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Real Love in Cuba

by Mina

I saw this webpage, there are many sad histories of love in Cuba. This is my history and it was terrrific. I met a handsome cuban boy. He is a mulato. I thought he was a jinetero at first time but I changed my mind when I knew him better.

I met him in a disco, I was with my friend. He wanted to dance with me but I didn´t. Then, he began to talk to me. We laughted too much. He was very gentleman and nice. His eyes are beautifull and hypnotized me. When, the disco was over. He pick us in his car and he took us to our casa particular. I thought he wanted to borrow some money for the trip but he didn´t want any money.
He wanted just me. He kissed me by surprise and I couldn´t stop him. His lips were hot. I felt like in paradise. He gave me his phone number. I didn´t know if I will call him but i couldn´t wait to see him again.

We met again and again and again. Everything was good. Day after day. He wants just to be with me, to share his life with my life. He works as a car mechanic. He showed me his little worshop one time after a long night of sex and love. We shared everything, when i said everything...it is everything. Nights clubes, food, gas for car. He bought me, water, juice, etc. he never ask me for money.

I leaved Cuba very sad because I wouldn´t can be with him anymore because i am married and i have a child, I don´t know what to do right now.
Everything in Cuba is not like you said. You have to meet the person indeed. I don´t know if i was good luck. I hope he will meet his match because he deserved to be happy. If you want to be happy in your life im sure that you can happy with him, but you most be clear with him as i told him.
He don´t like the lies. I hope he will meet his match indeed. If you want to be in contact with him just write to him to: enercalvo79(at)gmail.com if you are serious want to love you can write him.

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Sep 10, 2018
thaught to con tourist NEW
by: Anonymous

yes, its like they have a special school, just to learn to con you, i have met many of them, even people i call my friend, they try to get whatever they can, but the you have to understand, they do not know any better, they are poor, and they see tourist, spending money, having fun, eating out, and guess what, they want that, i do not know anyone who steal money, but i am sure they do, i have always been told by the hotel management to always keep my stuff locked up, and thats not because they want me to rent a safe, even in the good hotels where the safe is free, and not only in cuba, but in every country i have visited. CONS : these are from live experiences of women (never less than 25 years) that i have dated, and most of the cons is not for when i am in cuba, but after i arrive home, home con are, my mother bought a tv can you send me 200 cuc to help pay for it, i am sick i need to buy medicine, i went to school i learn hairdressing can you help me set up a business, my phone broke, can you buy me one.
I have to say you have to be strong and strict, if you are going to bring a girl or boy to your resort, be up front with them, make it clear you will not be giving then anything, they get the free holiday and thats it, but in most cases, especially if it a girl, she will expect a bit more, what i do is i go to a nice resort and i take her with me, and at the end of my holiday i give her 200 cucs. for me this is better than being a sugar daddy, or hiring a woman to keep my company on my trip (look them up they are very expensive) i am single (divorce), i do not want a commitment anymore. And please all the people out there who thinks i am taking advantage of the poor cuban, see the bigger picture, without people like me, and just straight up being a tourist, the cuban people would never get out of this way of life, thinl of back in the fifties, what was life back then, at least their children and grandchildren wont have to live this life. And the cuban people have come a long way since then. Remember this is their choice, they dont have to do it. And many of them dont. But the ones who do is Getting a free holiday, and 6 month pay for something they are doing already, and doing it for just a free meal and a few drinks

Sep 10, 2018
thaught to con tourist NEW
by: Anonymous

yes, its like they have a special school, just to learn to con you, i have met many of them, even people i call my friend, they try to get whatever they can, but the you have to understand, they do not know any better, they are poor, and they see tourist, spending money, having fun, eating out, and guess what, they want that, i do not know anyone who steal money, but i am sure they do, i have always been told by the hotel management to always keep my stuff locked up, and thats not because they want me to rent a safe, even in the good hotels where the safe is free, and not only in cuba, but in every country i have visited. CONS : these are from live experiences of women (never less than 25 years) that i have dated, and most of the cons is not for when i am in cuba, but after i arrive home, home con are, my mother bought a tv can you send me 200 cuc to help pay for it, i am sick i need to buy medicine, i went to school i learn hairdressing can you help me set up a business, my phone broke, can you buy me one.
I have to say you have to be strong and strict, if you are going to bring a girl or boy to your resort, be up front with them, make it clear you will not be giving then anything, they get the free holiday and thats it, but in most cases, especially if it a girl, she will expect a bit more, what i do is i go to a nice resort and i take her with me, and at the end of my holiday i give her 200 cucs. for me this is better than being a sugar daddy, or hiring a woman to keep my company on my trip (look them up they are very expensive) i am single (divorce), i do not want a commitment anymore. And please all the people out there who thinks i am taking advantage of the poor cuban, see the bigger picture, without people like me, and just straight up being a tourist, the cuban people would never get out of this way of life, thinl of back in the fifties, what was life back then, at least their children and grandchildren wont have to live this life. And the cuban people have come a long way since then. Remember this is their choice, they dont have to do it. And many of them dont. But the ones who do is Getting a free holiday, and 6 month pay for something they are doing already, and doing it for just a free meal and a few drinks

Mar 31, 2016
A Relationship With A Cuba Is A Minefield of Stress NEW
by: Anonymous

I agree with the previous post and I do like that comment..'They hit the jackpot, and on your tab'.

So many Cuban/Foreigner relationships are based on fraud,deception, lies, their economic situation, pressure from their families to marry a yuma in order to support them for life.

There are many cultural difference which can take years to overcome, not least becoming acquainted with the Cuban slang, which is different to Catalan Spanish.

If you do not speak or understand Spanish a Cuban can run rings around you, you really need to know what they are saying about you in their presence or behind your back.

Many tourists (mainly Canadians0 are blinded by the romance of it all and get swept up in the spell of the sweet words which is all very flattering but the reality can soon rear it's ugly head. When he is not getting his own way, when she decides that enough is enough, no more expensive regalos.

There was a time when they made do with and were happy to receive a t.shirt, now it seems that unless they are on the receiving end of the latest iphone or Samsung Galaxy then all hell with break loose.

The majority of Cubans have grown up with domestic violence, have witnessed their father beating their mothers.

The shocking aspect of this is that none of them have received therapy or counselling and the police have never stepped in since beating a woman is accepted in Cuba, seen as the norm, 'What woman does not deserve a slap now and again' is the general attitude of the police who do not intervene.

This kind of misogyny and background does warp a victim's thinking and he/she will carry on to abuse their partner and see this behaviour as perfectly normal.

So many Cubans suffer from mental illness not only because of the violence they have witnessed in their childhood but because of the repressive poice state regime they have grown up in. The brainwashing that begins at birth and carries on throughout their formative years, in school etc.

Research had proved that mental illness is largely caused by social crises such as unemployment or childhood abuse and too much money is spent researching genetic and biological factors, psychologists have warned.

Over the past decade funding bodies like the Medical Research Council (MRC) have spent hundreds of millions on determining the biology of mental illness.

But while there has been some success in uncovering genes which make people more susceptible to various disorders, specialists say that the true causes of depression and anxiety are from life events and environment, and research should be directed towards understanding the everyday triggers.

"Of course the brain is involved and of course genes are involved, but not very much."

Peter Kinderman, Professor of Clinical Psychology has said in recent interviews:
"Of course every single action, every emotion I’ve ever experiences has played a part in my emotional development'.

So negative behaviour patterns such as domestic abuse has less to do with genes and more to do with life experience and childhood conditioning.

Considering the background and family conditioning that the average Cuban has experienced is it any wonder that they turn into violent spouse abusers and so many naive men and women who have been taken in by the initial charm and romantic words discover this to their detriment a few years into the marriage after they have spent many $thousands in flying these partners to their country.

Tourists travelling to Cuba need to be wary, there needs to be more awareness created in the media of the pitfalls of these relationships and the truth needs to be told, not hidden on closed forum but the reality needs to be addressed before more naive tourist are hoodwinked into thinking what they have is real and with a couple of years this charming prince morphs into a violent conning frog they regret having ever met.

Jan 01, 2016
Real Love in Cuba - Do Not Make Me Laugh! NEW
by: Anonymous

I read the title 'Real Love In Cuba' and laughed. Real Love does not exist between Cubans and Yumas. Cubans spend their lives perfecting the well worn script to convince you they love you, when in fact they are not happy in Cuba and will do all they can to get a gullible yuma to fly them out.

You will be bombarded with the well worn words of love. They will love all the things you like, they will be your soul mate in that sense, quote you favourite poems, lines from your favourite movies, it is how they spend their days. They are never happy in Cuba, but should you be mug enough to spend a fortune flying them out you will soon realise they are not happy living in your country either.

It is too cold, they are homesick, they cannot understand the language, they hate the food, the culture they miss their family they need ever more credit on their phone to call home, they become aggressive, never mind you have spend a fortune on visas marrying them, flights beurocracy, the bills piled high. No they are not appreciate not concerned at how this all has affected your life, they are miserable and it is all your fault.

They do not want to socialise integrate and become more miserable and aggressive. The police are usually called out and they are delighted, they have achieved what they wanted, a Visa to remain and the freedom to do as they please, hang out with their Cuban friends and novia while you pick up the tab for their daily maintenance healthcare, social security slowly driving you into bankruptcy.

If you really are dumb they will convince you to fly them back to Cuba (where they were never happy) to set them up in a in business. So they have finally hit the jackpot, the freedom to live the single life back home and flaunt their newfound status which will attract all the gold digging Cubanas who will flock to them.

They have hit the jackpot and on your tab!.

My advice? leave them there, they are never happy there, but they are even less happy in your country.

Nov 08, 2015
Jose NEW
by: Anonymous

That last comment by 'Anonymous' is so fake.

It was not written by a Cuban man, I know, I happen to be one.

It has been written by a Canadian woman in her 50's I would say, and no doubt she has spend a lot of money on getting her Cuban man out of Cuba, and even more money on maintaining him and then putting up with his misery and moans when he wants to reurn back home to Cuba because he is 'dying on the inside' yeah right !.

So she has forked out another fortune on setting him up in a business in Cuba, a paladar perhaps? a bar?.

Meanwhile he is very happy to be free, under the guise of 'taking care of his business in Cuba' but he is also free to be with his Cuban 'novia'.

I mean have you looked in the mirror lately. What man (no matter how much money you have invested in him) would choose a wrinkled withered older woman in her 50's, over a beautiful younger sexier Cubana?.

You already know the answer.

And you are the biggest mug in Canada to have fallen for his line of 'Dying on the Inside' You have basically financed his passage back home to his Novia.

There's a mug born every day, and no greater mug than the overweight Canadian woman of a certain age who will hang on in there to the bitter end, even when she knows in her heart it is dead, over finito.

Nov 02, 2015
Love in Cuba it could be real NEW
by: Anonymous

Love in Cuba could be real if you keep it real if you are a 50 plus men or woman and you meet a 30 year old or younger you are going to be played in Cuba in Canada or in hong kong everywhere so don't be so hard on the Cuban people that are trying to survive and you are trying to take advance of my husband and I are married for 20 years have 3 children love each other deeply and I'm a Cuban that he meets in his vacation while I was a bartender at his resort we fall in love I move to Canada 20 years ago and here we are very happy and like me are thousands all over the world happily married and never were jineteras a day in their life

Oct 30, 2015
by: Anonymous

"Every night I hope and pray to the Virgin of Charity that I will find a husband who will take me from Cuba," said a 25-year-old Havana woman. She works at a government office where marriages are legalized and sees brides every day, proud in their frilly dresses. But she said she's not interested in a fancy ceremony for herself.

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Oct 16, 2015
For Examples of Bitter Women Who've Been Scammed/Conned Look at Cuba Amor.Com NEW
by: Dave - Ottawa

There is little 'real love' in Cuba.

But most guys who've been conned /scammed by a jinitera move on, cut their losses and chalk it up to experience.

No one likes to be conned, taken to the cleaners, but the fact is that Cuba is a sex tourism destination and the women are out to use you for a mug.

I had a look recently on the Cuba Amor and I have never seen such accounts of bitterness and sour grapes and digs and attacks at posters who are dumb enough to share their experiences there.

The forum is financed/sponsored by a very bitter old woman who uses the ID of Mivi. She married a Barman from Holguin who clearly has used her and cleaned her out of her life savings.

She has written pages and pages of how her husband was 'Dying On the Inside' and wanted togo back to Holguin to set up a bar a farm a restaurant.

Yeah Right!.

Would we not all be 'Dying on the Inside' if we thought we had a mug to fund us and set us up in a very nice lifestyle back home so we could be close to our Cuban girlfriend?.

Hell yes!.

But this dumb old woman, I presume she is in her 50's or 60's is of such love self esteem that she finances this playboy's lifestyle back in Cuba because he is depressed in ~Canada and 'Dying on the Inside' lol.

There are some genuine poster on the site but they all get shot down by the bitter and twisted regulars such as the jaded Mivi who happens to be financing the website.

Check it out and see for yourself.

It is sad, and sadder thay a few fat frumpy old naive Canadian women have free reign to bully anyone who happens to write a genuine post on Cuba Amor.

It's pathetic that ugly old broads, sick puppies from Canada think they can purchase 'love' by spending half their life savings importing a Cuban hustler bar man to Canada.

Then when he is 'Depressed' and 'Dying on the Inside'

They believe his Bul S.hit and spend another fortune in flying him home to Holuin to set up a paladar/bar/and farm.

Meanwhile he is living the nice life with his Cubana Amorcita in Holguin and having the last laugh.

I guess that Karma has a way of catching up and you know what? I do not blame the dude.

The wife sounds like a right bitter old cow, who deserves all she gets.

Oct 05, 2015
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Sep 21, 2015
awesome NEW
by: christina

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Sep 18, 2015
Canadian Tourists to Cuba Need To Take A Reality Check! NEW
by: Anonymous

It seems that many Canadian men of a certain age (60's and 70's) leave their brain behind at the check in when they fly to Cuba.

In their mind they see themselves as Brad Pitt as they purchase the Viagra at Varadero or Holguin airport.

Do they honestly think that the beautiful 24 year old Cubana is in love with them? Do they honestly think that if they did not arrive with the latest smart phone dresses of lap top and book them into a hotel and pay them the going daily rate of $40 - $50 that she would give them the time of day?

If they think she would then they need to seek psychiatric help because they are deluded.

Do the fat frumpy little women in their 50's from the outback of Canada who are chatted up by the bar man at the resort or in a restaurant really think he is interested in them when in reality he has tried that line of 30 other women that month.

No they return home and the first thing they do is recharge his cellphone, send him money and book the next flight down to Holguin laden with the latest technology sports shoes and clothing.

They spend a small fortune flying him to Manitoba or Ottawa and sponsor him, paying for his upkeep and medical care while he readjusts. As soon as he learns English he becomes abusive and 'depressed'

He's 'dying on the inside' she will say as some kind of justification to spend another fortune on flying him back to Cuba and setting him up in a business, a paladar, a casa, a bar.

Strange how his 'depression' disappears once he is back home in Holguin reunited with his Cuban novia whom he never really left.

Meanwhile Mrs. Fat Frumpy and Fifty believes he is being faithful and bides her time writing on blogs writing him letters calling him, recharging his phone, sending ever more money to purchase furniture stock for the restaurant while he is happily leading her a merry dance, playing her like a violin and bankrupting her in the process.

Mrs. FFF is deluded, she tries to convinces her friends and her blog readers that J is madly in love with her, misses her, is 'going nowhere'.

Wake up you stupid deluded woman, and retain the little money you have left for your approaching old age and while your at it grow some cojones and tell your player where to go.

Name and shame him and warn other potential victims what a loser and a user he is.

He never loved you, he used and played you like the Cuban parasite gigolo he always was and is today.

Apr 30, 2015
interesting NEW
by: Harry

wow lovely post about love a real love never come fast after you, you face many hurdles problems etc then you find your true love.. gymmatsuk

Apr 13, 2015
How I Get My Husband Back With The Help Of Dr Brave NEW
by: Anonymous

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Feb 22, 2015
Don't be so naive NEW
by: Anonymous

I was guilty of this at first too, I had a bad vibe about the whole thing and when I do I am always right 99% of the time but I am also the type who likes to see the good in everyone. I just got back from Cuba so here's my story:

I personally feel stupid for believing in him but I just returned from a trip in Cuba with my family. I am 22 and very independent so most of the time I was alone, doing my own thing and had the chance to meet a lot of people my age. My first night I arrived to the hotel late so I didn't see him but he was there everyday playing the piano in the Lobby, he's a full-time musician living in Cardenas City but works in a resort in Varadero. I hadn't really payed that much attention to him or noticed him at all for that matter but on my third night (Saturday) at the hotel he approached me after I came out of the washroom in the lobby, he invited me to his piano bar which was also on the resort and I told him I'd think about it but never ended up going until Tuesday night when he told me how hard I had made it for him but that he had something special planned. Surely, I went later that night and he was there playing the piano, the bar was on the water overlooking matanzas. He ordered me a drink and for the first few minutes I listened to him playing popular songs, then he called me over and asked me if I had a request, I said he could play anything for me and sat next to him so he played "All of Me" by John legend. He leaned over and told me how good I smelled, then started to sing to me as he played. When the song was over, we walked to the balcony and sat down to talk also enjoying the view which was extremely beautiful I have to admit.He leaned in and kissed me a few times, telling me how beautiful I was and how he loved everything about me, we even danced together for a little bit he kissed me and I told him I had to go. He asked me to stay for a while so he could walk me back and I told him I could go back myself, he told me that I was crazy and he wasn't going to let me walk back alone so he told the people at the bar he was leaving and caught up to me outside. As we walked back for a little bit he held my hand and every once in a while caressed it then lifted it to his mouth and kissed it, a few minutes later a trolley came by so we hopped on it. He told me he'd like to keep in touch with me so he gave me his email, I told him I'd write him once I got home. We hopped off the trolley early, then as we walked he asked me if I liked looking at stars, I told him I loved it so we made our way up to this pool that was open enough that you could see the stars. He took my hand and we danced a little, I put my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist and leaned in to kiss me. After that I told him I had to leave again so we said our goodbyes and we went our separate ways. We've been writing each other back and forth since I got home Friday, but after reading all these stories I'm not sure it's real and I am probably just crazy for even thinking it could actually be real.It was all so romantic and seemed like a fairy tale, he even had the little details down as he gave me his coat when I was cold at night.

Here's when I realized something was off, when I went back to read the messages they had been sent not only to me but to someone named "Jeff," at this point I'm not sure if I'd like to confront it or play him at his own game. I've only been talking with him for a few days so no major damage was done, nor am I attached to him. Just be careful, usually if something seems too good to be true it is and most importantly if you feel something off it usually is. Your intuition is always right in situations like these.

Jan 29, 2015
Cuban Women Do Not Accept Their Crap! NEW
by: Anonymous

If you've been to Cuba you will notice that marriage seems to be no longer relevant, at least to the younger generation. Most are living together since relationships there have a short life span and it's easier to walk away if you're cohabiting and without the hassle of going through a divorce.

The only Cubans who are desperate to marry are those seeking a visa out of poverty and that is a fact. Chances are they will vanish as soon as their residency papers drop on the mat. There are forms all over the net dedicated to Cuban sham marriages and marriage fraud. Even the Canadian government has recently changed the law in an effort to prevent marriage scams.

I do not know of many Cuban women who will put up with the mach crap from Cuban men. Most younger Cuban women are educated and working, even if they happen to be 'working girls' in the other sense of the world, at least they have gained independence and are not longer prepared to put up with the b.s. macho nonsense the 'do as I say not as I do' garbage so inherent in the Cuban cave man. They no longer cook clean and act as the little haufrau for the man who is more likely than not cheating on her and behaving like a complete moron when at home.

Whereas her mother would shoo the cuban man out of the kitchen and wait on him hand and foot, her daughter will send her man down to the local Rapido as she has too much going on in her life to spend it in the kitchen cooking for her macho man. Hence the rise of the fast food outlets you see all over Cuba today.

It's only the yumas who are these days putting up with the macho man b.s. the temper tantrums the cheating and the playing away, which is all part of the Cuban male character. Their own woman would lick his cheating butt out or she would be gone. She is sure as hell not marrying him, only the yuma who beliees his b.s and sweet words will be taken in by his b.s.

My friend was almost taken in by once such caeman who happened to be married when they met. He is not a resort worker but has a regular job as an engineer, so not quite the male whore to be found working the resorts.

He cheekily suggested that she live there and he would see here every other day. In other words be his bit on the side. She laughed in his face. He emailed her for years, and finally his wife left him. He was cheeky enough to hint that a car is essential in Cuba. Yeah right!.

When my friend finally did return to Cuba she saw his real character and it was not nice. Like a spoilt child his mom served him waited on his cooked and cleaned for him. He would shout at her if everything was not going his way. His mom seemed to accept this vile behavious my friend was disgusted.

He insisted they eat out at night mainly at restaurants which served crap food when his mother cooked like a dream. It seems he saw her as the yuma with the wallet. Is that not how all Cubans see us westerners, a walking wallet atm?

Of the week she stayed with him he went out alone on two nights, off to see his male friends apparently. Cuban men like to discuss is what he told her.

When she arrived home she told him that now she was gone he could go out every night of the week to discuss to his heart's content, he could sleep around with anything with a pulse for all she cared because she no longer cared for him. He had hung himself by his own vile behavior. She had seen the real him when living in his home and she did not like what she saw.

She could understand why the Cuban women are not longer male chavinist pigs like him and considered herself extremely lucky to have had an opportunity to share his life and see the real character which she did not like one bit.

This is a guy who has a regular job, an engineer. Not a male whore working the resorts. To any woman who has met a Cuban at a resort who is talking marriage. Do not for a moment think he he loves you, he does not. He is after a visa out.

To any woman thinking about getting to know a Cuban it's important to live with him first see him in his own environment, see how he treats his mother.

But ultimately they are all cave men at heart and even though this guy was not a resort worker he was like most of them still neanderthal man a bully and a pig.

If he is a resort worker he is sure to be a male whore, playing lots of women, receiving lots of regalos, you're not the only one. If you do get involved with a male whore at a resort be sure to protect yourself as STI rates have soared in Cuba and many diseases have become resistant to antibiotics through over use, they can purchase them cheaply over the counter and they have lost their effect through overuse.

Be careful or your could arrive back to Canada with more than a bottle of Havana Club.

Jan 28, 2015
'Real Love' in Cuba Is As Rare As Lap Dancing In Jeddah! NEW
by: Kevin

The recent thawing of Cuban American relationis is sure to see a surge in prostitution, already at an all time high in Cuba though they refer to them as Jiniteras, which has a gentler ring to it than hooker

Prostitution is rife on the streets of Havana Vieja.

One night a deaf prostitute took my hand in hers and traced "20" on my palm with her finger. When I look back on all my nights out, it's a moment more depressing than even a wet Tuesday in Toronto.

I'd bumped into her down on the corner in front of Havana's faded Hotel Nacional, former stomping ground of Sinatra, Hemingway and Brando and host to the infamous Mafia conference in 1946 that Coppola recreated in Godfather II. All I'd done was ask her for directions. I shook my head and tried to mime: "Sorry for wasting your time".

It wouldn't have been the first time a foreigner in Cuba was assumed to be in the market for transactional sex, and now that the USA and Cuba are friends again there'll be a whole lot more of it. Thanks to the travel ban currently in place, only around 60,000 Americans visit Cuba each year.

Jay-Z and Beyonce caused a minor diplomatic incident when they went this summer, and they're the closest things the Yanks have to infallible royalty. The US figure is dwarfed by the 150,000 Brits and more than a million Canadians who are drawn there by the promise of sun, rum and hot, steamy salsa dancing.

Nacional only tell half the story. It's the young Cuban men in the salsa clubs who are getting most of the action. If you take a garishly painted vintage Chevy down the Malecón along the seafront from the Hotel Nacional, after about 10 minutes you'll hit 1830, a famed outdoor salsa club which attracts scores of tourists from the UK, Canada, Italy and Spain who are a long, long way from 18-30.

It's a weird sensation to go halfway round the world to wind up seeing someone who could be your nan grinding up against a guy who looks like he's auditioning for a part in a Step Up sequel. It's probably not just a fling, either. In Canada, where most of the country's tourists come from, the majority of applications to bring their new Cuban spouse back home with them are filed by middle-aged women.

The phenomenon has become so widespread that, earlier this year. Canada's CBC broadcast Love Under Cuban Skies, a documentary which followed the relationships of several older women with young Cuban lovers. Paula Warren, an American in her 60s, married a 23-year-old Cuban called Andy.

"This is like the second chapter in my life," she told documentary maker Wendy Champagne. "I mean, I was a professional, I worked hard ... everything was all this intellectual stuff and I did that and I did it well but I'm through with that. So now it's time to go out and enjoy life.

To some women they have to have a man who's educated. Whatever. To me, in my heart of hearts, it had to be a Cuban."

A Canadian Women's Studies professor named Jill Arnott summed up the appeal of the men who refer to themselves as jineteros ("jockeys" or "hustlers"). "Cuban men are notoriously charming," she says.

"They're very good looking, as a generalisation, and can dance like nobody's business. They're very appealing, but they've got game. They've got game like I've never seen."

Unlike male sex tourists, women rarely just straight-out pay for sex. It's more common for holiday romances to start off with long, moonlit walks on the beach and end up with the women paying for posh dinners, mojitos, cigars, new clothes, household repairs, visas, flights, subscriptions to Sky Sports and pretty much anything else the jineteros can't afford on their local wages, which average $20 a month.

Then comes the long-distance relationship and, often, marriage – despite a lengthy immigration process which can take up to two years. Champagne's documentary concludes with several women who fly their Cuban husbands to live with them in America or Canada. Some – but not all – of the couples end up separating shortly after the jineteros arrives safely over the border.

At 1830 I get talking to Aleida, a dancer who makes the mistake of hauling me onto the dance floor and consequently has to suffer my painfully bad attempt to salsa. A single mum whose daughter has a European father, she's well versed in the pitfalls of long-distance relationships. She points out that in a country as isolated as Cuba, where both foreign travel and internet access is severely restricted, Europeans and North Americans can be seen as rare tickets to the outside world. There's a lively contradiction between how trapped Cubans can feel on their island with the pride they have in their country. Her eyes light up when she mentions that she's met Fidel. She calls him "the most beautiful man in the world." I bet he can salsa better than me.

So, while Obama probably wasn't imagining himself rounding up an old folks' home into Air Force One and letting them loose at the Mustang Saloon, his decision to normalise diplomatic relations with Cuba could pave the way for a lot more international relations than he bargained for.

That'll make a lot of jineteros in Havana very happy. And, if your American aunt takes a sudden interest in salsa lessons, you'll know why.

Jan 27, 2015
They're Lying to You Ladies. They're All Prostitutes! NEW
by: Rolando

Since the dawn of the twenty-first century, commerce and the trade of young male bodies has been flourishing in Cuba. It has become more conspicuous than female prostitution.

In Havana, hustlers are set apart by their youthful appearance: slender, athletic bodies, sculpted through daily exercise; tight designer clothes, the latest mobile phones, and expensive perfume. They are metrosexual with hairless legs and underarms, plucked eyebrows, well-trimmed hair, piercings, earrings, manicured nails and for some, makeup.

Cubans refer to them in vulgar terms identifying them with their primary working tool. Unlike female prostitutes, these commercial sex workers usually take male and female clients alike.

Clients are primarily foreigners visiting Cuba: Italians, Spaniards, Germans, and more recently, Canadians and Mexicans—people with much coveted money to spend. The ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. But these young men are far from being bisexual or homosexual. At the end of the day, they could very well be the neighborhood, clean cut, boy next door. The way they see it, they are only doing what they have to do, struggling to make ends meet. That struggle began at the height of extreme crisis euphemistically called, the "special period in the time of peace," the name given to the economic crisis that began in the early 1990’s lasting though about 1995.

Of all the market varieties of Cuba’s underground that have thrived since the economic debacle of the 90s, prostitution or hustling focused mainly on foreign tourism. It has been one of the most lucrative and certainly most accessible paths for the younger generation, especially after the crisis devalued the importance of pursuing higher education or obtaining a job with the state.

It was also the least persecuted path. Roy, a young Cuban who traveled to Italy though the sex trade, wrote in a forum called "Lovers of Cuba" (Forum degli amanti di Cuba):

"Sometimes I’d try something different. I’d sell guarfarina,' (a low-quality, clandestine homemade rum), pork and many other things. But I always came back. I became a bookie and took illegal bets on the Venezuelan lottery. That was profitable, but oh, man, if the police had caught me! So, I went back to hustling."

Periodically, the government sanctioned police raids to round up prostitutes, the broadest occurring in 1998 and 2002. However, by and large, the government has ignored the issue. Why?

The type of tourism the Cuban regime chose to promote as a lesser evil and salvation following the loss of their Soviet pimp has been one comprised of cheap, all-inclusive packages. Vacationers who buy these packages are usually from the low or lower middle class. They go to Cuba with the intention of spending as little as possible. The toleration of prostitution--remember that Fidel Castro did not condemn them, but called them "the most educated prostitutes in the world" -- is a way to force visitors to leave behind what little money they have in their pockets.

The fodder for this new "battle of the revolution" was not exhausted. Roy writes about how his family was prostituted:

"I started hustling when I was 20 years old. It was during the 'special period' and every day was harder than the last. The hunger was overbearing. Everyone was fed up with eating rice and beans, beans and rice, every single day. I was 20. My brother Raulito was 17, and my sister the Doll (as we called her) had just come into the world. My father was a fifty year old doctor, and my mom was a 37 year old teacher."

"I invented a job for myself with a small camera that had been given to me by a German. I took pictures of the prostitutes to help them market themselves to the gringos. I charged two dollars for each photo, and in a month I became the photographer to the prostitutes (that’s what they called me). My brother developed the photos and the business went well."

"But it wasn’t enough and my mom also became a prostitute. My dad went on with his revolutionary bullshit. I fought hard with him (...). I think he blames me because my mom became a prostitute. He said I had brought destruction to the house. Actually, I think he knew that what was killing us was the ideas that he was sticking to at all costs."

After some years of persecution, the "activity" is now the new "normal." You don’t hear of raids anymore. First Daughter Mariela Castro says that this is a job like any other. A couple of years ago, the weekly Digital Spring reported that with the new impetus to self-employment, authorities were expediting "companion abroad" licenses for prostitutes, which would exempt them from being jailed, accused of harassing tourists.

However, although male prostitution was reborn in the 90’s alongside female prostitution, raids or a mass incarceration of male prostitutes was unheard of. Only individual cases were reported.

Juan Antonio Madrazo, independent coordinator of Citizens Committee for Racial Integration, has written about male prostitution for Cubanet. The male sex trade he writes, has long been a harsh and uncomfortable reality that narcissist revolutionary sexism tries to hide.

Frequenting nightclubs where tourists attend is part of the modus operandi of young hustlers.Frequenting nightclubs where tourists attend is part of the modus operandi of young hustlers.
Speaking with martinoticias.com, Madrazo said that since early in this century, the sex trade among males has been more visible within the tourist circles of the island—more so than females. Madrazo believes that one reason for its success is profitability—everyone profits. Many cops are bribed into looking the other way and some act as pimps to the prostituted youth.

The official media has approached the problem of prostitution with kid gloves. Until now, it has overlooked the boom in male sex workers. Madrazo stresses that it is one of the most profitable businesses in the black market today. Some of the profits are being reinvested in a fledgling porn industry made in Cuba.

Independent journalist and blogger Iván García, places most of those male prostitutes in the emerging middle class. These workers may be high school graduates or have some type of university education. Many of them speak English or have learned other languages. Because they can afford to buy shrimp, beef and name brand liquor (which is sold in stores where CUC’s or Cuban convertibles pesos are allowed—the official currency of tourism on the island), hustlers are deemed financially solvent. They frequent nightclubs and have their own method of transportation, usually a motorcycle. Their lifestyle allows them to stay at tourist resorts a couple of times of year. The resort stay may be for pleasure but it’s also an opportunity to grow the customer base without secrecy.

The trade-off is far from fair. Hustlers don’t just sell their bodies. They sell their dignity, self-esteem, and mental stability. Tristan is a 22-year old computer science graduate from Camaguey. In one instance, he told Madrazo:

"It's hard to sleep with old men who smell. It’s not easy to seduce a stranger, but I do it out of necessity. To me, Europeans are better customers than Latino men; they respect men and don’t want to kiss me or hold hands in public. They do their thing and that’s it."

Medrazo writes that "many of these young men live in the slums of Havana that the tourist doesn’t get to see. For them, there’s this larger than life masculinity that is simultaneously a straitjacket and an armor allowing them to survive. They are virile young men, muscular, and at the same time, very fragile."

Tristan adds:

"No one can imagine the perversion that customers can ask for. But at least it allows me to pay debts and indulge in small pleasures, from sending money to my mom, to buying myself a perfume, or invite a girl to dinner or dancing at a nightclub. This is very hard on the self-esteem, but you have to overcome the many difficulties until you can get out of this stifling island."

Every prostitute's dream, whether male or female, is to find someone--anyone--who will fall enough in love with them to get them out of Cuba.

Roy found that someone. In Milan, his Italian mother-in-law describes him as "useless, penniless, uncultured, and with no prospects." According to her, says Roy, Cubans "are only ‘good for relaxing and partying’".

This young man from Central Havana believes that living abroad has been a great experience, but concludes:

"I know I can’t live in Italy. Sometimes I can’t breathe, I feel bad. I need my Cuba. My wife can’t believe it. She just says that I want to go because I don’t love her. She’s been crying for days. It pains me, but I think if I stay here, it would be worse. It’s better if I go."

Dec 26, 2014
Totally Agree With Last Comment. NEW
by: Anonymous

Fat/Obese Canadian women delude themselves that the Cuban men are 'In Love' with them. They are no

For a start..They Are Fat! We are Talking Obese'!

Sure the poverty stricken hard pressed Cuban will B.S. them as they do every week with fat women who flock to their resorts.

It's a game, It's fake.

But these fat women go along with the gae and sleep with them then plague online sites asking the question...'Does He Love Me'?

Wake up women, if you trapped in a block which was on fire he would not piss to save you. he despises you.

Save your money. Give it to charity. Not a Cubab male wore.

There are far needier more genuine causes in this unfair world which we live in.

Ebola, Hunger Homelessness

All of the above need your help!

Your Cuban Male Whore who may transfer an STD to you Does Not need your help. Believe me.

He will use you andcon you and milk you for every dime that he dcan then he will dump you.

He has a Cuban wife whom he is happily married to. Move on Ladies, loose some weight. learn to love yourselves. He does not! It's a game for him.

20 stone Tamara fromCanada. Loose some weight for Gawd' sake

You fat cow.. Your gardener/handyman at Don Lino Holguin does not give a f....k about you. But he will use you mile you for all that he can.

He loves his Cuban wife. He has been happily married for 20 years. He loves his 3 children.

Move on old woman. Loose weight women with for God's Sake. You're 47

Get a job get a friggin life!! Loose weight for criss sake!

Get a Life. Get some self respect.

Cuba will not provide you with the answers to your problems.

Your problems lie within you. Not in Cuba!.

Why have you gained 200 lbs?

Not a happy woman!!

Dec 12, 2014
Some Women Are Worse Than The Men NEW
by: Anonymous

Men really get a kicking on this website and sure most of them deserve it The majority are out to scam a woman into marrying them and providing a visa out of Cuba, and they will do anything to achieve this.

However there are some predatory women who chase Cuban men who already have a wife and kids and who appear to be perfectly happily married.

I will give you one such example. I was staying a a hotel in the Holguin province last year - the Don Lino. There was a very obese lady from Canada who seemed to be on very friendly terms with the staff.She travels alone and has been to this hotel many times.

In her mid 40's unemployed, living on state handouts yet she travels to Cuba to be with this man several times a year.

He is a gardener and handy man, seems like a nice guy, quiet and settled and happily married. He has told his friends at the hotel that he would never leave his kids who are the most important thing in his life.

Yet this woman lives in fantasy land that he loves her and will live with her in Canada. She tells people that they are 'engaged'. It seems to be all in her mind.

She indulges him with expensive presents, dotes on him. Thinks of him as her man. Yet the guy sees it differently. He loves his job, has been working at the hotel for 17 years, is happily married and seems happy to remain in Cuba and does ot want to leave his children.

Perhaps this woman like so many obese women who travel to Cuba feels unloved unwanted in Canada where men would not give a second glance to a 200 lb. woman.

So the way I see it, there are sometimes two sides to a story and all too often it's the women who are doing the chasing and who are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Dec 03, 2014
Mina from Malta Fairytales Do Not Happen In Cuba! NEW
by: Claudette - Montreal

Mina you seem like a sweet lady, but you are not fooling anyone on this site.

You wrote a fairytale entitled - 'Real Love In Cuba' trying to convince us that your fiction was a fact. But it read like a fairytale, and we all know that fairytales do not exist in the real world.

As someone wrote before, your story sounded as though it had been penned by the Cuba Tourist Board.

In your last post (below this one) you claim to have met the man of your dreams and that there is a happy ending, just like in Cinderella who got to met her prince. Nice but totally fictitious and totally unbelieveable, yet again!

You say you met your man of your dream 5 months ago he left cuba.

"He met these people who he thought were good honest people that for a little bit of money would help him get to canada. I had no idea he was planning on doing this. But, the guy went through hell just to be with me. Spent all his money and never asked me for help once. Obviously these people did not keep to there word and things were not as easy as he had hoped. After a long 5 months we are together and very happy".

So sweet such a happy story so enchanting,but totally a fairytale yet again Mina!.

Your prince used some Yumas to pay his flight to Canada, but 'those bad people did not look after him, soo bad of them!. Yet he managed to find his way to you. How lovely.

He used some tourist to pay his exit via flight and all the Beaurocratic B.S. that entails a Salir from Cuba and he flew straight to your arms.

Personally he sound more of a Cretin /Jinietero than a Prince, and you sound like a copy writer from the Cuba Tourism Authority.

Dream on Mina Fairytales are nice but they only exist beteen the covers of a book. Not in real life unfortunately.

2% of relationships between Cubans and Non Cubans work out. 98% do not. And a lot of finacial and emotional expenditure is spent. Yuma are continually fleeced and duped, and that is not nice. And it is not a fairytale Mina!.

Nov 19, 2014
I don't agree! NEW
by: Anonymous

I understand that there are a whole bunch of people in Cuba who are not good. Who simply use people for money and expensive gifts. However, there are also great people in Cuba. Not all of Cuba is like that. There are good people and bad people in this world. (Even here in Canada) I can meet someone who will totally use me and abuse me.

Here is my story.

years ago I met a wonderful man in Cuba. He is 3 years older then me, I am in my 20s right now and he is in his 30s. Throughout the time of our relationship I must admit I had my doubts.... Not because he would ask me for money or gifts.. ( he never has ) but, the time I had doubts was after reading these sites to see what other people had to say about there experiences.

Anyways, to make a story short...... 5 months ago he left cuba, he met these people who he thought were good honest people that for a little bit of money would help him get to canada. I had no idea he was planning on doing this. But, the guy went through hell just to be with me. Spent all his money and never asked me for help once. Obviously these people did not keep to there word and things were not as easy as he had hoped. After a long 5 months we are together and very happy.

To me..... If someone goes through all of that to be with you, they deserve a fair chance.

I agree that you must be careful and have your guards up. But, please don't assume they are all bad. Honestly there not.

Best of luck to all of you!!!!

Sep 11, 2014
This Forum Shoud Be Named Scam In The City NEW
by: Anonymous

It's ironic that the title of this forum is 'Love In the City' Scams To Be Aware of In The City' would be a lot more appropriate.

The irony is the husters do not see themseves as con men. They think that fraud deception and using women to get out of Cuba is perfectlly ok, nothing wrong with it.

I spoke to one such unpleasant sleazebag at a party, all bling big cheesy smile, and fake dreads. He had conned his way out of Santiago di Cuba 12 years ago. Used some poor foo. He was awaiting his latest 'fren' who had invited him to the party where he was helping himself to the free booze and food.

I told him how disgusting Cuban men were, how they had absolutely no shame in using women, conning them into fake marriages in order to get out of Cuba. 'Oh I do not blame them, they have nothing in Cuba, I would do the same' he said shamelessly. I found him to be vile and walked away.

Men like him give Cuba a bad reputation. They kill off tourism. Women who are tricked into shame marriages, used as a means to procure a visa, will never return to Cuba, they tell their friends about the scams the trickery. They write about it on forums such as this.

A friend of mine was singled out in the Casa de a Musica, by one such con man in Santiago, a fat little guy who was desperate to get out of Cuba. A classical musician Javier was not talented enough to be poached by any Western orchestra who he resorted to trawling the bars and clubs of Santiago armed with an older woman who coud speak English and would approach foreign women telling them her 'nephew' liked her wanted to know her.

Javier is no looker and is chubby, so hardy going to land himself a yuma.

He lays on the charm by the bucketload, invites them to his home where they are wined and dined. His father is far more attractive than Javier. Looks do not run in the Palacios family, guile trickery and nastiness does.

Javier turned out to be as nasty as the snappy litte dog in his father's home.

When my friend finally told him she was not interested in having a relationship with him he turned very nasty and proceeded to bombarded her with lots of very abusive nasty emails. In the end she threatened to expose him to the Cuban Embassy and his conservatory of music if he did not stop. She marked his messages as Spam.

These men are damaging tourism in Cuba. My friend was fortunate enough in not being taken in by this con man, despite his invitations to concerts of classical music which she does love. She did not however, like what was attached to the invitations, - Javier's determined mission to use her or any foreign woman as a means to a visa out of Cuba.

Aug 25, 2014
Love between Cubans and foreigners does not exist NEW
by: Celine

I am not sure that Cuban men are capable of falling in love with a non-Cuban woman. Based on my experience at least, call me cynical, but here is my story.

I met Lorenzo three years ago when on holiday with some friends. He was staying at the same hotel as me.Not working there but on vacation.

We became friends, nothing happened at the time, I wanted to get to know him better, he told me he had a girlfriend, at least he was honest.

I thought no more of him since he was spoken for. Six months later he emailed me to say he had broken up with his girlfriend, it had'nt worked out. He asked me if I had any plans to return, I told him no.

We have been emailing off and on for a couple of years no. His messages were not gushing or fake. He would refer to me as his 'estrella' or 'linda' Friendly and pleasant, always saying he missed me and wanting to know when I planned to return.

Finally I decided I would book a flight for September, I managed to get a good last minute deal. I emailed him to let him know the dates.

Suddenly his tone changed. In the assurance that I had booked the flight he though he had me where he wanted me. Little did he know me however.

His email was suddenly cold, to the point and matter of fact. He informed me e would take his vacation during my visit. He would arrange that with some work colleagues. He also informed me he would stay with me at my hotel and reminded me to book a double and pay for him.

He also instructed me to bring him a pair of jeans and some shorts even stating the size the colour and type of material.

I read his shopping list of requirements in amazement. Why had this pleasant nice intelligent man suddenly morphed into a nasty hustler on the take?.

I could hardly believe what I was reading and since my Spanish is not so good I asked a friend who is fluent in the language to interpret his message for me.

He sounds very demanding she said. It's all about him, he lacks manners and his grammar is bad, she told me.

She was only reaffirming my thoughts. I replied to his mail and told him not to make any vacation plans with his work colleagues, I had decided to cancel my trip. I was stunned by his arrogance and his assumption I would bring him clothing especially since I had forked out $700 for the flight.

He was clearly shocked and angry with me, at least that is what I gathered from his next email. I had misinterpreted his email I was stupid he said. He had not insisted on the clothing only if I could etc.

To me it was not about the cost of the clothing more about the callousness the coldness of his demand.

I replied to him saying I was not planning to visit and asked him to not contact me again, that I would just block him from my inbox and my life

I had seen his true nature and did not like what I saw.

I consider myself fortunate in discovering what he was really like before I got drawn in to a sham marriage or lost a lot more than the cost of my flight and hotel.

Aug 07, 2014
If Anyone Is The A.......le It's You! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have read the post of the person whom the last person is calling an 'As.......e'. I do not agree with your insult.

The poster has told it as it is. The kind of people who get duped into fake marriages and who fall for the fake 'Te Quero Mucho' scripts are usually not too bright, not too attractive women who tend to be of low self esteem and who indulge these jiniteros with expensive presents and money, and of course the ultimate jackpot - a visa out of Cuba via a sham marriage.

You see them walking down the beach in Varadero, 200 lb women old enough to be the gigolo's grandma holding hand with these losers who are booked into 4 and 5 star hotels and wined and dined for a fortnight. They are given laptops, cellphones and sent money to recharge those expensive phones.

Would an attractive woman of reasonable intelligence be used and abused in this way? Conned into believing this gigolo who has played the field for years with multiple yumas of all natinalities really loves her and she should book a church and fork out a small fortune to marry this male prostitute? Absolutely no.

Anyone who has half a brain, and is half way attractive has sufficient self esteem to realise these losers are playing a game, it's all a con and they are being played bigtime.

The average person has an inbuilt self defence mechanism called gut instinct to know when they are being used. But the plain Jane or homely Joe with low self esteem is that desperate for any scrap of attention that they lap it up and fall for it.

It does'nt make it right that anyone male or female gets scammed in this way. But at the same time if you are a sitting duck desperate for attention however sick it may be then you only have yourself to blame. So I agree 100% with the comments of the person two posts back.

Aug 06, 2014
to the last poster NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow, it must be so nice to be a hard nosed, perfect person. You are disgusting in your comments. I've got news for you.... some people who fall in love with these people are actually smart, attractive people. I know of 3 people who did and so far 2 of them did turn out to marry rats. These people are experts in manipulation. I hope you actually read what you wrote and think "boy, I was an a*****e!!

Jul 22, 2014
If you allw the Cuba con Man/Gigolo to use you, you only have yourself to blame NEW
by: Anonymous

We can bitch and blame the Cuban gigolo and let's face it there are many of them who sit on their lazy butts all day and expect the Cuban woman to feed and maintain them when they are not hustling yumas for expensive presents of the chance of a visa out via a fake marriage.

I cannot believe the stupidity and desperation of some women who fall for the charm the lies and the b.s. of these gigolo male putas.

One such stupid woman is Susan who was in Cuba to write a travel article for Elle magazine. Now you would think she had a brain but no, she fell for the charm of a little afro cuban hustler who never worked a day in his life. Saw himself as a 'DJ' lol hustlers who are workshy are always 'DJ's' it gives them an excuse to cruise the nightclubs looking for fresh prey.

Susan is no oil painting, in fact she is a plain Jane and was getting on in years. she must have been close to 50 so perhaps she felt time was running out.

She not only got instantly pregnant, by this little jobless workshy gigolo, who struts around with more bling than P.Diddy, in white suite and decked out in gold chains, like a pint sized P.Diddy. She also married the parasite who never worked a day in his life in Cuba nor in London. she put up with this little s...it for ten years, maintaining him and keeping him in the style he had become accustomed to.

He would be trawling the night clubs of London and she would be at home babysitting when not taking her child to and from school.

Susan stooped so low as to pinch any travel idea that was centred on Cuba, she would nick the idea for herself in order to please her gigolo husband.'He needs to fly home to see his family three times a year' she would tell those pitching travel stories. She would blatantly steal their ideas in order to put his lazy arse on a plane to Cuba.

It never ceases to amaze me the depths that some low self esteem will stoop to in order to have a lazy worthless man in their life who abuses and uses them.

So if you chose to lower your standards to the point of masochism, to marry a con man, and allow the gigolo to use and abuse you, then you really only have yourself to blame.

Jul 13, 2014
You'll Find Thse Hustler Jiniteros Even in Sleepy Baracoa NEW
by: Simone - Montreal.

Great advice on the last post totally agree with all that you have said.

Anyone who is vulnerable or naive enough to be taken in by their charm and b.s. will undoubtedly live to regret it when they do a vanishing act soon as the papers drop on the mat and you are left holding the bills for social security healthcare etc. for years to come. I know of women who have lost their apartments been made bankrupt by these criminals, and yes they are criminal fraudsters and I am happy to hear that legislation has recently been introduced which sees sham marriage as fraud and a criminal offence resulting in jail time and deportation.

Do not think that by visiting the sleep little Shangri La outposts backwaters of Cuba that you are immune from fraud and scams the con men are there waiting to oounce on the gullible tourists as soon you enter a cafe de la trova or bar. Conning Scamming and Defrauding is what they do for a living so be careful.

A word of warning for female travellered visiting Baracoa a sleepy little town at the farthest end of Cuba so quiet you would never expect to meet a con man but believe me they do exist.

This charmer - Dionel makes a living from conning women tourists.

He is polite extremely well dressed, (a bit too well dressed in expensive stylish western clothes), a great dancer.

His stomping ground is the Casa de la Trova Dionel sits there, cola in hand awaiting his prey making gooey eyes at any woman dumb enough to believe he is not a con man jinitero believe me he is.

Dioniel Jaffita Amaro is not single as he claims to be he lives with an older single parent a Cuban woman who has a son by a previous marriage. Dionel will recommend her casa which is not a legal casa but also stinks of cigarette smoke and is so tiny you could not swing a cat in the cramped dark bedroom.

If Dionel does not earn commission from conning you into booking the casa of his Cuban g/friend he will have his eye on your clothing. You will be complimented on how good you look where did you buy your clothes.

He is working in league with the maid/cleaner from your casa who has eyes up all the contents of your room and knows which clothing he can con you out of she will be a willing customer as she has a daughter who would just love that dress jeans or pair of sneakers so he works in league with maids from various Baracoa casas. He is a seasoned fraudster.

He will sponge scrounge andponce off you for the duration of your stay in Baracoa like a dead weight leech of excess baggage he will sit there like a lump of wood draining your energy, offering nothing but knocking back any drinks you will buy him, it will always be on your tab.

You might be lucky enough to run into Dionel's father breath smelling of alcohol like father like son the father runs a small bar and will willingly dish the dirt on his playboy son. 'Have you met his little one she is so cute' he will share he will also tell you that Dionel's eldest is 13 and lives far away with her mother in another town. When confronted the playboy will deny any knowledge of his three offspring.

When pressed he will admit they were just 'Aventuras' - nothing more'. he said.

Ladies be warned Dionel will con you out of leaving the contents of your suitcase including your stylish sneakers on your last day. His excuse? so he can buy a cellphone to have great communication with him.

Of course if your are dumb enough to do so leave him your clothing you will never hear from this charmer again.

He ia a Jinitero a leech not just on Cuban society but on the gullible tourist.

You have been warned.

I hope my story will be of help to any women planning a visit to Cuba.

Jul 12, 2014
true love??? NO NEW
by: Anonymous

Ladies and Gents, never fall for their charm. I swear they read the same book and know exactly what to say to pull on your heart strings. They are fake. It really makes me mad at how they break peoples hearts and ruin them financially and don't think twice about it. I know of a few women that have actually married these guys and when they come here they expect everything handed to them. I know men fall for the women as well, although I only met one and of course she dumped him after he had all his papers in order and cleaned out all his cash as well. When they get here all the romance is out the window. Plus their families in cuba expect money to be sent down each month and yes you will have to recharge their phones. It just keeps going on and on. And its not just a naïve person who falls for this it is all people. They are very good actors/actresses. Most of the men and women down there are "married" to someone and their partners know and agree to everything because they will get money sent to them and in the future be sponsored to come here as well. Don't forget when you marry these people you are responsible for them for years and when they take off they could go on welfare, run up visa bills and guess who is responsible? I really don't like the fact that I now dislike these people so much but it makes me sick how they trick people and abuse women and men. Please be warned, you deserve better.

Jul 06, 2014
An Update - He Turned Out To Be A Jinitero ! NEW
by: Anonymous

To the lady who wrote the last post, thank you. What you wrote is so true.

As you know I had my doubts about the man who had been emailing me for three yesrs His messages seemed very sincere but I had ngaging doubts, especially after reading the posts on this forum.

He was married when we met, and prepared to cheat on his wife though I was not and told him so. His wife passed away a year ago from breast cancer, he wrote to say he wanted to see me now he was single and seemed to show no remorse about the death of his wife which shocked me.

Finally I booked a flight to Cuba and emailed him a week ago to tell him my date of arrival. I was stunned by the tone of his reply. Instead of saying he was happy and looking forward to seeing me again he wrote that his phone credit had been used up by emailing me. How he had to sell his Samsung smart phone now this was a lie I could see his message had been sent from his Samsung. He also requested I bring him two pairs of stretch shorts one knee length one shorter one red one blue.

I was stunned and asked a Spanish friend to translate the message so she could confirm this man'arrogance and selfishness.She confirmed my doubts. Dump him now she said he is a selfish man a user he goes on about phone credit selling his phone shorts that he wants you to bring. No mention at all about how you are how happy he will be to see you nothing.

'He is a selfish man his grammar is bad and he has bad manners dump him asap' she told me.

I wrote to him expressing my anger at the tone of his email mentioned how much the tickets and hotel had cost how selfish I thought he was. He replied to say I was stupid how he had plans to sell the phone how I had misinterpreted him he insulted me more. I then blocked him.

I will go to Cubs and enjoy that beautiful island. I will stay in casas meet genuine Cuban families enjoy the beaches the culture the food but I will be avoiding the men They are selfish users, they do not know the meaning of fidelity or loyalty or genuine love.The see us Yumas as wallking cash cows to be used for their purpose and potentially a visa out.

I hope my story will help other women who may be in my position who are emailing a charmer they met while on holiday. Read between the lines be cautious, do not bring them anything make it clear you have absolutely no intention or marrying them now or ever.

I have aeen too many examples of good women being used and dumped once the papers arrive those men are lying fraudsters out to use a woman for their own selfish means they will dump her as soon as their needs are met. They are also too lazy to work since they were raised in a country where they did not have to work for housing eduction health care or food. Yumas are there to provide as far as they are concerned.

I was fortunate to see him for the con man he truly is. I hoe you are also as wised up to see through their lies charm and b.s and not get taken for a fool.

Ladies if you meet a tall handsome charmer called Lazaro run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. He is a Jinitero.

Jul 02, 2014
real love? NEW
by: Anonymous

Ladies, do not get involved. They are pros at seeming so sincere and in love. I know this for a fact. It didn't happen to me but to a very good friend, but once you do get involved with one you would be surprised how many other women are out there. If you want to make sure he is sincere...pay a friend to go down there and follow him and see where he lives, who he goes out with. Everything! Don't fall for the family and friends bull neither, they are all in on it and will make you feel like you are the only one. Financially they will ruin you as well. I used to think they were the nicest people as I had been going to cuba for 15 years. But I don't care how bad I had it I would never do to people what they do. I am being brutally honest. My friend was warned but thought he was different. Not so, she married him and once he was here found out he lived a double life...one with her and the one with his "other wife" in cuba.

May 25, 2014
Does rea love exist in Cuba? NEW
by: Cautious

I agree 100%with the last post.

Mina is a fake, her fairytale romance is as likely as snow in July in Varadero.

Vic have you heard of any genuine relationships between Cubans and foreigners?.

Does real love as we know it in the West exist in the Socialist system of survival? Or is real love seen as a Western form of hedonistic frippery, in a climate of survival of the fittest, let's face it until the past couple of years with the more relaxed form of repression and Cubans being allowed to run small businesses, it has been a struggle for them.

I men a Cuban guy a few years ago be was not involved in the hotel industry, he was visiting the hotel with some other Cuban friends. He is a sports coach and teacher.

At the time he told me he was married, so I did not see him in any other way than that a married man. He was unable to use the internet and did not have a smart phone. However he kept in touch via friends whom wold send messages from him from their email account.

What put me off was when one of his friends claiming to be him asked me to send a mobile phone top up. I refused and stopped replying to any more messages

I returned last year and called him, his wife had sadly passed away she had died of cancer. He invited me to his home to meet his mother who cooked me a lovely Cuban meal. He called me each day when I moved to another part of the island.

He now has a Samsung (did not ask him from where or who) from which he emails me. He keeps asking me to return.

I am wary and cautious. Should I have reason to be?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Mar 21, 2014
as fake as Pamela Anderson's chest NEW
by: Anonymous

Are you sure Malta, you are not the imposter of "enercalvo79(at)gmail.com "? Sound like a made up post, just looking for some naive sucker to take the bait. Ladies, don't fall for this bs.

Jul 21, 2013
Not Rude - Just Being Real
by: Hazel

First of all MIna's post did not ring true. Not for one moment did I believe it.

It sounded more like a fairytale, and let's face it fairytales do not exist in Cuba where the harsh reality of daily survival on a few CUC a day is an everyday existence for the average Cuban.

Mina sounds to me like a very good copywriter from the Cuban Tourist Board. I am sure sure that she is a lovely looking lady.

However, being realistic, have you ever seen the women who walk hand in hand down Varadero or Guardalavaca beach with Jiniteros?. They are hardly Jennifer Lopez or Cameron Diaz look alikes are they?.

We are talking 200 lb middle aged women who are flying to Cuba for a fling. Empty nesters, kids have left home, perhaps divorced and with the money to buy presents for those gigolos who will tell them 'Te Quero Mucho Mi Amorcita' in the hope that she will melt and organise a flight to Canada for him.

That is the reality, and if you were honest you would agree. Do not kid yourself that tall slim model types are being scammed by Jiniteros, they are not. The type of woman who gets suckered in by these gigolos have low self esteem and are on a desperate quest to be loved. Sadly it will all end in tears when he does a vanishing act a few years down the line and she is left with a pile of bills to pay.

Jun 15, 2013
Mina's Fairytal Romance exists only in Fairytales
by: Hazel

Mina, I read your post and laughed. It reads like a script from the Cuba Tourism Authority headquarters.

Many Canadian ladies have been conned into sham marriages by devious Cuban jiniteros. Just type the words sham marriage, or marriage fraud and Cuba into Google and see what pops up.

There is a growing movement worldwide to stop marriage fraud which causes huge heartache and emotional and financial chaos.

Too many women of a certain age have been targeted by Cuban gigolos who work in the tourism industry purely to target and scam their way out of poverty. They are highly educated, you will find them in resorts like Varadero Guardalavaca, in fact all of the tourist all inclusive hotels, charming, romancing, complimenting tourist women in the hope that she will fall for the B.S. and strike up a romance with them.

These 'romances' rarely work out as soon as they set foot on foreign soil. Then their true character emerges, and the charming handsome sweet talking romeo morphs into an irritable demanding and sometimes violent hustler out to scam every dollar he can out of his partner so he can maintain his family back home. He will bide his time until the residential visa he is seeking drops on the mat, then he does a disappearing act faster than Houdini.

So Mina I do not believe your fairytale, not for one minute.

Sure love does exist in Cuba, but not between a handsome young Cuban adonis and an overweight midddle aged Maletese or Canadian matron. That exists only in fairytales, and like fairytales they are best left between the covers of the book, because they are only a flight of fantasy, a dream, just like the one you invented Mina.

Mar 25, 2013
To the other Anonymous- I Feel Sorry For You
by: Anonymous

Your comment was "true love between Cubans and tourists doesn't exist".

Did you learn that universal truth about all Cubans through your one bad experience, with one?! How could you be so naive and stupid to think that. You might as well say Cubans are the spawn of Satan and they don't feel physical pain. Anyways, I am sorry that your relationship didn't work out because you didn't notice how easily you were taken advantage of, but love is real there, if you find the right person. You're going to get nowhere in life with that attitude. Grow up.

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