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Rules of havana airport Cuba

by sonia

How many kg can I take to enter at the airport in Cuba?

ANSWER by Vic Webmaster

First you should check the weight that's allowed by your air carrier, some airlines allow 23kg, most airlines 25kg, even 30kg.
The big difficulty is that CUBA is CUBA, this means there are rules and regulations, but they are sometimes bended, the rules are arbitrary.
Some travelers or tourists report (minor) problems other not. Tourist airports at Havana and Varadero seems to be more flexible than other like Holguin etc.
General rule is 25kg, but again some tourists report problems with 25kg others pass with 30kg. In fact the weight is not the major problem but the content of your luggage can be a problem. Normaly you have to pay an import duty, the first 50$ of worth is tax free. Your personal accessories are free of duty too. See list of the Cuban Customs duty.
Some electrical devices are not allowed, this include GPS-systems, satelite phones, (see lists)
Fresh food, seeds, meat etc. is not allowed.
You have to pay to enter gifts above 50$ (see above). Read more at Cuba Customs
Some visitors report problems, they had to pay import duties on gifts for their families, but most visitors like myself have passed customs many times without problems.

Note: that per May 1, 2010 each visitor entering Cuba has to proof a valid medical insurance for the duration of their stay in Cuba.

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