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Spanish courses in Havana Cuba

by Silvia

I am a romanian citizen, 35 yrs old, I´ve been in Cuba several times, living in casas particulares or cuban family (my boyfriend´s home)and reading all the information you provide it´s really hard to find a job there. Ok, but what about studying Spanish there (I mention that I´ve already studied Spanish in my country and so I am a medium Spanish speaker.
What about the package you mentioned about, for 2-3 weeks, including airfare, acommodation a.s.o. Where should I apply for? Which are the first steps?
Waiting for your reply,
Thank you,

ANSWER by Vic Webmaster

Learn Spanish? Well it depends on what you want.
The official Spanisch language courses are teached at the Havana University.

The university can provide you with accommodation
possibilities if needed. There are 8 different study levels from 1 week (price 100 CUC) up to 9 months (1000 CUC). Lessons are held from 9 till 12h30. Contact the university for exact data and availabilty of the cources (this is subject to changes)
Note when you start at the university you have to show your passport and tourist visa, you have to exchange your tourist visa for a student visa (buy an additional visa) How fast and how much you will learn depends a lot on your motivation. One example the great writer Ernest Hemingway who lived for 20 years in Havana was fluent in Spanish and he never attended Spanish lessons, he learnt Spanish on the streets and in the bars. BTW Cuban Spanish spoken in Havana differs from the Spanish Catalan, Habaneros use lots of slang words and expressions.
It's fun to learn these special expressions. An other NOT official solution. You probably will know that the salaries in Cuba are very low (15-20 USD) so a lot of Cubans are moonlighting to meet ends. Some teachers give private lessons a la izquierda (in black) to earn an extra.
Wish you all the best,

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