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The Truth About Cuba

by Stevie

I’m a married young successful decent looking guy. I met my Cuban wife when I was 26 after separating with my ex girlfriend.
I went to Cuba to take some time out after a long term relationship. I had every intention of having a good fun holiday to make myself feel better but nothing else.
I didn’t even know about jineteras.
This a very complex subject. I grew up in a poor workinng class background in London and believe me am very streetwise.
I went to Cuba as a unwise Yuma (foreigner) and knew nothing at all about the life of a Cuban.
The Cubans are POOR and as a Yuma you are nothing more than a walking CUC.
Cuban people are the most family oriented people I have met.
As a Londoner in the UK I have learnt to keep my eyes open and myself to myself.
It took only a few hours for me to realise how much as a YUMA you are taken for a mug (fool).
It’s simple and logical, please take on board what I am writing. (this may save you either a lot of money or a broken heart!)

I had a few experiences in Cuba!

On the first night I decided to go out clubbing just as I would in the UK, I met a guy in the hotel as I was ordering my taxi from south London who was checking in.
He was in his thirties decent looking geezer and we got on well. So off we went in a taxi. We didn’t have a clue about the place so just asked the taxi driver to take us some place good.
We arrived at our destination and paid our 15 CUC entrance fee.
Within 60 seconds we both have 2 beautiful Cubans off our arms. I don’t speak Spanish.
Everywhere I walked I would be approached by a young lady.
I thought maybe as a foreigner I was attractive. YES ! But only because of the CUC in my pocket.
Please do not be fooled that you are attractive to the young ladies but anything than the CUC in your pocket. YOU ARE NOT!

Its as simple as this: If your Cuban partner is many years younger than you. More attractive or slimmer you ARE being taken for a ride.
Do NOT believe it is love. It is NOT!
If you find that you are many years older or larger or more ugly than your Cuban partner. THINK!
The same rules apply as the country you are living in.


A Cuban is Cuban. As a foreigner you are not the same. Cubans are some of the friendliest decent people I have ever met.

YOU will not have the same respect!
You will be fooled into being Loved!
You will fall in love with CUBA
Your partner WILL take you for every CUC you have
I am married to a Cuban, I have much experience living in Cuba. I KNOW what I am talking about.
Treat Cuba as you would your own country: if something seems to good to be true - then it is.
Otherwise enjoy. Digest the truth and open your eyes and think with your head not your heart!

COMMENTS by Vic webmaster
Thanks Stevie, excellent advise for our visitors!
I can only agree with your observations.

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Apr 30, 2015
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by: Tylerlee

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Oct 02, 2013
I completely agree.
by: Danny

I have to agree with Stevie's brilliant observation on how Cubans see us Yumas.

We are really seen as mugs, walking ATM's to be conned scammed and used for the duration of our stay.

They will turn on the charm,the smiles, the charisma while attempting to gain your trust, but in reality they are sizing you up to see how gullible you might be, how much they could extort from you before you leave.

You will hear all of the usual sob stories, how they cannot afford to buy food, pay for utilities, clothing. What they won't tell you is that their housing is free, as is their education, and healthcare. They will not tell you they also receive raciones, ..free rice coffee, sugar etc.

There was a child hooker staying at our hotel in Jibacoa, clearly the manager had looked the other way when this 12 year old mulatto was checked in by a 70 year old pedophile called Andrea from Rome.

Grachel turned heads as she checked in with scarlet red stiletos and a skirt that revealed the cheeks of her bottom.

Andrea turned out to be a vile obnoxious pig who shouted abusively at staff, jumped queus and bullied the girl who was 55 years his junior. Clearly a sadist as well as a pedophile.

Shame on Grachel's mother for pimping her out. Shame on Alphonso the smiling manager of Breezes Jibacoa who looked the other way. Shame on the police of Jibocoa who are in on the exploitation and would rather take a bribe to silence them than arrest the dirty old Italian pervert.

Cuba is going to the dogs if it condones the exploitation of children.

I will not be returning.

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