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She might be a jinetera, but what a jinetera she is.

by Caszy Ferrera

My Habana love story started back in 2000 and actualy is more a Cuba love story. What a country and what a great people. So the girls want your money? Who cares; I can not imagine a dollar, euro or a yen better spend. I have been with many Cubana girls and always happily paid them for their services. We are the ones who think capitalism is the answer to their problems; so lets buy their women. And don't feel used; be amused. Money can't buy me love; as the Beatles sang; but it can buy me happiness. You can also marry your next door neighbor girl, watch her grow, while the size of your wallet is decreasing, afterwards divorce and pay the gymnast to get her back in form again to chase men. I prefer spending my money in Cuba. Now, for the first time I fell in love. Is she a jinetera? Probably, but she is worth every single euro I spend on her. Long live jinetera┬┤s!

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Oct 26, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Sep 22, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Jul 03, 2015
Cuban Women NEW
by: Anonymous

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Feb 05, 2015
reply NEW
by: shan

I would like to know what jinetera is and also would like to know if this websites is aimed at posting love stories. Whatever, the Habana love story posted on the page is interesting. I am waiting for more stories. Stacy Adams shoes for men

Aug 14, 2010
You're The Hypocrite Not Us!
by: Pedro

Mister the only hypocrites is you not us. You pay a prositute and you purchase her, marry her.
That relationship is not based on love it is a financial transaction pure and simple.

You call the commentators on here 'Hypocrites'. You say that Cuba is not different from the rest of the world. That all are looking for 'security/ Well how do you define security? By opening her legs for a living lying on her back?.
Cuba is not like any other country in the world. For a start the people are not free to leave or to buy their house. They are on a limited income and have virtually no access to the outside world. So tell me how is it the same as the rest of the world.

You say everyone is looking for 'security'.

Well my girlfriend actually earns her own living by working, and it's not on her back like you wife earns hers.

Aug 14, 2010
I did report him
by: Patricia

Your asked why I did not report the 70 year fat grandad who was on the beach with a 15 year old girl from Moa?.

I certainly did. But have you ever tried to report anything in Cuba? from a nasty receptionist to exploitaton of a 15 year old?. they almost want to arrest you.

They have taken a tip look at you with hatred in their eyes and threaten you with immigraction police.

You rock the gravy train or the apple cart at your peril in Cuba. Report something that's obviously illegal and you are the criminal.

Before we left I met a social worker by chance in Holguin, she said she would pass on details but who knows if she did. I hope for the young girl's sake that she did.

Her name is Yxxx. She lives at Calle XXXXXX in Holgiun with her 'aunt' who pimps her and her 'uncle' who is a retired officer from the Cuban Army.
Yxxx is 15 and from a poor family in Moa. Nxxxx Bxxx sends her 'aunt'/pimp $150 a month for Yxxx who does not see a dime of the money and need money to pay her fares to school.
Now I have reported it again. Let's hope this is taken seriously!.

NAMES REMOVED for the benefit of the child
Vic webmaster

Jun 05, 2010
one more thing
by: Caszy Ferrera

Let me just inform you that I have married my jinetera,we are living in Barcelona and she is pregnant of our first baby. I have read all of your comments with interest. I am not a wrinkly old man and my jinitera is not 15 years old. I was and still am a popular guy with women. Now, for all of you hypocrits who know Cuba so well; I will tell you a secret. It is no different from the rest of the world. People are lookng for security all over the world. Money means security, as well in Cuba as in the rest of the world. To the one who saw a 70 year old guy with a 15 year old girl.... Why didn't you do anything about it? I saw the same in a discotheca in Santiago. I asked the girl what the old guy paid her; offered her to pay double every night as long as the old guy was in town, and to stay home. She gladly accepted. And what did you do? You looked disgusted away... Well, that will have helped! When the baby is due, I will let you know until than; WAKE UP!!

Mar 07, 2010
Wrinkly Old Men With Young Fermals - Disgustinrg!
by: Patricia

I have been reading through these forums. And whilst I agree with many of the others that women who fall for a man after a week and are contemplating marriage are ridiculous beyond belief.

At a time when women have achieved equality, and life has never been so good. Why would they subjegate themselves to a life of servility and domesticity with a man who does not respect them and who expects to live the life of a single man as soon as he arrives in their country. A man who is clearly using them as a passport out of poverty.

At a time when most couples do not see the point in marriage these women are rushing into it and spending a small fortune for these idlers who will be a financial burden for many years.

However I am disgusted by the snide comments of the older men on 'Jiniteras'.

I saw men of these wrinkly old grandfathers in Guaralavaca last year. One 70 year old silver haired German was staying with a 15 year ld Mulatta whom he had met when she was 12.

In Santiago we saw 70 year old Italians with girls young enough to be their grandaughters - it was sickening. These youngsters were selling themselves for 10 CUC.

So while women get the flak on this forum for falliing for loafers who will use them. Why does no one criticise the old boys for exploiting girls as young as 14?.

It does seem to be very biased against women in general.

Mar 06, 2010
You Dad Dirty Old Men!
by: Javier

We Cubans despise dirty old men like you who come here to violate our young women.

And I mean violate!.

As you know some of these girls are as young as 15. In Europe, or Canada sleeping with a girl of that age would be an illegal act, deemed as pedophilia.

Shame on You!.

I found your posts to be shallow and vulgar, and reprehensible.

Women are criticised on this website for falling in love with Cuban men.

But you guys are not in love with these women. you describe them as Jiniteras, Prostitutes.

You seem them as nothing more than Putas and are merely using them.

That is what I find shameful. The fact that you are exploiting our minors.

In your country. In Germany, Italy, Canada, the USA, the UK your could be arrested for sex with a minor. It's called Pedophilia!.

Shame on You!.

Mar 06, 2010
A JInitera is Another Name For A Whore!
by: Stefano

I cannot believe the views of the men on this thread.

They are praising prostitution!.

Well that is very sad, and it says a lot about you.

Can't you find love in your own country?. Or in Cuba for that matter. Do you have to always pay for it?.

I think it is sad to see grey wrinklies with youngsters more than half their age. The girls looks like tarts and the men look like sad old grandads.

For some reason German and Italian grandfathers/senior citizens love young Cuban girls.

When I was in Santiago three years ago there was a 70 year old from Napoli sleeping with 15 years old girls for money.

Not one but many at Casa Vivien, owned by a sleazy AfroCuban woman who allowed this exploitation. I checked out, it was like a bordello.

It was disgusting to see these youngsters allow themselves to be excploited for 15CUC, seeling their bodies to ugly old seniors.

I go to Cuba for the beauty of the island, the lovely people, the spirit of humanity.

I am not so desperate that I need to pay a whore to sleep with her. Or to exploit a schoolgirl.

If you guys were to do that in Europe or Canada you would be locked up.

It's called Pedophilia.

the Cuban government needs to clamp down on the sexual exploitation of their youngsters.

Aug 20, 2009
Cuba is like a virtual game
by: Onslow

I fully agree with you. I spent 4 to 5 month every year (the last 10 years)in Havana/Guanabo. I have been married and happily divorced there, build a new house (she and the family are now living there)we are still friends (mostly because I continue to help a little).
I have had a couple of cuban girlfriends too and know, that they all steal, lie and .... just mention it, they do it. But they do it in open and, to my opinion, much better than any other nationality.
If they get the chance, they do the same to cuban men.
I have been all over the world, but no place is like Cuba, just see how creative cubans are.
I already bought my next two tickets for Cuba.

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