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"Satelite-phones for use in Cuba" is the headline of an article published on a well known website for expats and globetrotters.
The article recommend the phones with the statement:
"Satellite phones provide coverage where cell phone and landline service is unreliable, and outgoing calls cost as little as .85$ /min."

Don't Follow This Dangerous Information!

Please, don't follow this recommendation unless you want to end in a Cuban prison.
The import of satellite phones and GPS systems is forbidden by the Cuban Customs unless you have a permit from the Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communications.
The official statement of the government is that the phones are part of the secret U.S. cyberwar and are used to destabilize the country.
According to an article in the Miami Herald, Cuban exiles smuggle most satphones into the country.

So don't bring a satphone into the country, at best the phone is confiscated but a long prison sentence maybe part of the deal.
Ask Allan Gross, a subcontractor for USAID ( US agency for International Development).
Allan Gross distributed satphones and other wireless communication equipment to the Jewish community in Havana.
He was officialy accused of spying and undermining the Cuban State and sentenced to 15 year in prison.

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