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So Confused in Varadero Cuba

by Sophie

I came across this website as I was curious to learn more about Cuba.
But anyway I visited Cuba, with my family (I'm 17 years of age), for the first time, we stayed in Varadero, in a hotel, it was 4 days before we were leaving and I was waiting for my cocktail to be made and then I saw him, the most beautiful Cuban man, he was one of the barmen at the hotel, anyway we got talking, he asked me how long I was visiting Cuba for, have I enjoyed my stay, nothing to make me think about it all really, anyway It's safe to say I fell for him, but the next night I went into the hotel lobby, were he worked, to exchange some money for peso's, and he wondered over, and said if I was sitting in the lobby again that evening, and I told him I might pop-in for a quick drink and then later that night, I walked in and I asked for my drink, then he brought it over, I sat in there for about 3 hours and every now and again he'd walk past and stand and talk to me, then after his shift had finished he asked me to go for a walk along the beach, so I said yes, we was walking along the beach, and he said to me I was beautiful, and started going on about how he'd fallen in love with me, but I fell for his charming words, so next thing I new he'd kissed me and walked me back to my room, then said our goodbyes, the next day I didn't see him as I went out to a local night club, with on my last night, I saw him again and we just sat and talked for hours, then it turned to then end of his shift, we once again kissed and said goodbye for what I thought was the final time, but the next morning he arrived at the hotel to say goodbye to me, and we sat and spoke until the transport arrived, I said goodbye and he told me he'd miss me, and hopefully, he'd see my again.
I didn't give him my email or anything like that, but I'm returning to the same hotel again this summer and as far as I'm aware he still works there, from what I've read on the TripAdvisor site, so I was wondering should I carry on with his trap he was planning or ignore it all and just forget about it?

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Jun 25, 2011
Interesting How It's A Certain Few Who Are The Great Con Men
by: Wary of Cuban Men

Is'nt it interesting Sophie and Sarah how the same con men hustlers emerge time and time again. Just a 'Y' has in Varadero, and the other serial Romeo.. 'Augustin' in Breezes Jibacoa whom six ladies on this site claimed to be 'their man'.

Augustin was conning all of them, laughing all the way to his bank account and ticket/visa to Canada.

Do these charmers take us all for mugs?.

Do they honestly think we cannot see through their B.S.?. Their well worn lame script?. The same script they use on every foreign woman who they think is naive enough to fall for it.

It's these resort fraudsters who give Cuba a bad name, who con and trick women like us, that need to be taken out of circulation.

They are harming Cuba's image, and they're why tourism figures have dropped drastically in the past 10 years.

Cuba is now seen as a seedy sex tourism destination of prostitution and con men, pedophila, and too controlld by military. No freedom and nothing in the shops.

Cuba is struggling economically while these con men are have a laugh at our expense.

Living the good life, not having to pay for rent or food or healthcare.

Their Cuban woman to do their laundry and cooking. Caring for his offspring.

Yumas to bring them cellphones, designer clothing, laptops and stylish clothes. Sex on tap, nightly, with different yumas.

T.G. for sites like this where we can expose these scumbag con men.

They need to be named and shamed and taken out of circulation because they are not only damaging the lives of many women, they are also harming Cuba bigtime.

I won't be returning.

Jun 20, 2011
by: eyes wide open

Hi Sophie, like the other posters have said, just be careful, please do not think I am patronising you because you are 17, I was married at 17 and had a baby, looking back I thought I could handle what life threw at me, but really I was so innocent.

The stories that you have probally read on here are from older and they thought wiser women, me included lol, but some of us still fell for it, yet we have had life experiences, and still some of us were sucked in.

So, all I am saying to you is go back if you want to go back, but take things with a pinch of salt, you will know by certain words/phrases, or for a better word spiel, but at least you have by now read some of the threads, so you now know the trigger words/actions to look out for.

If your not sure what thier script consists of, then ask us on here, and we will try and guide you, and me personally not in a negative way, but there are trigger words that they say, and unless you know what they are then its so easy to fall for thier charms.

Read through old threads and replies, and I bet you have heard or can relate to some of them, as long as you are forewarned, then you will be forearmed, just accept it for what it is, enjoy your vacations, the kisses, sweet nothings, but be alert and on your guard.

Please pop back and let us know how you get on :-)

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