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Truly, Sincere and Genuine Love in Cuba

by Lucy

Its been 5 days since I've been back from seeing my love... nothing feels more right then this... why does he have to be 3000 miles away from me? ten reasons why I know he is right for me:

1. I can see myself grow old with him, rocking ont he front porch when we're 80
2. I feel comfortable both asking for and excepting help
3. I can let down my suit of armor
4. I can play with and feel my inner child
5. He respects my wisdom
6. I can share my secret thoughts and desires with
7. He brings out my tender side so well hidden from the rest of the world
8. He is supportive of my ambitions
9. He realizes a home in the suburbs and a garnet ring are as much of an expression of love as a poem or a card.
10. Dresses tastefully and conservatively and I am so proud to be seen with him.

This last visit he proposed to me..... gave me his grandmothers ring..... this was his proposal

" This ring is a part of my family, I want you to be a part of my family, no one else can I feel like this for, no one else can I think about so so much, and I want to be old with you and still hold your hand... with you everything feels so right... will you marry me?"

I was speechless and I definitely cried so many tears.... now I am engaged.... and I can not wait to be his wife... I can not wait to start my life with him.... life has just begun!!

He wants me to live with him for 6 months, I told him that I needed to think about it, because I dont know if I want to leave my family... and I asked him... how am I suppose to work and live down there... he said he would take care of me until we can figure things out...

There are so many negative things out there about cuban men... and dont get me wrong.. im sure that there are a lot of bad ones out there, but I just thought I would post a story that seems genuine since most stories are horror stories...

Comment Vic webmaster
Thanks Lucy, after so many sad stories I do welcome a positive story.
Wish you all the best!

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Nov 07, 2010
Grandma's Ring???
by: Silvana Teresa

Hola Lucy!
Are we talking about the same guy here? I had the same feeling,same type of coversation ,my stomach and heart was doing summersault's and I couldn't wait to see him again.
He also gave me not one but two ring's,when I went back he played on my oooooing and ahhhing over him.
That is when he took me to the Canadian Embassy to get information, all the while being cold and distant with me, a far cry from the hot latino I came to see again.
Well I was informed I had to pay all cost's, the wedding alone was a $900.00 fee.
All in all total cost of marrying this Jinitero and setting him up in Ontario would have been approx.$15,000.00.
While we discussed this hugh amount of money, he said, you have it, you pay it, and went out to get drunk with his friend's.
All the while asking that I buy him a car, a house, gold jewelery, computer, and after we married a two month vacation in Europe.
Plus I had to deposit $25,000.00 in his Caribbean Transfer Account to see him through the time he had to wait to come to Canada.
I never laughed so hard in my life, I tore up all the papers, used him for what he was good at, and said good-bye.
And by the way as of to-day Nov./7/10.he is still trying to get me back "es de verdadero un pingata!!"
Silvana Teresa

Sep 11, 2010
Happy for you, but...
by: Trailsman

Lucy, it's very rare to meet someone that makes you feel the way you do: congratulations. Nothing on your list makes me think you've met a jinetero.

However, items 2 through 8 on your list makes me think that you have the psychological profile of someone a jinetero would target.

Women with a strong sense of self and who are sure of their own identity have no need for armour, barriers, or fear of showing their tender side. They are also less likely to fall for a handsome man with some smooth moves.

A good scam preys upon greed and fear. That's why so many of them feature an incredible bargain and a sense of urgency. Are these elements of your relationship?

I hope this man is your soulmate. You seem like a sensitive woman who just wants to be loved, just the sort of person who would be crushed (financially and emotionally) if this didn't work out.

Despite Javier's admonitions, you've probably invested too much to back out now. If you did, you'd always be wondering, "what if?". You're just going to have to play this out.

Have you ever visited unannounced?

Please, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You probably have more people rooting for you than you are aware.

Mar 05, 2010
Get A Life Lucy!
by: Javier

You 'feel you innner child'

You 'Realize a suburban home' with him.

Who will pay for the 'Suburban Home?..

Him?? yeah right!

Who will pay his exit visa to Canada?.

Who will pay for the marriage?.

The airfares, maintaining him in your country, his social security, health care, unemployment benefits, while he does not work or speak the language?.

Grow up for God's Sake.

Get a Life!

You're living in Cloud Cuckoo Land! How old are you?

You make me laugh.

Oct 09, 2009
Truly, Sincere and Genuine Love in Cuba
by: soerenf

Hej Vic.
No, it's not all that bad, as I told you, I'm happily divorced.
After the divorce we became much better friends, I always felt welcome even with my girlfriend(s),
we could stay there nightover as long as we wanted,
as she said "it's your house" ( we build it together)that means, she build a house 204 m2 in only 6 month, while I was elsewhere working for the money, you can't imagine how proud I am of her.
I don't know ANY other who is able to do that (espcially in Cuba).
She is special, she is not only talking, she DO things.
3 weeks ago in Habana somebody tried to fool me, so I called my best friend (my former wife)and as usual she knew what to do.
So now we are together again, and this time things works much much better, we are even making plans for a better future together.
Came to Denmark this night and in 6 days I will be back in Habana for another 2 month.
All the best
Comment by Vic
I am glad to hear your positive story. I know that many Cubanas are "strong" women who want to be treated as equals in a Cuban relation. I am not surprised that she find solutions to difficult situations. Most Cuban women are trained
in survival skills. They are always busy with what they call "inventar", searching for solutions to cope with their daily problems.
Wish you all the best for the future!

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