if she was honest and worked because of desperation then
She should have stopped working when she had someone to support her.

By the way people, lots of foreign women are still in traps in Cuba. I saw 2 cases in my hotel where 2 mid age white ladies were hanging around with 2 very good looking young Cuban guys and it was so obvious that those boys were only pretending they were in love.
At first I thought they were there to just have fun and go back but later on I realized they were talking about marriage. Also, I met a lady from Canada
Who had rented one of the rooms in the casa particular that I was staying, she also told me that she had met her guy 5 months ago and she already married him and she was trying to take him to Canada ASAP.

I saw the guy and it was so obvious that he was fake. The lady had a huge lower waste and there was no way a guy like him spend even one minute with her if it was not for Canada. I felt sorry for her and wrote the name of this website and asked the owner to give it to her. I’m just hoping she read this website and all the comments and stories and stops taking that guy to Canada.

So, here I am blaming myself for all my actions also heartbroken and disappointed. Thank God I found out about her very soon otherwise God knows how much more I would have been devastated emotionally and financially. Shame on me and all other guys who go there to have sex with those girls.

Webmaster please make that Red Flag indication larger.
Thank you.

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Nov 06, 2015
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Oct 26, 2015
Wow.............. NEW
by: Amy

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Oct 16, 2015
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Oct 05, 2015
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Sep 21, 2015
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Sep 11, 2015
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Sep 09, 2015
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Sep 09, 2015
red flag NEW
by: Esther J. Neil

I felt deep in heart after going through your story. I have learned a good lesson from it and I'm looking forward to write a short novel on this with your willingness.

Sep 08, 2015
Salute NEW
by: David

Nice story. I like your dedication for your country and for the flag.

Aug 30, 2015
Even the So Called 'PR' Ladies Are Jiniteras! NEW
by: Disillusion

I can relate to the Red Flag story in Cuba. I had a similar experience but not with the usual Jinitera/working girl, but with a Jinitera posing as a Public Relations Officer at a Hotel in Jibacoa.

I first met Odelaine while queueing at the buffet of Villa Tropico in Jibacoa. I was there for a week with my Cuban girlfriend whom I had been dating for four years.

The larger Mulatta lady, (though the term 'lady' is questionable) in the queue beside me smiled and asked me in perfect English where I was from and was this my first visit to Cuba.

She smiled, brushed against me, and seem to openly flirt with me, Odelaine's bosses, the suits were tucking into to enormous plates of food at a nearby table watching her.

The woman has no shame, and she clearly knew I was attached but did not seem to care.

Cuban women are shameless, there's little in fact no loyalty amongst them.

They will not think twice about targeting a man, married or not. If they see you dressed smartly and think you have money they will single you out, home in on you.

During our stay I noticed that Odelaine made several trips to the buffet.

She ate in fact like a pig, just as many Cubans do. They make so many trips back and forth, you would think it was their last meal on the planet.

During the week there my g/friend put a lot of pressure on my to get married.

Clearly after a visa out to Canada. I explained to her I was not ready for marriage just yet, I was trying to get established in the small business I had set up and focusing on that, and also on buying an apartment.

By the end of the week and several arguments I decide to call time on the relationship.

Odelaine seemed to sense this and seemed delighted. She slipped my her card at the buffet on my last day at the hotel.

When I got back to Havana I gave her a call, I had a few days left and thought it might be nice to at least get to hang out with her, have her show me the real Havana.

She turned out to be a money grabbing shrew, the whole night she quizzed me on my life in Canada, what work I did, how much I earned, did I own my own home.

She insisted on taking me to what she described as... 'the best paladar in Cuba'.

Clearly she was in on a scam.And commission.

It turned out to be a total rip off joint selling bland food and a padded out bill that amounted to double of what I should have been charged.

I escorted her back to her home, and felt glad to be rid of her. As I left I noticed a Cuban guy standing at the door. She told me she lived alone and was being secretive about this particular man.

Before I left I ran into one of the barmen from Tropico. He told me I had made a lucky escape. That Odelaine was 'one of the biggest Jiniteras' in Havana'.

She may not work the streets of Habana Vieja in a micro shirt and fishnets, and charge by the hour.

He said she does not have to. In her job as PR she has access to a regular flow of men, and married or not she does not give a hoot, Odeline homes in on them.

So ladies if you are planning a trip to Cameleone Villa Tropico Jibacoa with your partner or husband anytime soon, keep a close eye on your husband and especially on man eater Odelaine Carrillo.

Jun 16, 2015
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Jun 07, 2015
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by: mambo

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