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no racism in cuba?

by ana

This is a response to jineteras and no racism in cuba. As an afro cuban/american, I know first hand that racism is rampid. Further saying that racism is non existent anywhere in the world is just an ignorant statement. Racism is everywhere. Afro cubans only make up 5 percent of the tourist industry work force, which is where all the money is made in cuba. The jineteras are negros because respectable jobs are given to the whites. Also Telling people they can get laid for just a few drinks and a pair of jeans is not solving the problem. You should be ashamed of yourself. Last and again there is racism in cuba and sadly the black majority can't do anything about it because it's illegal to demand civil rights.

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Sep 30, 2015
Racism in Cuba NEW
by: Ron

I was heartbroken by an experience I had in Cuba in 2010. I was heartbroken because I support the revolution and didn't expect such blatant racism. I complained to the person's boss. I was insulted and my complaint dismissed out of hand. I was basically told why not go back to the USA. I am black.

The details are that I attended a conference at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. The speakers from throughout Latin America spoke in Spanish. One could get a translation device by requesting one and providing a conference registration badge. I left my badge at anther hotel but offered to provide security for the device (money and even my watch). This was refused. A white conference attendee later remarked to me that he didn't have his conference badge either but that he was given a translation device without leaving any security. The Cuban responsible for this claimed that my friend was given a device without a badge because he was there "alone." This white individual was with my traveling party from the U.S. The white gentleman was upfront with the supervisor telling her that he had never been asked anything about whether he was there alone or not, which he wasn't. Also the concierge at the hotel was just plain nasty when a black friend and I sought to transfer Canadian currency to Cuban.

Jun 11, 2015
Cuba defines racism NEW
by: M Ortega

I have visited 16 countries and have lived in Cuba for the past 2 years and I can say that as a black woman (of Cuban descent) that Cuba is one of the most, if not the most, racist countries in the world. It is really disgusting that Cuba blatantly lies about being free of racism and discrimination. It is racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc.

And yes, racism exists everywhere but the difference in Cuba is that Cubans are not allowed to speak openly about their lack of civil rights. Cubans are not allowed to protest or congregate to speak about the abuses they face from their government. You can get arrested for filming the police abusing people's rights. There are spies everywhere and Afro-Cubans have been beaten into submission to the racist regime. It's terrible.

May 02, 2015
Yes obviously racism really do NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes obviously racism really do exists. I completely believe in that. But i am surprised to know that there was no racism in Cuba. I have come across various articles from superior papers review where i have come up with good knowledge on racism. Any ways you have imparted the finest collection of data about it through this share.

Mar 04, 2015
News NEW
by: Simson

I believe that racism still exists in Cuba and it is mainly happening in campus. The students from the Asian countries suffer a lot and they are not trying to provide necessary protection for them. Ben: Telesteps

Jan 18, 2015
Not any more rampant compared to the U.S. for sure NEW
by: Anonymous

At least they all have health care and food, shelter. I'm sure as black Cubans their lives could be singnificantly worse in the US...or wait. If you are Latino in general, even the "whiter" cubans

Dec 08, 2014
So True Cuba and Cubans Are Racist Aginst Their Own NEW
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with the last post. Cubans are racist against their own people.

Let me give you an example. I recently stayed at the Oasis hotel, a dump if ever there was one, in Varadero.

Staff could not care less about guests. You have paid up front. They are paid 20 to 25 cuc so they do not give a damn about you.

There is a woman in the lobby bar who has as the demeanour of Mike Tyson. You feel she will land you a right hook if you so much dare request a drink.

The young guy who alternates the shift at the bar spends his days and nights glued to Cuban soap operas on the t.v. which is on at full blast. Guest are the least of his worries. He stands in the lobby ignoring the guests.

On the topic of racism. I was next door to a couple, a Canadian lady in her 30's and her Afro Cuban fiance in his 40's.

One afternoon I heard a loud knocking at their door. 'How many towels do you have' roared a woman called Maria who claimed to be head of security.

She banged at their door, accompanied by two burly white security guards. I thought they were going to break down the door.

It was like a police raid. It was hilarious if if was not serious, because who in their right mind would want to make off with a 2 star hotel's threadbare towels.

The couple allowed them in with dignity and allowed them to count the towels. None were missing.

They had not reckoned on the woman being a journalist who assured them that she would be taking this matter further, to the Minister of Tourism in Cuba and reporting on it in the Toronto media.

They were all apologies offered the couple a bottle of rum, and an extra day, no doubt in an effort to silence them about the abuse the abuse which they had been subjected to.

For the duration of the man;s stay he was hounded by the racist white security guard who staked him out from a position outside of their room, on the beach, in the restaurant, he was closely observed, watched. It was horrendous as it was intrusive invasive and racist.

the man is Afro Cuban bust he is no Jinitero. he is a professional baseball player who has played with the Cuban national team for 20 years and who also coaches baseball.

I only hope that he takes this vile case of racist discrimination and intimidation further. Though somehow I doubt that he will. It seems that Afro Cubans have been browbeaten into not challenging the status quo. They accept such vile treatment. It's disgusting and it is time that there were laws to protect black Cuban from such abuse.

Aug 06, 2014
descrimination NEW
by: Anonymous

the saddest part is that cubans are racist against their own people. i am cuban leaving in the us and i have stayed at hotels and i have been discriminated because i dont lool like their average tourist.

Mar 21, 2014
racism comes in all forms NEW
by: Anonymous

I was in Havana just a few last year staying at a small boutique hotel call Terral. Within moments before checking in, this was in the evening, I had been surrounded by four young black youths whose worked together and in moments one of the girls cut off my gold chain and ran with my necklace while all scattered in all directions. I was thinking that night, even though I was a victim, how sad that these young black youths needs to resort to thief/petty crime. I was thinking maybe it's the racism that they face, but the next day, the receptionist was a polite young black male and well as my server that morning, and it was a white Cuban mopping and cleaning the windows not to mentioned the cook at the back. So, obviously, I realize that my perception was wrong that this is not a race issue, there are blacks working in decent positions in tourism (maybe not as many as white Cubans) and sames go with white Cubans resorting to petty thief. One thing I did notice, there seem to be less racism over in Cuba than in North America where Cubans, whites, mulattoes, and blacks lives side-by-side. Some major urban cities in North American, you simply don't see that at all.

Oct 02, 2013
Racism is Rampant in Cuba
by: Kyle - Ottawa

I have always known that racism is rife in Cuba but none more so than my recent trip was this apparent.

I was staying at the El Comodoro in Miramar, a dully 1950's style dump in need of a decent clean and paint job.

Sold as being 'In Havana' a joke if ever there was one, El Comodoro is a 15 kilometer 20 CUC taxi ride away from the real Havana.

One day a woman I have known for a few years called t collect me to invite me to dinner at her home in the real Havana. She happened to be a black Cuban. Immediately she was pounced on by an overly agressive white skinned security guard who treated her like a common whore.

Walkie talkie on full volume you would be forgiven for thinking this was a repeate of the invasino of Mondaca Barracks as this chubby little Rubio screamed at my friend and asked me my room no. I assured him she was here to collect me and had no intention of spending more than three minutes on the grounds of this hovel.

She felt abused,hurt, shamed, guilty for nothing more than being judged by an ignorant rubio on the grounds of being a black cuban.

She is no more a Jinitera than the wife of the current president. My friend is a teacher and a good woman.

How many black faces are in the government? how many black faces can you see holding a mob in hand cleaning the toilets or collecting rubbish on the streets.

Who says racism does not exist in Cuba?

Nov 10, 2011
All countries are racist
by: Sick and Tired

Of course Cuba is racist....like the rest of the world. The fact that you call yourself an Afro Cuban is only the beginning. Why DO they (Cubans included) call blacks "Afro" Cubans? Are you not ALL Cubans - blacks, mulattos and whites? Why don't they call the whites "Spaniard" Cuban or "Spano-Cuban"? Why is it that only white and mulattos can claim the high ranking of "Cuban"?

Anyway, I've been to Cuba a few times and have witnessed mostly mulattos/as doing this, as well as blacks. Totally understandable that some within this majority would feel that they have little other prospects than to prostitute themselves to earn more money. After all, this is what happens in all "colonized" nations, isn't it? The ruling white minority takes over and gifts itself the best jobs and opportunities after having wiped out, raped and pilaged the country. This will never change, amigos, because for the most part, Caucasians tend to beleive that they are better than anyone else. That's the sad truth.

Nov 06, 2011
I have also witnessed racism in Cuba.
by: Anonymous

I agree with your comments Ana, racism is rampant in Cuba.

Walk down the street of any Cuban town, who is emptying the trash cans, sweeping the streets? Not a white or Hispanic Cuban that's for sure.

Walk into any hotel, you will rarely see an Afro Cuban receptionist. You can find them in steamy kitchens washing the dishes all day, or mopping floors.

How many AfroCuban government officials are there?. Whenever I see pictures of them I never see a black face.

However I do not agree with your anaology of them selling their bodies for a few drinks or a pair of jeans. That is robbing them of their dignity. There is no dignity in prostitution.

There is never an excuse to resort to prostitution no matter how poor you are there is always work to be found, and you will never go hungry in Cuba. You will however go hungry in America if you loose your job and your home, you are cast on the scrapheap of society, just like all the mentally wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, left to their own devices they end up on the streets. I know because I have volunteered at a soup kitchen which feeds them after the US govt. has washed their hands of them they survive on charity handouts.

So no there is not such levels of poverty in Cuna that anyone shuld stoop so low as to sell their bodies for a meal or a few drinks.

I do find distasteful however the amount of Canadian women who post on here about their 'Mulattos' as though they were a piece of prime rib.

Disgusting, vulgar and very racist.

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