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Ten in a Relationship in Cuba

by Jennifer

A decade ago I recall reading a poignant statement by the late Princess Diana.

'There are Three People In My Marriage' , she said tearfully as resigned herself to the reality that there was no love in her marriage, due to her husband's extra marital affair with Camilla Parker- Bowles.

In Cuba there are not just three in a relationship.

There are at least ten!.

Everyone from the mother, to the amigo and amiga to the local doctor and his wife want a piece of the pie, so they poke their nose into your relationship and scrutinise it , interfere with it, and discuss it at length.

They read your emails. Write your emails. Alter and modify intimate love emails to suit their own greedy desperate interests.

Why are they doing this?
Partly because their own lives are so very very dull, so boring.

Partly out of resentful jealousy.
Why should he have a Yuma when we have to depend on a useless arrogant workshy lazy husband/wife who treats us like mierde.
So they take an unhealthy morbid interest in your relationship.

They talk about it, pick it over like a bunch of vultures. Exploit it. Try to destroy it.
They will pick up the phone when you call and try to engage you in mindless chat at your expense.

Meanwhile the precious time is ticking away at Two Euros a minute.

They write your boyfriend's emails and collect money for this service as they have access to the net at work, but they will change the wording to suit them.
Vulgar references will be included when they want to annoy you.

They may send you an email addressed to another woman to worry you and get you guessing who the hell Yana or Celina is and why is your b/friend writing them love letters?.

They might send you a loving email from a man you do not know to make you think your friend is playing a game and trying to trip you up in case you might know respond to the guy who's the biggest player/jinetero in the town.

All of these games are played by the vile interfering family and 'friends' of your guy. You will notice gradually the tone of the email when sent from a particular email account.

Then a totally different tone when sent from another and you will realise there is a huge scam taking place. Your messages are being played with, altered for their own greedy self interest.

Perhaps your friend owes them the odd cuc for the last email so they will try to pin you down to the exact date of your next visit and tell you they have found you the best casa in town, all arranged, 'muy privato' 'muy barato'. All been arranged. Of course they have already discussed a commission from the owner of the casa that no one on the planet has recommended.

Then you get really angry because you know you've been had, been played by this greedy gang of vile vulture, parasites.
His mother, his sister, friends, his doctor, the doctor's wife.
All of them this bunch of greedy scumbag parasites have involved themselves in your relationship.

Even Princess Diana did not have it this bad. She had three in her marriage. You have to deal with at least ten parasites poking their nose and interfering in yours.
Only in Cuba.

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