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Postal Service in Cuba

by Herman Hayles
(Bx. NY)

with the thawing of relations beween the two governments when do you think we (Cuban Americans) can start using the postal service in Cuba?


Postal service in Cuba not tomorrow
by: Vic

President Obama has eased the sanctions for US Americans and made an opening towards further improments of the relations between Cuba and the USA. But there is still a long way to go, today we are back at the year 2000 situation.
Fidel Castro calls the "Obama opening" "peanuts" in his column in the "Granma" the official state newspaper.
So, to answer your question, I have no cristal ball and can not predict how things will turn out. There are good intentions on both sides to make progress, but this will take time and building up of confidence, I expect only baby steps advancement the coming years. Having said this, the other problem is that Cuba is not ready for big changes. The Postal Services in Cuba are one big problem, even the Cuban authorities have admitted this. Lots of post disappear or never arrive at destination. The post that arrive take 5-8 weeks to reach destination. So if tomorrow Obama should allow to send post to Cuba, I expect a "big postal nightmare" for Cuba. When I send a letter from Brussels (Europe) to Havana it takes at least 5 weeks to arrive with registered post. For important documents or emergency medicines I use the DHL courier services to be sure things arrive at destination.
(normally 2-3 days).
So I hope that this will not be a big disappointment for you, I don't expect this very soon, but again I have no cristal ball.
I think you better should consider e-mail communication with relatives in Cuba, it's not cheap, but cheaper and more reliable than postal

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Apr 20, 2009
by: Anonymous


This is something I would not encourage anyone to do. My reasons are that, One, it takes for ever and it is opened. I sent some fotos and money for my family in Camaguey. The envelope was received with some of the fotos and no money. I was astonished that it was opened.

I believe that the best way to send money to Cubans is through the Bank and Caribbean Transfer. I have proven this to be very same. While on this subject I must say that the bank personnel are very nice and courteous to visitors.

Concerning the decision making between Cuba and Obama to ease some sanctions, I would suggest that Cuba be very Careful. United States of America never gives away something and not looking for something in return. They have a plan. If I was the Cuban Government I would thread softly. I cannot see the Cuban people being prepared for a radical change. Cuba will turn into a Mad House overight. More crime and infact every one would attempt to leave overnight given the opportunity. I see Cuba doing well at the pace it is going, buildings are getting repaired and becomming prettier every day.
However there ate a few changes I see would be beneficial for the people. One, Double the salary for Cubans, and doubling the gratuities they are receiving like more beans more rice and so forth. Allow the Cubans who have families abroad or not to own a home. I would also think that allowing Cubans to own private business, rental shops, taxis, restaurants ets and they are charged a licence fee payable to the Government on a yearly basis. If you dont pay your business is closed. I see the Government have undue pressure having to controll all these areas unless a program is set up. I believe that Raul Castro is an intelligent and very fair man, who has been grossly misjudged by many. Of course I love Havana Guide, and as a writer of Children stories, and sometimes for editotial I am enjoying making comments in your news service. Patience is the word.

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