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Older Cuban Man

by LT

So, where should I begin?
I'm a young Canadian female, 19 years old.
Now, its not that I ever intended for this to happen, I'm aware I'm an attractive girl and my last intentions were to ever fall in love with a older Cuban male...but it happened.
Last Christmas, I came with my mother for about two weeks and stayed at a resort in Varadero. In all honesty, Cubans would gawk at me wherever I went, and they all began to become a big blur to me. They would all give me the same compliments and whisper unknown spanish into my ear while grabbing my hand. However, one stood out. He wasn't eye - catching but he has a way with me while would look at me with a serious stern look. He eventually came up to me in my second week and we began to spend time together. We would sneak off together as I never intended on getting him in trouble at his place of work. Soon enough, I began to really like him. He was smart, knew about 4 different languages and spoke English well. He was the jealous type. He would watch me when he thought I wasn't looking, but I didn't care for any of the other boys my age at the resort. I waved them off carelessly.
My mother even met him. Hes almost twice my age, and my mother, who...in other words is almost nun like and very conservative even liked him.
All good things come to and end however, and my two week vacations was over. I left and he began to email me and send me what he referred to as "lost calls" where he calls and hangs up (it would be a fortune to answer) to show that hes thinking about me.
I vaguely kept in touch with him, however I still thought about him.
I went back towards the end of the summer and fell madly in love with him yet again. It was different this time, as I spent every night with him and when he wasn't working, he'd call my room or find me on the beach.
I'm absolutely crazy about him.
Now, I'm not naive. I know what I'm getting myself into, I've read all these cuban love stories, but I don't really care. I could be totally mislead and he could do whatever he wants without my knowledge. Regardless, no boy in Toronto has ever sparked my interest since Ive met him.
I will be visiting him in November, and I literally can not wait.

Ive read some of the stories, and its making me very discouraged. However, I guess i'll just have to wait and see what to expect when I go back?

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Dec 08, 2014
Ladies Be Very Careful of Cuban Con Men! NEW
by: Anonymous

I symapthize with the last lady who named and shamed Jinitero 'A'from Breezes Varadero. The guy sounds despicable, playing different women, using them to con money and expensive gifts is shameful. Evden more shameful is how he is putting women's health at risk by exposing them to different sexually transmitted diseases by having unprotected sex with all of them.

I understand that the moderator cannot for legal reasons print his name. But I would urge the lady who write the posts to contact the head office of Breezes hotel chain to let them know what a liability to their reputation this man is.I for one would never want to stay at a hotel which allows such criminals and con men to prey on and exploit their guests.

I met a 46 year old Cuban man in Varadero 4 years ago. He was staying at a small hotel a 2 star, with some work colleagues. He was married at the time, that did not stop him chatting to me and wating to sleep with me. I refused out of respect for his wife and because I do not get involved with a man easily. I take time to get to know them.

He sent emails to me via a 'primo' in Germany, but I never knew who I was writing to and eventually blocked the primo after he requested that I recharge L's mobile phone.

Two years later L acquired a Samsung Galaxy (I did not ask how). He apparently saved up for it. Since they cost 350 cuc and he earns 25 cuc a month I found that strange.

He begged me to return he was by now divorced and wanted to see me again. Finally I booked a ticket to Havan, a more expensive option than Holguin as it was not a charter flight, but he lived there. When he knew I had finally booked a flight instead of saying how happy he was to to see me again etc.

He made a request for two pairs of short, giving the colo9ut the sie and wanting them to be in stretch material. Nothing at all about how happy he would be to finally see me.

I replied to say that I did not mix with jiniteros and was disgusted at his shopping list and then blocked him. He replied to say I was stupid' and had only made the request 'if it was possible'.

I finally arrived in Havana the lady in the casa asked if I had a novio, I told her about L, she encouraged me to call him saying I might have over reacted. So I called hiim and we saw each other every day.

I had arranged to spend time with him in Varadero in order to get to know him. He turned out to be very selfish. When not eating like a pig, going back for extra helpings piled hight, he would spend his time watching sport on the t.v. One day on the beach he began to ogle some Russian women I joked about getting s camera so he could have a better view. At this he stormed to the room and began to pack, furiously shouting that I was' jealous' etc I was stunned by his outburst and shouting and told him to calm down. Eventually he did. Our five days were not without drama, he stormed out the door on another occasion for something trivial. Th8is man has anger issues and serious mood swings.

It was when I stayed with h8im and hi8s mother in Havana that I managed to really get to know him. He is the most spoilt 46 year old I have ever met. His poor mother (78) waits on him hand and foot, cooks cleans and launders for him. He would storm into the house shouting at her for not having his lunch prepared. I felt embarrassed . This man still pees in a potty rather go to the toilet which is feet away.

His room, like a shop, is piled high with the latest American football shirts. computer, Sony stero, Samsung Galaxy 5. All regalos from primos apparently in Germany Canada USA. What a luck cousin he is!

He wanted unprotected sex with me so as to get me pregnant, he really wanted a son with me. Wanted to marry me. I could not think of a fate worse than hell to be penned in with him in a small cramped apartment in Havana being subjected to his mood swings and secretive phoone calls on his Samsung. The lady who called was always a 'work colleague'. His nights out were alwaays 'reunions' with work colleagues. They are more than welcome to him.

Ladies if you meet a tall Afro Cuban middle aged man with a big cheesy smile, called L (named after a location in Havana San L) then run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. He will ruin your stay in Cuba.

In the end I thought 'good riddance' his Cuban women were welcome to him, he was hardly a prie catch. Little wonder he is still single living with mom, at 46

Feb 02, 2012
Axxxxxx Pxxxxxxx MxxxxxBreezes Varadero
by: Anonymous

I understand that the moderator of this site is

Trying to protect people but it cannot be done so rightfully with deleting the names of the scammers. Don't you think most of the people on this forum have suffered enough, emotionally and otherwise and need to know the truth? The truth is that most of Cubans still don't know or cannot afford to use internet so this is not hurting them in any way and even if they did see these posts, they are professionals and will come up with some other way to scam people. I'm sure that whomever posted this is just trying to help especially after reading all the posts here so a little more info on these con artist would not hurt anyone. After all, I thought that was the whole point of this forum. I've gotta say I've been lucky so far and have learned a lot here but it never hurts to be as cautious as possible so every little details helps. Thank you all for being informative, now I know not to look for anything in Cuba. In fact, this forum has encouraged me to try other destinations for vacation spots. I no longer want to invest or spend any of my money in Cuba.

REMARK by the Webmaster

Sorry, we have a privacy statement and terms of use on this website. Think about these reflections:

1)We can not verify the allegations, it's not our task, but the job of officials (judge, court, police etc.) What if the allegations are wrong or exaggerated? We can not delete the allegations, they are already indexed by Google (in Google's computers)
2)To help our visitors describe the scam mechanism, don't mention persons.
3)All persons are adult persons, and responsible for their actions. We all know this world is not perfect, scams happen. Therefore we encourage visitors to report all kind of scams. The mechanism, the places but please no names of persons.

Jan 31, 2012
Axxxxxxx Pxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx - Part II
by: Anonymous

Ladies this has got to stop. I beg you first to make an appointment with your doctor to get yourself check-up up as he is having unprotected sex with everyone. Then to stop sending him, money, packages and paying for his vacation, and best of all please stop any contact with him. The guy will never leave Cuba he has a family there and a girlfriend and he’s doing all this for them. There are far poorer people in Cuba who deserve to be helped rather him. I beg you to share this information with other people, post it on any travel forums in your country. Let’s make sure that everyone going to Cuba knows exactly that they are dealing with a criminal because that is what he is after everything he has done. No other girl should be taken advantage of like this.

I know for a fact that his has about $10,000 US on his bank account in Cuba if not more now. He had to get a copy of his bank statement to submit for his papers for visa for Canada. This was in October 2011, 4 months have passed by now so who knows how many of you have been with him and gave him or send him money during this time. Yet, he still cries how he needs to save money to buy a house, to buy cars and how his poor daughter needs shoes, and else.

I’ve met his daughter and she is not missing anything, she probably has more than all other Cuban children do. I’ve met his whole family and they all seem fine and I’ve stayed at his mom’s house and the place looks better than any other I’ve seen so far in Cuba.

Thanks to this forum Antonio’s ‘girlfriend’ from Brazil and I were able to find each other and figure him out. We email and talk on regular basis and you should join in the conversation too and share your experience to see that the stories match and that it is all true.

If you are still in doubt after reading this please feel free to email me if you need more evidence such as pictures, sms and emails from him
What he has done is a disgrace to all the women in the world and we need to take him down. I know some of you think that he will drop all the other women and stay with you and only you. This guy has been doing this for years, like I said before, he is a professional. If you think you’ll be the only woman in his life you are WRONG, he is not going to stop doing this ever unless we stop him.

Jan 31, 2012
Axxxxxx Pxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx, Breezes Varadero - Part I
by: Anonymous

Just so we are sure that we are all talking about the same guy here are some facts:

Full name: xxxxxxx
Date of Birth: xxxxxx
Mobile (Cuba): xxxxxxx
Mobile (Switzerland): xxxxxxx
Address: xxxxxxxxxx

Well ladies, here are a few fun facts about your friend/boyfriend/lover:

He has one girlfriend in Switzerland, one in Brazil, one or more in Canada, one in Cuba.

This guy has been using us all to make a fortune and at this point he is richer than most of us. If he told you he has been working at Breezes for many years, that’s a lie. He only started there end of 2010 beginning of 2011. The guy is a professional prostitute as well as the con artists. He has been spending time with each and every one of use throughout the year while planning his next vacation with his next girlfriend. Last year alone, one of his girlfriends from Canada was with him in May, July and October. His girlfriend from Brazil spent time with him in May and August 2011 and then he went to visit her in November of 2011. I’m fairly certain that his girlfriend from Switzerland, May 13 and 16 July, 2011. This is the time when he got his phone with a Swiss number so either she was there or she sent it to him. I also know that she sent him a package via her friend Susan, who tried to deliver it to the hotel but he wasn’t there so she left it with the security guard at the front entrance. He was not there because he was in Trinidad with me. Susan called him later that day when we were on the beach. They spoke in English so I could understand everything. He speaks to his girlfriend from Switzerland in Italian when she calls him.

He’s been selling the same story to each and every one of us. When one of us calls and he is with the other he changes the girl’s name into a boy’s name and claims it’s his ‘friends’ from this country or the other.. The friends are always married, according to him but it’s always a female voice on the phone.

REMARK by the Webmaster

Private information deleted for Privacy reasons/legislation.

Sep 28, 2011
Hilarious thought - Tellytubbie in arm lock with Varadero Romeo
by: Anonymous

he he so funny that last post. I ca just visualise the chubby lady in an arm lock of some Varadero resort hustler as she wobbles along the beach with her zimmer frame for support.

A couple of years ago we met this gorgeous guy who had arrived but not checked in to our Varadero hotel.

He was awaiting the arrival of his 'girlfriend' he told us.

She was flying in from Toronto and obviously picking up the tab for his and his b/f, a shorter guy with oil slick black hair who looked like a matador.

They were an odd pair. The tall mulatto from Santa Spiritus with his dyed blond hair and model good looks.

They looked gay, and we were not sure if they were a couple and what was the set up when the Canadian g/f arrived, would all three share the room.

The tall blonde guy was very chatty and could speak some English (like all seasoned hustlers)

All the ladies staff included, were drooling over him.

If ever he had the chance or luck to fly to the US or Canada he could have a lucrative career in modelling as opposed to making a living on his back in Cuban resorts.

Close to midnight we had the shock of our vacation when the g/f's coach pulled up and out hopped a 200 lbs plain woman all double chins and badly dyed hair, in her late 50's.

Brazenly she ran over to the blonde huffing and puffing, and placed him a passionate kiss on his lips, oblivious to everyone in the lobby. After all she way paying for him and she could not care less what anyone thought. She was out to get her money's worth.

He looked clearly embarrased and squirmed as the matador pal giggled and the three of them made their way to their room.

It was one of the oddest sights I have ever seen. Like a weird scene from a Fellini movie.

Only in Varadero!.

Sep 28, 2011
Have Fun But Leave Him There
by: Anonymous

I have to agree with the previous ladies. do not be taken in by this charmer.

Men who work in Varadero resorts are notorious casanovas hired for their looks and they have a different woman every week. Does'nt matter how large and believe me I've seen enormous women, how old and wrinkly, how ugly.

Money and visa is their mission and they will all they can, say anything, write anything in order to achieve that mission which is to fly to a better life and send money back home to their extended family, wives and children.

I say wives because these playboys change partners and wives fastr than they change their underpants.

I have heard them offer to 'massage' someone for 10 CUC, selling themselves real cheap, and the woman they were offering to 'massage' was a wobbly 200 pounder Tellytubbie from Toronto, with a face like Jabba the Hut. So heavy she had to ely on a walking stick to wobble along the beach.

Another looked like Marge Simpson had a charmer locked in an embrace whispering sweet nothings.

Varadeo is game player central. If you believe the B.S. spouted then you believe in Father Christmas.

Those obese Canadians ad ugly women may kid themselves, delude themselves, but you sound like a smart girl. Do not fall for the lies.

If you go back have fun, but be wary, take all he says with a pinch of salt, be sure to protect your health, and your wallet!!

Sep 27, 2011
tread carefully
by: Anonymous

Does not matter your 19 and fit and they all gawk at you, even if you were 60 they would still gawk at you, you are a tourist, fresh meat, a cash machine, a Visa..... as long as you have a pulse and still breathing they will love you.

Dont you think he has met other fit women? 20/30/40/50 year olds, do you think he has been working away like a little beaver waiting for this young 19 year old to walk through the door?

You are 19, still naive, not a woman of the world yet, so very easy to manipulate, he has a wife and kids, or at least a girlfriend and kids.

Just remember... if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, the chances are it is a duck.

He will probably invite you to his home, meet his parents, also his sister or cousin will be there with her kids smiling away at you, do not be fooled into thinking it is his sister lol lol

Good luck, your going to need it.

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