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Never stay at a Cubans Private Home

by Andy B

There are many legal casa particulars all over Cuba. Prices range from $15.00 cuc per night to $$35.00 cuc per night depending on location and how nice they are.

In Playa Giron you'll pay $50.00 cuc per night and this is because in Playa Giron they government tax on these casa particulars is very expensive. (FYI) There is a blue emblem on the front door of legal casa particulars for tourists. Some Cuban homes have the same emblem but it is red, this red emblem is for Cubans only who need a room to rent.

In Cuba most Cubans are very jealous when they see their neighbor hooked up with a tourist because it's like they won the lottery. My good friend was invited to stay at his girlfriends grandmothers house one night after a party. It is in the middle of nowhere. He agreed to stay because he was a little drunk and it was a good hour drive to his casa particular and getting dark.

Early the next morning about 6:00 am there was a knock on the door. The police and an Immigration person was there and took him into custody and to the police station. He had to pay a fine of $1,500.00 cuc and the owner of the home had to pay a fine of $1,500.00 pesos national, about $60.00 cuc. The tourist my friend paid both fines as the Cubans couldn't afford it.

Make sure you stay at a legal casa particular as the jealous neighbors will rat you out and you'll loose your passport until the fine is paid.

By the way this friend of mines girlfriend who seemed very sincere and nice, ripped him off for thousands, had a husband, got pregnant and told my friend it was his. The only problem was he couldn't have any children at all because of medical reasons.


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Jun 20, 2017
need a girlfriend in veradero NEW
by: Anonymous

hi im planing to visit Cuba veradero is there anywhere i can find a girlfriend to spend some good time im from Canada in my late 30. get back to me 6472937079

Nov 11, 2015
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Oct 06, 2015
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May 31, 2015
Cubans Issue NEW
by: Jessica Justin

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May 21, 2015
Cubans Private Home NEW
by: MichaelSmith

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Mar 02, 2015
Useful info NEW
by: Danton

This piece of info was really informative for me. I was about to visit Cuba as the part of my job training. Like you mentioned the private home there is very costly and the rent is almost thrice when compared to my country. Ken: Beverly Diamonds

Dec 31, 2014
Armando P. Was Your Jinitera's Name Dania? NEW
by: Jeff - Toronto

Hey Armando P. Your story rang a bell with me. You say you spent the night with a good looking girl when staying in the Guardalavaca area.

She turned out to be married to a Cuban who was pimping her out.

Sounds like the hookers who flirted with me at Don Lino in Playa Blanca, close to Guardalavaca.

On the first night she flirted outrageouly with me.I told her I had a wife back home who could not join me due to family problems but that I was there because I need a beak from work.

This gal did not care less she suggested we go for a romantic walk on the beach. She grabbed some rum from the bar and she made out with me, felt I had been raped that night. Could not believe this woman.

I felt she could have done this before so I insisted on her using protection, but she was ready to go for it like a jack rabbit without.

She told me she wanted to have my babies, wanted to live with me. Wanted me to build her a home in Holguin. Yeah right!

She convinced me to book us into Breezes Guardalavaca the next day as her boss could see us at Don Lino and she could be fired. She tried to seduce me there but by then I was begining to see the light. Ref flags were waving.

But the boss there was probably as corrupt as her and in on a cut of the action.

My buddy talked some sense into me when we got back from Breezes.

Man she's a player, a hooker, you're not the first mug and won't be the last It's how this broad makes her money. She's got a Cuban husband. I hope you used protection. the manager is gettin a cut of the action.

Fortunately I had the good sense to wear a condom.

But guys. this Dania is a player I mean bigtime. Be very careful!

If you do go to Don Lino be sure to use protection or you might be flying home with a lot more more than you bargained for.

Aug 25, 2014
visiting a cuban home NEW
by: Anonymous

What about just to visit. Not to stay..i have a Cuban friend. She wants me over for dinner

Jun 28, 2013
Be Wary Or You will Be Scammed!
by: Janette

Do not fall for the sob stories they will spin, they are born actors. The biggest players work in the hotels and have the gift of the gab, the charm.

Every Cuban gigolo who lives in my town and got a visa out by who charming a female into marriage , has worked at a bar in Havana or some tourist hotel in Cuba.

None of those gigolos are still in the marriage. All of them did a disappearing act as soon as their papers arrived leaving their wife with the welfare and healthcare bills.The rare case of one who is still with his wife means he is living the life of reilly in comfort, she may have built him a studio in the house where he can indulge his interest or fantasy of being a 'musician'. She will be an older sugar momma who has him on a very long leash turning a blind eye to his indiscretions at the salsa club where he 'teaches'.

If you are planning to visit Cuba just be wary of the charmer behind the bar or the over friendly waiter or guy in the animation team, they are all on a mission to leave Cuba and you could be their next victim. Women will be left in debt to the tune of many thousands of dollars. Men will also be in debt. Very few of those marriage ever work out, most end when they disappear into the Cuban community where they have arranged to meet up with their Cuban nobia who's been flown in by some poor unsuspecting older guy.

They rarely work or want to work, the Cuban state has killed all sense of will to work. In Cuba they do not pay for housing education healthcare, they even get food rations.

The men are gigolos and expect the foreign woman to maintain them and send money back home to their family. So they remain unemployed collecting welfare and give 'salsa lessons' on the side. Every Cuban gigiolo is a dance teacher, he will charge $20 on the door and take the profits on the drinks sold. Like a mafia they have overtaken every dance hall of every city making a nice living from dance classes where they have free reign to chat up every women they meet, never admitting to being single. The Cuban gigolo is eternally single.

Castro must be thrilled to have offloaded these charmers off to Canada and Europe.

Aug 12, 2011
one positive story..
by: Anonymous

i have read alot of bad stories on here. because i met a beautiful cuban lady freshly graduated engineer. she is beautiful beyond compare. but here where i really struck gold. in the month leading up to visiting her, she never told me she loved me. i was only visiting for sex. when together, we had sex, and i got to know her family and we had adventure from havana to santiago, where she lives. at the end, i told her i loved her, she said she did not love me, just for sex. then she said at least i am honest with you. i returned heartbroken, then i began to keep trying by phone and sms. she is coming around and but keeping things very real. i ways she is acting more mature and secure than me. i have been constantly testing her, and end result? she really is in this for me, not money. today is our 3 month aniversary of meeting on line. i will make arrangements to send her some money to make things easier for her. she has demonstrated her honesty. she is very much down to earth, and has character. very proud, and beautiful. trust is earned. and she has passed the test for me. ultimitely it depend on which stream you are fishing when it comes to catching the right one. we met on facebook,my dream girl. we have obstacles, like im 20 yrs older, language barrier, cultural differences. oddly, when together we are both smart enough to actually communicate. it was a miracle of love how we started to talk, on phone and email, forget it! she is very much the woman of my dreams, basically coming from different cultures and age has been biggest hurdles. but, we are overcoming, and i will marry her in october. i have read every story on this website,and have very much did my homework. good luck folks...

May 22, 2011
by: Set Them Up With A Honeytrap

Seen the Light your post made me laugh so much. I can just the pair of bufoons looking foolish on the floor.

If you want to test out your man to know if he's for real set up a sting. You could always send an attractive friend to chat him up, or do as I did and test him out with a fake Facebook profile.

I met me ex in Havana at the Cafe Cantante, I love to dance and was one of the best dancers there.

He made a play for me, and soon we were seeing each other every day. He was a bit too intense for my liking, and I wondered if he was for real.

I put his intensity/seriousnesss down to him being in the military, he was also a bodyguard to one of the senior generals. He was also a Christian and insisted on taking me along to a very drawn out Mass that included lots of singing and sermons. I am ashamed to say that I was incredibly bored.

Anyway because he was potecting a senior in their army he had access to fee phone calls and the internet. I noticed that he has a few unsavour Russian types as 'friends'.

So I decided to put him to the test and set up an account for blonde babe Jessica who approached him and asked if he wanted to be her Facebook friend. He fell for the bait and not only that he asked if she was on Skype.

He also chatted with 'Jessica' for well over an hour, when he had told me that he was 'busy attending the burial of a comrade'.

Total B.S.

I copied the text of his Facebook chat with the fake blonde. Was he single? she asked.

'Oh Yes' he replied. "I have no one in my life" .No girl friend I would love to have a g/friend like you, are you Christian"? he asked her.

When you come to Cuba you can stay with me you will be very well protected I am the bodyguard to the general" he bragged.

He told her he would meet her at Skype later that evening after he had finished work.

On Skype she confessed that she knew me. "Ok Katie means nothing to me" he said.

I was stunned. Here was a guy who was doing all the running, calling me each morning and chatting with me on Skype each evening.

He would refer to me as his "Partna" which worried me a lttle, it was a bit too sudden for me and although he was attractive, he was not that tall, and his fascination with being a devout Christian was a bit of a turn off.

So before I decided to get further involved I wanted to test him and he had taken the bait.

Next day I sent him a copy of his chat with 'Jessica' and told him in no uncertain terms where to go. Then I blocked him and deleted him both on Facebook Skype ..and from my life.

May 21, 2011
They are not that intellegent
by: Seen the light

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid they really think we are, do they think that all westerners are that thick.
They try every trick in the book, thinking we will get suckered in, and some do, but the majority see 'red flags', but you want to try and give the benefit of the doubt, but no they will push thier luck once too often.

They would rather bite the hand that feeds them, all for a few measly pesos in kickback from a Casa,or hire car, this is how stupid some of them are.

My one was getting hold of a car from a friend so we could drive out to Havana, and maybe stay overnight, but I still hadnt made my mind up about staying overnight.
He said the car was definate, and wouldnt cost that much, and definately a lot less than hiring one.

So I waited for him to turn up, I waited an hour, and went back to my hotel room, he turned up, put a call through to me to come out and he would explain.

It seems his friend with the 'cheap deal' let him down, and he has turned up in a hire car, and said we had to go back to the office to sort it out.

I half knew what was coming next, but wanted to see how the 'game' played out, but I was not happy as I thought is he taking the pi55 here, but off I goes with him back to the hire place, and it turns out they got the impression I was going to book it for 3 days!!! and offered me a good deal...
I said what!!! I havent mentioned 3 days, I had no intentions of going anywhere with him for 3 days, as was under the impression that we was just borrowing the friends car for the day or maybe overnight.

Now the car hire man and my man are arguing, I could make out that the hire car man was moaning about he had given my man a good deal and a backhander on the promise that it would be for 3 days, then I picked up something that both were saying that there was no 'friend' with a car, and the impression I got was that it was always going to be the hire car.

I went mad, I was shouting at both of them, then turned round to my man and hit him, he was so shocked that he fell back and staggered into the hire car man, both lost thier balance and landed in a heap on the floor lol lol, even now I am laughing my head off remembering the sight of them both, struggling to get up, thier mouths opened in shock, lips flapping trying to say something to me, Part of me was trying to keep a straight face, as it was the most funniest thing, but the other part of me was furious, so I just told them both to go to hell and walked out, got a cab and went back to my hotel.

For days my man was trying to ring me, waited outside the hotel for me, but I wasnt having any of it, to think he would go to these lengths to make a few pesos out of me showed me how low he could go.

May 21, 2011
They would pimp their own mother if they thought they could make a few bucks!
by: Jenna

Sorry to hear abut your bad experience Armando, it never ceases to amaze me the lengths they will go to in order to scam you for money or clothing.

The same guy hustled me to book a casa he had found me despite knowing that I was perfectly happy in the casa I had found on the net. He had been hassling me in emails recommending this 'great casa' he had found me, prior to my arrival.

But I was very happy with the casa I had found myself. The price was right, the view was awesome but he kept insisting in emails and while I was there that I " at least have a look'.

I finally relented just to pacify him. On the way there he told me the owner was a friend of his mother, that she was married and had a 7 year old son.

She was having another floor added to the roof of their casa, it would be an apartment for an Italian 'friend' of hers who was paying for the construction.

He saw my expression and said 'Yeah that sounds like prostitution, she has a husband".

Yet there he was trying to persuade me to book into a casa that I clearly hated. It was dark, stank of cigarette smoke, her son was doing his homework inches from the room I would be sleeping in. In short there was no privacy whatsoever.

I immediately said 'No'. But she would not take no for an answer.
"Oh Alexi will be able to stay with you, no problem about signing the register" she said, as if the prospect of sex too precendence to my comfort.

"No way" I reiterated. Then she began to quiz me. Was I married?did I have kids? would I be inviting Alexi to Canada etc. etc. "No". I told her and made a hasty exit.

He followed me angry, asked why I had been so rude to his friend. He was clearly more concerned about earning a commission than my happiness. He would rather see me in that smelly dark apartment than the one in which I was clearly happy.

That really summed him up for me. Told me more about him than all of the 2 years of emailing back and forth.

May 20, 2011
To Jenna!
by: Armando P

Hi Jenna,
I truly feel sorry for your experience,I will briefly tell you my encounter with a Cubana from Holguin.
I was in Guardalavaca with some friend's,a real good looking Cubana asked me if I needed some company,being attracted to her we went for a long walk,all along telling me she was observing me from afar and finally asked me out.
Well she told me how poor and destitute she was and how her poor sick mother needed help,I felt sorry for her,I offered her what little money I had on me about 5 cuc's.
We went back to my room and she practically raped me she was on me like a duck on a june bug-being ready myself I did what she asked and it was a hot sexual experience.
We exchanged phone and e-mail number's and promised to keep in touch.
I was walking toward's the front desk the next day, when I heard another Cubana say did so and so finish her shift? because her husband was waiting for her outside and she wasn't feeling well because she was pregnant.
Well Jenna guess who they were talking about?Yes!! the Cubana whom I was with the night before-her own husband was pimping her out to tourist's pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!-top that story!
Lucky for me it didn't go any further,I ripped up the number's and tried hard to understand what this world is coming to.
Best Wishe's to you Jenna.

May 18, 2011
My Ex Pulled The Same Scam!
by: Jenna

My ex refused to ever sign a register which should have been a red flag.

One day he invited me to a dump which he claimed to be his apartment, but I later found out it belonged to an elderly relative.

For an hour he complained about the state of the apartment how he had no money to complete the bathroom, decorate the kitchen fix the roof etc.

I was incredibly bored and beginning to think where is this all leading. I actually felt it was all a set up.

We had sex and it was just horrible. I felt he was going through the motions, cold, I felt absolutely nothing, no emotion.

I got dressed and left quickly without speaking or so much as saying adios.

I met him walking towards me when I was on the way to my hotel, he had been looking for me.

But it was never the same after that. A few days later he shouted at me "Would you have paid the fine if we had been caught in my home together".

It dawned on me then that it might have been a set up.

When I was in the apartment with him I heard a man arrrive and talk loudly to his mother. I did not feel at all comfortable and quickly dressed and left.

Fortunately my intuition about him was right. A neighbour of his later confided that he did not live there at all, that he lived with the mother of his youngest child. Though he has always denied that he had children.

Do not trust Cuban men, they will tell you anything to get you into their deceitful world and then try to elicit as much as they can from you.

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