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Traditional clothing in Cuba

what is the traditional clothing of cuba?
The traditional clothing in Cuba has major Spanish
infuences and goes back to the colonial era.
Nowdays, the traditional Cuban dress can only be found as a tourist attraction in Old Havana around the Cathedral, Plaza de Armas etc.
The only moment that Cubans dress-up in traditional clothes is on the occasion of a marriage or the 15th birthday of a girl, when the family celebrates her adulthood.
For this occasion the traditional Cuban dress is rented from the "Palacio de Matrimonio" ( translated: Wedding Palace).
Some traditional Cuban cloting is still worn today ex. Men in official service, waiters, barmen, hotel personel wear the Cuban Guayabera, this is a loose shirt worn over a black pair of trousers. The "Sombrero" a typical hat made of straw is till worn, although the baseball cap is gaining popularity.

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