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Stupid in Cuba


Am I Stupid?

Just returned from a girls trip to cuba. Spent the first week in Varadero where I was completely turned off by the forwardness of all the guys we met.
They were clearly interested in only 2 things, sex and our money.
We then traveled to Havana which was such a refreshing change from the resorts of Varadero. Long story short I met somebody on our first night in Havana and believed it was meant to be. He was so kind and did not appear to have any ulterior motives. We continued to spend time together throughout the week, he treated my friends and I with nothing but respect. Upon returning home he emailed me the next day telling me how much he missed me and also said that he loved me.
This was my first clue that something was amiss. I then decided to go online and started reading all the horror stories of people that have been scammed by what they thought were loved ones. In his latest email he asked me to send him a phone so we could communicate easier.
Of course I won't be sending him anything, but I was considering going back to Havana to see for myself if it was the real thing. Stupid right?

Remark by Vic Webmaster

It always amazed me how easily people talk about LOVE, Friendship and even marriage after two weeks vacation! and don't blame the Cubans it's worse in West Africa and some Asian countries.
Keep in mind what a Cubana used to say to me: Cubans are constantly on the outlook for opportunities to make money, to survive, it has become a second nature.

In general there is a cultural gap, a difference in mindset, foreigners see the "kind words", the "attention", the flirting, etc. Cubans see business. When you are a "bisnero" (Cuban slang for business) you treat your customers well and tell the things they want to hear.
Always ask yourself this question: If this Cuban earned the same (high) salary like I do, would he still be interested in me? The answer is probably ...NO

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Sep 15, 2015
Account NEW
by: Opmna

This was my first clue that something was amiss. I then decided to go online and started reading all the horror stories of people that have been scammed by what they thought were loved ones.

Aug 27, 2015
van NEW
by: Ceata

Of course I won't be sending him anything, but I was considering going back to Havana to see for myself if it was the real thing. Stupid right?
one 2 vote

Aug 17, 2015
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by: Vbuich

Cubans are constantly on the outlook for opportunities to make money, to survive, it has become a second nature. plus one votes

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May 18, 2011
You're Rght Vic Is The Best!
by: Elsa

I agree with Anonymous, Vic's words of wisdom should be engraved in the travel documents of every female travelling to Cuba.

Essential reading for all unsuspecting women travellers.

I too fell for a charmer who could dance like a dream.

He sounds very like the man described by the lady who wrote...'The Cell Phone Gave It Away'.

I met my charmer in Baracoa, stylishly dressed, very suave, he also worked in a factory. Could he be the same guy perchance?.

Anyway he bombarded me with so many emails from various accounts. I should have seen though his charm for the chancer that he was when one of his pals wrote to say that D.had not paid him for the last 10 emails. So he was conning his buddies too.

When I returned he had changed. Not the same guy, He seemed different, he wore very stylish sports shoes which I knew were not sold in the local flea market.

"Tiene Otra?' suggested my casa landlady, perhaps she was right, but she had not met him but I should have listened to her wise words and heeded Vic's advice.

He begged me for a cellphone, for 'greater communication between us". Emails were too costly, he mocked the fact that I had email access at home, said it was so easy for me, almost resentful of that fact.

He said his friend was selling a cellphone including the line for CUC 120 which seemed a lot to me.

He did not get a dime from me but he did manage to charm me out of the contents of my suitcase which he was so busy selling next day that he did not make it to the airport to say good bye.

May 17, 2011
Cell Phone!!
by: Yasmila

Hi Anonymous!
Well I did not go to the extreme you did but I myself have been through a similar experience.
I bought a cell phone in Cuba the second time I was there to meet with my Cubano,at the time he had his own,but I had to buy one to communicate with family because collect call's are so expensive.
Well his cell broke down the battery sort of melted,so before I left to come home I told him he could "USE" mine for it was no good in Canada.
In the meantime I bought a new one here,but when I went back I still used the one I let him borrow,but in the end I let him keep it there,and to date he refer's to it as "your" phone.
But I did treat him to one night in a hotel after the Government allowed the Cuban's to stay in the tourist hotel's-the look on his face was pricless,
he cried and laughed at the same time!!
I buy him essential's like sock's, underware.
But then it backfired on me, with the taste of Democracy now he want's a Blackberry Cell,Puma sport's wear-a car etc.
When will we ever learn???
But he's a good-looking Cuban and treat's me ok and am going back soon-as for the" que linda mami"
"Quiero hablar contigo mi amor"
Aya mamita que bonita-tus ojo's me encanta
Mi favorita es "Nene dame un espacio en tu corazon que yo te ama de verdadero"
Bienvenue En Cuba!!-Hasta Luego!

May 17, 2011
The cell phone gave it away
by: Anonymous

The cell phone gave it away. I too met someone who seemed so nice and different then the other cubans. He didn't seem to be playing the game. I left, he opened an e mail account "just for me" even though it was expensive. He expressed his undying love. He told me how he worked hard everyday in the cigar factory and was not looking for support from me. Seemed downright offened that I might consider him a scammer. I bought him a ipod, headphones, for his birthday, brought him shirts, shoes, socks and underwear,sunglasses, towels for his mom, things for his family and sister. Special expensive make up because he has that skin affliction that turns brown skin white. Took him to dinner at nice restaurants because he said he had never been to a nice restaurant and that he ate eggs all the time. I went to Cuba for a week and he stayed with me in my hotel. Yep, my treat. The list goes on. He bought me a few little things now and then, CDs which probably cost him a few cuban pesos, took me for ice cream and coffee, paid for cabs now and then. He was always loving and attentive and grateful telling me in his e mails how he thanks God for me and that I am an angel sent from Heaven.
After a little over a year of this, 4 trips to cuba within that period I finally got asked if I could get him a cell phone...to make it easier for us to communicate, after all, the email at the post office was expensive. That was it for me. I waited out the week and enjoyed the time together, why not, he was very good looking and could dance like madd. I went back to Cuba recently and went to the same club I met him at. He was there. I stayed back for awhile and watched him. He was looking good in his all white cuban style clothing (I bought him all of it) and his nice puma shoes. My favorite moment was when he caught sight of me on the dance floor. I smiled brightly and waved. We spoke and he looked downright hurt that I came to Cuba without telling him. I told him I was in love in my Country and didn't think it appropriate to call my cuban lover. (No boyfriend here but whatever I had to save my pride) We left shortly after. Needless to say, I have not heard from him since.
That entire week in Cuba I could have met dozens more handsome Cubanos all with the same seductive look in their eye saying " Que linda mami, tu tienes ojos muy bonita". And it's true what someone else said on this site. It doesn't matter if you are attractive or ugly, old or young. If you are older they will tell you that "age is not important to the Cuban man, it is what is in your heart that matters". ug gag me! If you happen to be attractive I guess it just makes it easier for them to have sex with you. Don't beat yourself up for it, just don't imagine he's for real.

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