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Cuban Beers - Bucanero Buccaneers are very popular in Havana. Ask for a Bucanero and everybody will understand you.
This is the best and most popular beer in Havana, brewed by Cervesia Bucanero SA Holguin Cuba, formerly owned by the Canadian Labate breweries and now part of INBEV. The beer is brewed in two versions:

The standard BUCANERO Fuerte ( 5.4%)
The stronger BUCANERO Max (6.5%)
The Beer Reviews are very positive: This stuff is great, can't beat the cool logo, best beer in this country.
All I can add.....Cheers!

Cuban drinks - Princesa beer

Other Cuban Beer Brands - Cristal - Mayabe - Princesa

There are two premium Cuban beers: 'BUCANERO' and 'CRISTAL' both available in cans or bottles and sold at 1.15 Cuc (1.15 USD) (shop price) Note that a can contains 5 ml more than a bottle.
Cubans drink the cheaper, so called "brands for Cubans" that can be paid in "Moneda National" (Peso Cubano - one CUC equals 24 Peso Cubano CUP) These cheap brands are MAYABE and PRINCESA the quality is less
but they only cost 18 CUP (Peso Cubano) about 0.8 USD.

PRINCESA the new Cuban beer (2009)

Cuban beer - Cuban beverages

Pirates in Havana History

In the past Havana suffered from regular attacks by pirates and buccaneers . The first acttack resulted in the burning and looting of the city. The attacks convinced the Spanish Crown to built several fortresses around the Havana bay. To protect the galleon convoys loaded with silver, gold and spices, the Spaniards decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean as one large fleet protected by the Spanish Armada. Later Havana was transformed into the most heavily fortified city in the Americas.

Famous pirates were Francis Drake, Henry Morgan and Blackbeard.
Important movies about pirates are : The Black Pirate, Capitan Blood, and more recent, Pirates of the Caribbean.
The invasion of Cuba

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