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Send a package from Havana to Europe

by Salva

I own a small art gallery in Germany and think about including Cuban paintings
(with no historical value).
How much does it approximatily cost to send a package 1mx1mx20cm worth 6.000 Euro to Europe by plane.
Are there any restrictions or regulations I should be aware of?
Many thanks

Answer by Vic Webmaster

First this: never export anything with historical value, unless you want to end in a Cuban prison.
The Cuban Post Office will not transport this kind of package, your only option is DHL courrier
services, only DHL can operate in Cuba, they have an office in Havana. (www.dhl.com)
This will not be a cheap operation, the freight rates depend on dimensions, weight, value etc.
When I send a small package with medicines it costs about 75 - 100 euro.(this is an express
service of max 2-3 days delivery, with internet tracking and receipt!)You have to contact the DHL office for an exact price, maybe they have other options of shipping, slower and less expensive.
Important Note:
Your package need Cuban Customs authorisation and approval, for each painting you export from Cuba you need a certificate delivered by a certified seller and you have to pay export duties depending on the value.
Paintings considered National heritage should not be exported. Notice that the total cost of the operation can be high.

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