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pre-Nuptial in Cuba

Does the concept of a pre-nup have any meaning in Cuba now? If I marry him, and he signs a letter not to have any claim on my prior assets, does this count for anything in Cuba? I know usual Cuba law is 50-50 everything. But if we're in our 40s, do we still split it all?

ANSWER by Vic Webmaster
First this warning: I am no laywer, so my advice is no legal advice.

My feeling is that the concept of pre-nup arrangments in Cuba is as worthless as the concept of marriage. According to official statistics 70% of the marriages in Cuba end in a divorce. In fact this number is much higher, because lots of Cubans live together without a marriage certificate and separate frequently. The number of single mothers (left behind) with children in Cuba is huge. Sometimes I wonder is it in the Latin Macho Culture?

So the best you can do is take all possible precautions.
One of this is to marry first in your country of origin, let us say for example: Canada. Take in Canada all measures to protect your assets. Go to see a Canadian laywer and let him make a contract that will protect you in case of a divorce.
Than later you can see a Cuban lawyer and marry a second time in Cuba.

Leave your assets in your country of origin protected by laws you know! I heard the story of a British guy with several houses, he married a Cubana in Cuba and returned to London. Three months later his Cuban wife arrived in London, hired a British Laywer, filed for divorce and claimed half of his assets, without a contract in the UK this can be a problem. A foreigner in Cuba is in 99.8 cases the sponsor of the marriage, so he/she is the one who can lose most. Also be careful with bank accounts and creditcards. NEVER give a proxy on your accounts and NEVER mention your accesscode.

This may sound a bit creepy but I recommend to check and "spy" on your "Cuban", leave ("forget") a wallet with 10 notes of 20 CUC on the table tempting enough for a Cuban and check the content later. Golden rule: Always keep a low profile in Cuba, and don't believe all the nice stories they tell you.

Faking is an Art in Cuba, and Cubans are real Masters. This does not mean that I blame all Cubans, there are many honest Cubans too.
I never forget: the worst scams and corruption I have seen was in Europe!

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Oct 19, 2015
Education NEW
by: Paige Bruntnell

Well, this is a big and legal issue. But I think if you come into a large agreement of not spitting assets that will allow you to build this kind of law freely. The thing is, in best essay service, laws and regulations are a big topic of discussion. In which different laws and rules are discussed in so much detail. You can get a professional advice there.

Jun 09, 2015
cubans NEW
by: audrey

Yes Cubans only marry each other for getting benefits. If every benefit are occupied then they go for divorce. Therefore, the old concepts have no longer meaning in the present Cuban people. It is better to think thrice before you are going for this.home health care nashville tn

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