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The Biggest Rogue In Cuba

by Elsa

We met on Couch Surfing a global website where like cash strapped students like me can find a couch anywhere in the world.
I was not aware Rodolfo's page was run by a chubby little woman from Essen Germany who fancied him rotten and had a face like Ms Piggy from the Muppet Show.
Rodolfo was a fake, but an extremely educated articulate fake who had a way with words.
But his bright smile and perfect white teeth could charm the birds from the trees or sell snow to Alaska.

Boy did he have a way with words. He never stopped. From day one i was bombarded with emails. I felt swamped,asphyxiated, suffocated.

His words were sickly sweet and so fake.
"Thank You For Existing'

"Thank You For Being In My World'.

was a typical phrase.

Pass the Sick Bag pleeeeze!!.

Castro was paying this loafer to write such B.S. Picking up the tab for Rodolfo to idle his days away online, in his quest to lampoon a Yuma to fly him to a better life. Though life in Havana was not too bad for this loafer.

Perhaps Castro was in on the scam and wanted this loser out, to offload him to some hapless Yuma.

Rodolfo worked for some kind of cultural department in Havana and spent his days and nights online. The man was glued to the computer.

This cheesy charmer with the biggest grin had profiles on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and just about every goddam social website that could help him snare, charm some gullible Yuma into flying his lazy ass out to a better life.

Is it any wonder that Raul Castro made the wise decision earlier this year to offload 1 million loafers like Rodolfo from his cash strapped payroll.

I fail to see what work if any Rodolfo ever did, so busy was he charming women online all day.

He was very elaborate with the truth.

His threadbare couch existed for sure. But he failed to admit it was a 20 mile cab ride from central Havana, and this to-ing and fro-ing cost me way more than a casa particular in the centre would have cost.

Rodlfo was big on 'culture' and nightlife, he high fived every loser in Havana Veija and the Malecon and wanted to cruise all of the nightspots, at guess who's expense?.

He was also always very very hungry, so guess who ended up having to fork out for dinner for him, his elderly mother and 13 year old daughter?.

I drew the line at buying dinner for his 'Sister' though who was a dead ringer for their daughter. She was fooling no one. I may be naive, but not that naive.

My visit to Cuba did not get off to a great start when on the first night he was arrested for being a 'Jinitero'.

Hardly a barrel of laughs having to bail out a hustler loser from a jail on your first night in Cuba.

By now I was beginning to despise the very sight of this charmer by the minute and thinking '...Thank You Raul' for wising up and offloading such losers who sit on their fat butt all day surfing the net on social websites or the lazy ass receptons that man every desk n every hotel in Cuba checking their bouffants, blue eye shadow and filing their nails.

I reported Rodolfo to Couch Surfing and it took quite a few emails to their laid back hippy culture at their admin to convince them this guy really was a fake, and that his page was being operated from Germany.

Other C.Surfers who had been hosted by him then sent me testimonials, reality stories of similar experiences to mine, long cab rides, arrests, etc, before they finally removed his fake profile.

Ms Piggy in Essen Germany was furious with me, and bombarded me with angry emails.

I had dashed her hopes of some naive C. Surfer helping to reunite her with her Latin charmer.


Perhaps I had done her a massive favour. This playboy would have done a Houdini vanishing act from Germany from Ms Piggy within a week.

I blocked Ms Piggy and her loser and vowed to be more aware and learn to read between the lines next time.

All those glowing complimentary 'reviews' on websites like Couch Surfing are written out of politeness. Not wanting to be negative, it's easier to be 'nice'.

The reality is almost always very different as I discovered.

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Sep 05, 2016
good night messages NEW
by: Anonymous

very nice article.it really gives good feeling to stay in cube.really very nice stuff.

Oct 27, 2015
Title NEW
by: Anonymous

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Apr 15, 2011
They Use Every Trick In The Book To Hook You
by: Anonymous

Cubans are the best in the world when it comes to conning you. They're very well educated for a start.

They know how to read you, observe you. They learn how to mirror you, tell you what you want to hear.

Suddenly you find they are your soul mate, they share your interests.

They also love photography, dancing, the poetry of Jose Marti, literature of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Whatever it is that lights up your world he loves too, and he will home in on and relay it to you in a never ending series of emails and texts.

And it will not be just him who is reading you, but a whole team of friends, grlfriend, co-workers and family who will all take turns in emailing you, in his name of course.

All of the above will have at some time or another have access to a computer and for a CUC they will write a love letter to you worthy of a Shakesperian love sonnet.

Is it any wonder that vulnerable women are taken in by them?.

'How is your family, how are your friends'? they will always enquire. The con man is ultra polite.

When you eventually see through the B.S. the charm, the scam, the lies, when they're finally busted they will come out with the classic line...'So You Don't Trust Me'? or "You Calling Me a Liar"?.

God is usually bought into the conversation at this point. He will "Swear by God' or on his 'Mother's Life' that he;....

Is Not Married

Is Hopelesly and Eternally In Love With You

Does Not Want to ever Come to Canada, Europe etc.

Loves His Country Soooo Much.

Does Not Want You To Send Him Money, a Cellphone. Laptop, oh no.

Wants Nothing From You.

etc. etc.

All lies, played out by the biggest con artists this world has ever produced.

Apr 13, 2011
Listen To Your Instincts - They're always Right.
by: Cindy

Greater access to the internet and latest cellphones has resulted in more opportunity for cheating, not just in Cuba but worldwide.

I'm an attractive woman in her 40's , I thought I had found a guy in a million.

We met in a cafe in Holguin. Not bad looking, a bit short for my liking, but he had a cute smile and seemed very keen.

Even better he had a job, but it was his 'sincerity' that hooked me.

I liked the way he offered to pay for me in one of the local taxis,

He did not hang around me or want to move in on me, he had a life. I honestly did not feel he was a fake.

He would text me every day after I returned home. Romantic little messages telling me he loved me. He even asked me to marry him before I left.

This raised a red flag. When the word marriage or buy a home is mentioned I become suspicious.

Little nagging doubts led me to set up a fake Facebook page - an attractive brunette who shared his interest in football.

He fell for the honeytrap and began chatting with her for much of the day.

'She' asked if he had a g/friend. No was the reply. No time for g/frends too busy at work and he had been let down by a Cuban who'd left him to marry someone else.

He asked for her Skype and soon they were having indepth conversations telling her he was beginning to fall in love with her.

I was stunned. While he was declaring his love for this fake he was sending me one line messages asking how my day went.

Meanwhile he was writing elaborate messages to her describing his life and how he would arrange transport for her, personally pick her up from the airport.

Finally I snapped. I'd been out with friends and arrived home slightly tipsy losing all sense of rationality.

I will not make Vic or the lovely Havana Guide readers blush with the language I used,

Calling him an f......g flake insincere loser etc.

Meanwhile the pretty brunette fake profile was still in contact.

Next day she pointed out to him that she was my friend that I was a good woman, and that she would be out of loyalty to me, be passing all of his communication with her and copies of our romantic chats. What he then came out with absolutely stunned me.

"Oh A.. means nothing to me. I just helped her when she was in Cuba. You and me can still chat on Facebook and Skype, I like you a lot, give me your cellphone no." was his response.

I was hit for six. How could this caring guy who had been texting me daily morning and night, who claimed he wanted to marry me so cooly sell me down the river, dismiss me with a total stranger he had met online.

In many ways he had done me a favour. I was beginning to fall for him.

I dread to think the painful cost emotionally. mentally, and financially I would have incurred had I not found out by such subterfuge. But at least I now knew the truth.

Sometimes it's the only way you can know what is real and what is not.

Apr 12, 2011
Turn The Tables on Him. Play them at their own game.
by: Anonymous

Hi Elsa,

An interesting post. I had a similar experience to yourd.We met in Casa de la Trova Havana.

My handsome charmer spent his working days on Facebook.

He also had a good job was educated, articulate and very smooth. He had a way with words. He was a body guard to a senior official in the Cuban army, could well have been one of the Castros. But he seemed to spent a lot of time online when he was not 'protecting' his boss.

He always had an excuse for this, telling me that his soldier friend posted pictures of their wives as it would be frowned upon if he was caught talking with other men.

One day I hit on the idea of inventing a fake profile on Facebook as a means of catching him out.

I set the bait and he bit, big time.Immediately.

Jessica was a beautiful blonde 24 year old 'teacher' who had a lot of time on her hands to chat on Facebook, and long holidays.

Within minutes he had invited "Jessie' to chat opn Facebook, telling her he was single and would love to host her at his place in Havana.

How very lonely he was without a girlfriend and how he would love to show her around. How he would love her to meet his family.

Within an hour he was telling her he had
'never felt like this before'.How she was such a good friend to him, how kind she was.

How 'close' he felt to her and how he was in love with her.

'Jessica' played along being careful to not be too similar to myself, she was into Budhism, loved all types of sports, skiing snowboarding, ice hockey ( all of which I hate).

He fell for Sam hook like and sinker.

Next day he called me, and I asked him how the 'burial of his comrade' went the day before.

He said it was so sad and took 'all day'.

I pointed out he seemed to be on Facebook for most of the day so the 'burial' must have taken minutes.

He mumbled something about having to make a report on line on a co-worker's computer, and how desperately he was in need of a laptop for 'easier communication' when he was at home.

Big hint which I completely ignored.

I pointed out that he had a fantastic job which allowed him to chat with his female friends online from work all day.

Oh those were his 'comrade's wives'. I could not believe the lies this man was spewing out.

I called him a liar and told him how disgusted I was that he had not even wished me a happy birthday and slammed the phone down.

He never heard from me again.

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