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Registering a Cuban friend in a Cuban Hotel Room

I registered a Cuban woman to stay with me in my hotel room for two nights. I left Cuba afterwards.
If I go back to Cuba, can I register another woman to stay with me ?

ANSWER by Vic Webmaster Havana-guide.com

The official procedure is that no Cuban citizen is allowed to share a hotel room in Cuba with a foreigner, unless you can prove that you are married (the document needed is a Cuban marriage certificate)

This Cuban law dates from (after) the Mafia era, when several Cuban hotels were brothels. Prostitution is forbidden by law in Cuba.
Even the casa particulars (private rented rooms) have to ask for identification (passport for the foreigner - carnet de identidad for the Cuban).
I know that there are accidental cases of corruption and bribery, but the penalties are severe, the casa particular may lose its license and the hotel receptionist his job.

Note that you need a special visa (A2 Visa) to stay in the house of a Cuban.

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