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Travel to Cuba by personal yacht

by Gary

I want to travel to cuba in the fall by yacht with my son (both descendants of a cuban born immigrant to the us) and brother in law with his two sons.
we all have valid US passports. What else do we need e.g. licenses etc? and can we just dock at a marina of our choice?

ANSWER BY VIC webmaster

First this I am NO yachting expert, so double check my information.
You all have valid US passports, that's OK but do (each) also have an OFAC license (US permit) to travel to Cuba. You can expect a visit from the US Coastguard during your trip. There's a heavy monitoring of the traffic in the Caribbean in the hunt for human and drug trafficking.
Be sure to have all documents of the boat with you especially the ownership documents. I don't expect much trouble from the Cubans. I recommend the Marina Hemingway in Havana. There are a few other Marinas but the Marina Hemingway is the best. You can buy a tourist visa (25USD) at the immigration/customs, (valid for 30 days) you also have to pay some duties for the boat. Do not import forbidden devices or stuff (like fresh food, satelite phone, GPS systems etc. etc.) check the list shown on the Cuban Customs website.
Have a nice trip!

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