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Special Visa in Cuba


My Cuba Girl friend say to me today that we need to go to immigration to get special visa or authority for her to be with me on my one month duration and cost would be around 150 Euro dollar for this because it is to legalise her to be with a foreigner in her country so that she would never get any problems with any police for being with me later on...is this still true. She told me she went to a consultancy service to ask the question to find out...Also what legally is the cost to be able to get married in Cuba these days and is this a very long process.

ANSWER by Vic Webmaster

Your question is not completly clear to me. It's the first time I hear of a "special visa" to be together with your girlfriend in Cuba. Here are some possibilties:

  • she wants you to stay in her home, in this case the foreigner need a special visa, also called a "family visa".
  • Second possibility, she is afraid to be stopped by the police on the streets for being a jinetera. Especially in the tourist area's, there is a strict police control, your girlfriend can be asked for her ID card (carnet) and the policeman will check with his radio if she has a record of jinetera. This problems can only be avoided by showing some proof (a document) that your relationship is serious. (that she's no jinetera or prostitute). This document can be a marriage certificate or a document delivered by a Cuban notary, that states that you both are engaged and have the intention to marry. I suppose that she refers to this document. Regarding marriage in Cuba, pay attention, don't marry "in a fever" or to solve problems. Ask yourself this questions: How long and how well do you know her? Notice that several Cubanas hide the fact that they are already in a relation with a Cuban. A marriage with a foreigner is for a Cuban like winning the lottery. Will your relation be a "long distance" relation? Notice that 90% of this relations end in a divorce.
    For a foreigner the cost of the marriage is higher, check this link for the cost and requirements Love in Cuba
    I strongly advice you to read all of the many posting on the forum about marriage scams, divorce, etc. in Cuba. Marriage is OK but many Cuban marriages are only a way out of poverty, with all related problems. Read the dozens of testimonials of marriage fraud.
    I sincerly wish you the best, but be warned!

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