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Some Cuban men are not too bright

by men are con artists
(Ottawa Canada)

I went to Varadero on a vacation thinking I was going to meet some other nice tourists, dance, drink and just have some fun and relaxation. I was sitting quietly by the pool when two cuban lifeguards walked by and started to chat me up. One of them what in his early 30's and the other in his mid 40's. They asked me where I was from etc.etc. Asked me to come to the beach. When I did, the older of the two named Damos kept coming by and just chatting.
When I left, he took my address and phone number and told me I was a beautiful and a good friend. Never heard from him I went back at the same resort 6 months later, because it was the nicest hotel in Varadero and I had really enjoyed myself the time before.
Well, when I got to the beach Damos remembered my name, gave me lots of compliments and spent basically the whole week catering to me, with drinks, and conversation. Then one day as he was walking away he said I love you. I was shocked.

Now mind you, this guy had been talking to me the whole week about his little fake cigar business on the beach, how they stole booze from the hotel to sell to tourists, even showed me where he hides his cigars in the bushes behind the beach. Told me how he gets past security at the front of the hotel and on the beach by paying them off. He has his little group of guys working for him selling these things to tourists. Now, I know how his whole operation works. Now, the guy plays me for the next year and a half, I come back with gifts, an Ipod for his son and daughter, perfume for his mother, tshirts for the guys. You get the picture. We get into a fight one day because I asked him why we couldn't see each other outside the hotel and he tells me it's because he's going to lose his job if he gets caught with a tourist. (that should have been my first clue).

Anyways, I text him and call him, he sometimes answers and responds but most of the time doesn't. Now, I'm getting angry because I feel like I've been had. Now, if I wanted to cause this guy major damage, do you not think that I could write the hotel manager and the hotel chain and tell them about these scams going on in their hotel and where exactly all these fake cigars are hiden. And that would cause him to lose his job.
Now talking about biting the hand that feeds you. How stupid was he, you would think that he would try to keep me happy, not too bright this cuban boy.

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Aug 17, 2012
Most western foreigners are not that bright either
by: Anonymous

Hi, this is a really good post and I agree with your comments although I am not Cuban but I lived there for 4 months.
From experience I think that most tourists who go to Cuba get what they deserve.
Most Cuban men who go out with tourists are basically just using them for money and to get out of the country. I have seen it happen to so many people including friends. But to be honest I have no sympathy for rich foreign westerners both men and women who are basically buying the beauty of Cuban people which for many is their principle asset which they can sell. One Afro-Cuban man I know in England once told me that slavery is not over in Cuba and that they rely on rich westerners to buy them so that they can be free. All these tourists are doing is fuelling this tragic economy for their own selfish reasons and this is why sex tourism in Cuba is so prevalent. Frankly I found it sickening everytime I saw an ugly white man in his 50s with a beautiful Cuban girl in her teens or early twenties. The same for older women with young cuban men. I used to ask the Cubans why they degrade themselves in this way especially as so many of these foreigners were highly unnattractive.One girl that used to braid my hair said it was just like a job to pay the bills and that she had a Cuban boyfriend who was her own age. The men would say because they needed to money to pay for housing, food and clothes. It used to make me so sad and angry. All these tourists are just fuelling this tragic situation. But once the Cubans get out very few of these marriages last because as soon as they are out like all beings they will want to enjoy their freedom and most marriages to tourists are just a means to an end. I would ask these tourists to think about it - could they get the same beautiful men or women in your own countries where everyone is on a level economic playing field? Or isn't it the fact that they are just part of the exploitation?

Jul 02, 2011
Agree with you
by: Anonymous

How about most woman and men here coming to cuba for SEX . Not a real relationship , you just trying to excuse yourself behind the ( I was in love with him/She but He/she only want's my money .

Come on grow up . You going to a poor country looking for Sex and maybe a relationship .

No everyone but most people going Cuba for Sex are either old or ugly or both . Nothing again old and ugly but this is the true . I know tourists in the 60's fall in love with 18 years old girls / boys .... come on be honest with you ... that will save you money and headache

I was born in Cuba , I live there for 25 great years , I said great because even I had nothing I had a lots of fun when I was younger ( btw Im only 35 now)

And that is the main reason you guys looking for a Cuban/a . Cause even with the problems we know how to be happy , we know how to go ahead , we know how to take advantage of every opportunity .

Nothing wrong about taking opportunity , cuban people are in needed of any thing so if they can take it from you they will . But also you are taking advantage of this .

Yes almost 99% every relation in cuba start that way but also 50% end in a good marriage with family and love ....



May 27, 2011
They dont do hints
by: seen the light

No fool wrote.... He was sweating, and shouted furiouly at me, where the hell had I been, he was hungry......

it just gets better and better with mine, I knew that it was over as it was little things that was annoying me, but I too like to play games, and I can play them better than him, but I let him think I was dense and stupid at times, then I would go for the jugular big time.

He tried to pull a fast one another time, to do with eating and food.
I knew he always ate about 6-7 and I would always arrange to see him between 8-9, this time he told me that he was hungry, rubbing his tummy and pointing to his mouth, I asked him if he was ill, has he got stomach upset,I'm trying to look as bland as possible as I knew what was coming, so then I asked if he was hungry and he said yes, ok then, I will get you a burger an fries or something as I had already eaten at the hotel.

He steers me to this restaurant, hmmm am thinking, they dont look as though they do burgers in here, but off we goes in,and am psyching myself up for whatever comes next,let battle commence am thinking.

I am sitting there not saying a word,thinking.. wait for it... so I ordered a drink for both of us whilst he is looking at the 'burger menu' he then proceeds to order what appeared to be a set menu without even asking if that was okay, it was a soup, main meal and an ice cream, so I said innocently, have you ordered the burger? the waiter looked at me in suprise and said, no he has ordered the set menu, oh.. thats strange as he only wanted a burger and fries I said sweetly, waiter said something to him, he replied back to the waiter, then I asked waiter what he was going to bring, waiter said set menu, I told the waiter that if he brings the set menu then I wont be paying for it.
The waiter walks away leaving us to discuss this situation, my man says he misunderstood that he thought he was getting the set menu, so I said to him, you misunderstood wrong then, so no set menu, no burger and fries, infact I am leaving now and going back to the hotel.

He couldnt apologise enough that he got it wrong etc etc, but I was smiling to myself as I knew so well what he was up to, if he wanted to play games then I would play games back.

It got to the stage that I was having bets with myself to see what he would try next, and he did, but in the end he came unstuck as he was the one that looked the fool in the end, I just thought it was funny that this idiot thought he could get one over on me, I gave him enough rope and he ended up hanging himself.

I dont feel bitter about it, I half knew the score anyway, but it was definately an experience, and I still laugh and smile to myself now thinking about it.

May 26, 2011
They Think We're Walking Wallets
by: No Fool

I recall a fiery outburst in Park Cespedes, Santiago, one scorching August day a few years ago.

We had arranged to meet at doce, now I always confuse dos with doce. One is midday the other is 2pm. I arrived at midday he was nowhere to be seen. So I decided to go for a swim and return at 2pm.

He was sweating, and shouted furiouly at me, where the hell had I been, he was hungry.

I yelled back that his hunger was not my problem he could go home to his mamma if he wanted feeding and walked away.

He ran after me and suggested we go to a local cuban cafe where he slammed down 10 pesos in local currency , and ordered two coffees. In Cuba a man pays he shouted indignantly, though I was unconvinced.

He was always asking why I did not eat at the casa particular, no doubt expecting to be invited each evening to dinner. I told him that I did not like to be confined to eating in the same place and ha located some lovely restaurants, he really resented this. He even quizzed my landlady as to why I was not eating dinner there as I had 'plenty of money'.

We went to Baracoa for the weekend and stayed in a real dump, dark, all plastic flowers and an a/c that rattled like a steam train

He accepted the first offer from a tout at the bus station. It was sweltering, the a/c blew out hot air, it felt like the Sahara desert.

To add insult to injury he drank for most of the weekend, that cheap rum that is about 100% proof. I remember seeing couples sitting quietly on patios chatting and feeling envious as I was stuck with this irritating man.

Before I flew home his mother told me how much he would like to travel, how as a dancer he would have so much opportunity, how much he loved me.

The thought of being lumbered with this overgrown spoilt child was too horrible to contemplate so did not reply to his emails.

No doubt he has found another mug to fly him to a better life.

May 25, 2011
Thats an understatement
by: seen the light

Not too bright!!! hahaha the majority of them are so stupid its pitiful, they do not realise there are sites like this that guide men and women to the stories and pitfalls of certain Cubans, and even when you tell them, they still carry on with thier Oscar award winning acting.

I just laugh, as I know what they are going to say before they say it themselves, this is how transparent they are.

My one pushed and pushed me till I went over the edge, I would tell him that this is not the way things are done, I gave him a couple of chances, and he still didnt stop, infact the devil side of me let him hang himself on a couple of occasions, as I knew it was over, and just wanted to see what else he would do, and true to form the darling did not disappoint.

We got off the local bus, but we still had a fair bit to walk, which did not bother me as I like walking, so off he goes and flags down a cab to take me back to the hotel, the cab pulls up, and I asked why he getting a cab, he said he was tired, whos paying for the cab I asked, he looked at me as if I was mad, so I said, poor thing, you have walked all of 5 mins, well darling you get in the cab as I am walking, by then he had got himself comfortable in the cab, I closed the door on him and started walking, the cab driver is obviously not happy about the situation, my man is telling me to get in the cab, am telling him no, he wants a cab he can pay for it, by this time the driver is driving off with him in the cab, but of course my man is getting irate as he cannot pay for the cab, as he thought this stupid Yuma was going to pay, so he gets out part way down the road, cab driver is yelling at him lol

By this time I have caught up with him, he is embarressed, angry at me, and also poor baby very tired, so I let him have it in the middle of the street, and told him in no uncertain terms never to presume that I was going to pay for anything, as he will get a shock, as this Yuma has still got all her brain cells working.

Did he learn the error of his ways???? did he hell, he then went on to mess up big time over a car hire, this is how clever they are lol lol

May 24, 2011
They Take Us For Granted.
by: Roberta - Milano

They are not too bright and I can understand your anger. Sounds like the guy was married or living with a Cuban woman. So he was not playing you, he was also playing her and God knows how many other tourists.

Staff in Vaadero hotels are sleazy dogs. I hate how they used animals, puppies even a donkey in the nightly show for entertainment, cracking whips, it was so cruel.

At one hotel I was offered a bottle of rum (stolen) for 3 CUC, the lifeguard at the same hotel offered me a 'massage' for Euros10. The way he looked at me I could tell he wanted to offer more than the massage. I said no.

After my bad experience in Varadero I went to a beautiful hotel Breezes in Jibacoa where I thought that the staff would me more respectful of their guests.

How wrong I was. The guy who taught me to dive made a big play for me. He already had a cellphone so at least he was not pestering me for a phone.

He would text me throughout the day inviting me to meet him for romantic trysts on the boat where he would be out of sight of his manager.

He was so romantic to me, he made a deal with security so he could sneak into my room (over the balcony) each night. Romeo and Juliet he would joke.

It was fun in the beginning, and I fell for him.

He would text me every day, twice a day when I returned home telling me how much he missed me and loved me.

I decided to surprise him for his b/day and returned with an IPod and a Juventus football shirt, his favourite team.

I got the shock of my life when I arrived, I had dropped off my bag and rushed to the beach where I was frozen on the spot by what I saw, there he was giggling and biting the neck up to a larger older woman. She was a fat Vacca!.

She was from Toronto I later found out and she yelled 'Who The Hell Are You?' at me. She told me she was his 'fiance'.

I was digusted, he had been telling me I was the only woman in his life, that he wanted to marry me and live in Italy where he would teach diving.

I felt betrayed, conned and let down. I felt like contacting his manager because I was so angry.

I do not know if the Cuban government or Tourist Board see this kind of 'con the yuma' tourism as some way of boosting revenue after all it is very lucrative for them to have all of us mugs flying over there for those losers. It all adds up, airfare, hotels, restaurants.

They know what is going on but it is a kind of black market tourism that they turn a blind eye to.

They must know about all of the stolen run and cigars, but we know it is immoral.

I will return to Cuba but never to a hotel. And I will stay single when I am there, the country is beautiful but so much better when you do not have a leech of a Cuban man like a vampire using you and sucking your money and energy away.

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