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The Truth about Love in Cuba

It does not matter if your woman is Cuban, American, French or whatever, most women want men to take care of them financially, we have what they want money, they have what we want vaginas, is war out there.
The winner takes the most and gives the least, avoid giving expensive gifts to all women unless she has earned it by pleasing you and sacrifice, if you decide to get a Cuban out of Cuba do it fast, if you take more than a year you give her time to cheat on you, any money over 100 usdlls sent to will not be spent on necessities may be shared with a Cuban boyfriend, IF YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH ANY WOMAN IN ANY COUNTRY YOU WILL OVER SPEND AND NOT GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH.

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Oct 20, 2015
The Truth about Love in Cuba NEW
by: Cuba

This essay writer for you ca is places of education must be accessible to all students with attendance mandatory unless specified through education documentation. So be fore this matter should be real.

Jun 10, 2015
The Truth about Love in Cuba NEW
by: Anonymous

What i feel is your absolutely wrong in the case of women. It depends on person to person. It varies from person to person. I work with best essay au where i doesn't believe in such things.

Feb 09, 2015
vs1 NEW
by: Acrdon

I just do not understand why they are so eager to stress about love in Cuba. Mostly love is talked along with places like Paris or Vince. However, this is a new set of reference that I have been working on, it would be something that could be done along in that manner. Makowsky purses

Dec 06, 2014
I completely Agree With the Last Post! NEW
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with what the last person wrote. Love is a business in Cuba. I have stayed at hotels in Cuba and 70% of the clientelle are working girls, jiniteras playing sweet and coy to their elderly boyfriends. Or should I say boyfriend for that particular week. As soon as he has departed for Canada or Europe she will be checking into another hotel with yet another Novio.

Love is a business in Cuba. I sympathize with your story about the fridge. Fridges do not come cheap in Cuba. the very least they could have done was be civil to you and stocked the fridge with some beers for your next visit. But no they are too greedy and too grasping and have lost you as a good friend.

They are cold heartless,ruthless. To quote Spiros from Greece who posted on here about marrying his Jinitera..."Sex with a Cuban is to them, like having a plate of Spaghetti or a visit to gym, no more than a work out'. I completely agree. They are only looking for the next 20 CUC or whatever appliance they can get you to fork out for, a fridge, a washing machine. An extension on the house is pretty common

I was suckered in over time, over four years. I met him he was married. He was cheeky enough to suggest I live there, he would see me one day the wife the next. What a cheek. I refused.

The following year the wife divorced him, and I do not blame her whatsoever. The guy is a complete jerk Drinks to excess on your tab, complulsive liar and womaniser and mommy's boy. Still living at home at age 50, barking orders to mom as though she were his slave. the poor lady is almost 80.

He dropped strong hints about how much he would like to have an extension built to their apartment. How much he needs a car. Dream On!

His mom is a great cook and looked forward to me enjoying her food But no, he would insist on heading out to one of the priciest restaurants he could find, and expect the yuma to fork out for the fish the booze.

The Cuban mentality is grasping, greey, screw the estranjera/os for as much as you can.

The guy swore he had been single since the divorce, yet on two nights he got dressed up and disappeared to God knows where no doubt to see one of his amantes who lives nearby. the smell of aftershave wafting behind him as he left.

Oh he was just popping out to see one of his amigos. Us Cubans like to meet up with our amistads for chats. Yeah Right!.

I consider myself very lucky to have seen this guy for what he was - a hustler, a jinitero. A liar and con man. I feel sorry for his ex wife, he must have put her through hell. I am happy to see the new generation of educated Cuban women who no longer put up with the B.S. and the Macho nasty behaviour, the mood swings, the shouting, the selfishness the infidelity.

My advise is leave them there. Do no bankrupt yourself by flying them out. Just 5% of marriage to foreigners ever work out. 95% do not. Save yourself the heartache and the financial outlay. They do not know the meaning of love as we know it.

They will use you milk you for every dime they can and still smile to your face while slipping round the corner to see the novia.

Leave them there. They deserve each other!

May 18, 2011
What an idiot this guy sounds like
by: Anonymous

Women are the most beautiful creatures that God put on this earth. I love all women and respect all women.

You must give respect to get respect, you must love to be loved, you must trust to be trusted. Be supportive to your partner. Everyone is entitled to be wrong and everyone is entitled to make a mistake, we're all entitled to have a bad day.

Except in Cuba. In Cuba love is a business. Cheating is very normal. Making love is a sport. In Cuba no affection is necessary for making love. Lying is part of Cuba and the Cuban life.

I have helped many Cubans. I have purchased Cubans fridges, TV's, Stereos, beds, etc. I have taken tons of clothing to Cuba and given it away to needy Cubans (not resort workers) I have paid for roofs of homes that the hurricane blew off, I have given my heart and soul and money to Cubans. I even purchased a home for a Cuban and her daughter ($350.00 cuc), a wooden shack, but liveable and nice.

The only thing I wanted in return was a little respect. But what I got was requests for more and more.

One family that I bought a fridge for ($700.00 cuc) I also bought 2 cases of beer for myself and of course the Cubans and my friends. Because these poor Cubans needed some help I invited some friends from the hotel to these Cubans home the very next day and I asked for some beers for me and my friends. This was the next day after they got the new fridge. They told me the beer isn't in the fridge and it's warm. I got up and went into the kitchen and opened the fridge and there was nothing in the fridge except for water and guyava marmalade(fruit).

I told them to put the beer in the fridge. (WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS AND/OR LIARS. The next day the same thing but the answer was different, 2 days after I bought the fridge and 24 Crystal and 24 Bucanero it was all gone they told me.

They not only screwed me they screwed themselves as I never returned to visit them or help them again.

I don't refer to Cuba as another 3rd world country I refer to Cuba as a different planet. Nothing is normal in Cuba especially the people. BE VERY CAREFUL IN CUBA, THEY ARE THE BEST CON PERSONS IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM.

May 10, 2011
Yo Entiende Ustede's!!
by: Yasmila

Hi "Love Cuba",I truly understand your concern on falling in love or being taken in by another person no matter who he or she is.
It's a vicious circle for survival, for many,the "tourist" falls in love with the person-the local's fall in love with your money and an opportunity to better their lives-no matter who they hurt doing it.
Before you spend time and hard earned money on anybody make sure it's done with prudence and you are satisfied that it is indeed helping them live a better life-not giving it to their boy-friend's or girl-friend's to spend on beer,-makeup and other useless comoditie's.
If you have been taken and abused by your friend take it as an expensive lesson in life and be more careful next time.
I go to Cuba often,and when I feel I can help someone I myself buy them food or clothe's,but never ever give them money.
Good Luck !!
Hasta Luego,

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