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In Havana most tourist hotels offer car rental services, but I don't recommend driving a car in Havana if you are not familiar with the city and the Cuban traffic rules.

The streets are narrow with many potholes and the signage is poor and often difficult to see.

Car Rental Recommendations

  • Check the car you rent for possible damage on reception of the keys.
  • Check the bill and the content of the gas tank too (delivering a HALF filled gas tank is a classic scam)
  • Avoid driving at night, there are plenty of bicycles on the road without light, children playing on dark streets etc.
  • Check your insurance coverage, as a foreigner you are responsible for damage to the rented car and any third party. 
  • In case of physical damage you are NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE CUBA before you pass the Court, this can take many, many months!
  • Leave the car only in a guarded parking area.

advise: Hire a car driver included, this is a more relaxed way of traveling. The driver will watch and guard the car while you can shop or visit your destination.

Havana Classic American Cars rental

Rent a Classic Car

Old American Cars can be rented at the taxi stands in front of the Hotel Parque Central (Central Park) or in front of the Hotel Nacional in Havana Vedado.(picture left)


The new legislation allows the Cubans to apply for a license to operate a private taxi business.

taxi hotel Parque Central Havana Cuba

Havana Taxi's

Today the majority of the taxi's in the city are modern comfortable cars with airco. Available in front of the major tourist hotels

(picture: taxi's at hotel Parque Central)

Private Taxi's - Classic Cars

With the new legislation (effective of the year 2011) a lot of "private taxi's" are available these days. You find them in front of the Capitolio, at Parque Fraternidad besides the Capitolio and in front of Obispo street near the Hemingway bar El Floridita.

private taxi havana cuba

A Chevrolet TAXI with a Toyota steering wheel 
and a Mercedes Benz engine

A private taxi driver in Havana has to work day and night to make a decent living, each month he has to pay 800 Cup (about 35 USD) for his license and each 6 months 100 Cuc (100 USD) for inspection of the car. Note that the average salary in Cuba is 20 USD.

cuba taxi Havana

Private taxi waiting for clients
in front of Obispo street Old Havana

Taxi Colectivo Havana

These taxi's were originally intended for Cubans but now foreigners can also use this cheap taxi's. The taxi's have a fixed route to several suburbs or long distance places in Havana. They go as far as ALAMAR (20km east from Havana) They depart when all seats are occupied, the price of the trip is shared among the passengers. The price of the trip is as low as 20 Cup (twenty Peso Nacional = approx. one USD) Transport in Havana

Cuba Taxi  Colectivo Havana

Taxi Colectivo at Neptuno street 
Waiting for customers, the ride starts when all seats are occupied

Taxi from Varadero to Havana

A single trip by taxi from Varadero airport to Central Havana a distance of approx. 135-140km takes about two hours and costs around 60-65 Cuc (65 USD) with an official State taxi. Most private taxi drivers charge 55 Cuc for the trip. You can also wait for the Viazul bus to Havana, a single trip cost these days 25 Cuc (two years ago 12 Cuc). If you are with two or more persons it's cheaper to opt for a private taxi and share the cost.

Havana Bus Tour

This is a new and cheap way to travel through Havana and can be an excellent transport solution Havana Bus Tour

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