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Traveling with a young child to Cuba

by Lee Cassidy
(Scotland )

I'm going to be visiting Cuba September 2009 with my family, I have a young son still requiring the use of nappies. Since there is a shortage of products for daily use, such as soap, deodorant, shampoo and perfume are disposable nappies readily available or should I bring enough for the duration of our holiday.

ANSWER by vic webmaster

I strongly recommend to bring enough supply for the entire duration of your Cuban holiday. There is a general shortage of decent toiletries especially disposable nappies, tissues, sanitary towels, toilet paper. Shampoo, dedorants, soap etc. are available in the supermarkets in the big cities, but are of lower quality and sometimes simply not available.

I also want to warn you don't drink or use tap water especially for the child, the water is sometimes contaminated, use only water from bottles, as prevention ask your doctor for antibiotics and anti diarrhoea pills.
A small first aid kit can be helpful too.
My experience is that although Cuba has a good medical tradition there is often a lack of decent antibiotics too.

Have a nice trip and enjoy your stay in Cuba.

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