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Ugly Stories in Cuba

by alex gordon

these stories are like a plague! I'm scared and showing it.

I met her family that she lives with, and stayed a night. She didn't directly introduce me to all her family. And gave me the lightest hug when leaving. But she seems like she likes me, its me that is plaguing the relationship with doubt. I asked her "did you pick up a new boyfriend?" And she is deeply hurt. Now doesn't want to talk its been 1 week. We use to talk about our future and I love you. Even those other phases she says to me. Now its crickets on the phone. Do you think this could have been a good girl that my insecurity pushed away? It was reading these stories that started me to worry. In Canada, and can only visit 2 weeks every 6 months. Should I try to maintain our relationship or am I playing myself? Thinking this could have been a "pretty woman" movie.
Remark by Vic webmaster

A major difficulty in a Cuban relationship is the language and the cultural barriers!
Learn (Cuban) Spanish and some Cuban slang!
See also my remarks above.
All the best!

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Oct 30, 2015
Sfaturi NEW
by: Gilbert

Foloseste si tu calculatoare second hand ieftine dar foarte performante cu preturi foarte mici.

Apr 20, 2015
It's quite surprising to me NEW
by: Anonymous

It's quite surprising to me to read the whole story and i feel it's very uncommon what ever happened there. I have come across many articles from essay writing company crazytrainreviews.com where i found similar painful stories, there's nothing to judge and couldn't find a better conclusion.

Apr 17, 2015
good post NEW
by: Kamille7

It's also the Machista behavior the 'Do as I say but not as I do' over stated claims which most females, Cuban or international will very soon wheel off and say to him. any way thanks a lot for it.
useful site

Feb 12, 2015
it happens everywhere NEW
by: brisk

This is not something that happens only in Cuba. This happens in almost all the places across the globe. The main reason for men being this way is their parents. This is what happens when they are not given any responsibilities in life. click here

Jan 10, 2015
Completely Agree With Last Post. NEW
by: Anonymous

Women have to be very very careful when in Cuba, and especially when they meet men who proclaim to love them within a week or want to marry them within two.

Many Cuban men are just too lazy to work. They have been pampered by an doting mom, feed clothed, cleaned for and indulged. So why the need to put themselves out when they have all that they need to feel very comfortable in Cuba.

Most Cuban men have wives, they marry, at age 19 replacing their mom with a naive teenager unaccustomed to his macho ways. Some have seen this kind of behaviour in their fathers and so it is a repitition of their childhood conditioning. Many have wonderful caring fathers but are naive to the ways and cons of the Cuban charmer/con man who will be all love and charm throughout courtship but turn into a nasty violent psycho after the marriage.

This is precisely why divorce rates are so high in Cuba. Just 5% of marriages last. 95% end in divorce.

Educated Cuban women are just not prepared to put up with the B.S. mach obehaviour of the average Cuban man.

It's not just the infidelity which puts their health at risks to STD's HPV and HIV.

It's also the Machista behaviour the 'Do as I say but not as I do' rhetoric which most women, Cuban or foreign will very soon tire off and say to him.

'I no longer care about your secret cellphone chats and messages. I no longer care about your solo nights out with your apparent 'Amigos'

'They are welcome to you, I no longer want you, nor am I prepared tp put my body or my health at risk from you dirty sucio Pinga'.

So basically the Cuban Macho man Jinitero will end up Solito, alone, without a woman in his life.

Unless of course he finds a masochist woman from Canada who needs to feel apologetic for being 240 lbs. Or a Cuban woman who has grown up with parental domestic violence.

If the Cuabn Machoman meets a woman who is at peace with herself and who values herself and her health, she will tell him to F. Off to Take a Hike. Find another Mug!.

Dec 16, 2011
hollywood is wrong
by: Anonymous

You mentioned Pretty Woman.
Don't forget the Jamie and Aurélia couple from the film Love Actually, where they fell for each other in spite of the language barrier, but when they eventually saw each other again, they had each learned the other language and live happily ever after. In real life, it doesn't happen like that, especially with Cuban jineteros. The jinetero will come back to your country and sit on the couch with his hand down his pants all day, whilst you go out to work (alternatively, he may become a "dance teacher" or "DJ"). The jinetera will come and spend all your money, and maybe accuse you of domestic violence/abuse to get you kicked out of your house (meanwhile she uses mental abuse against you). In the end, they will leave you for their Cuban novio, once both of them are in your country.

In many ways it's better if they just piss off after a few weeks, and you never hear from them again.

Nov 11, 2011
not your fault
by: Anonymous

Don't blame yourself, that's exactly what she wants you to do!

There is a very good chance that she does have a boyfriend in Cuba, and has got several others across the world. Don't doubt that for one minute.

You, by asking that question, let her know that the game is up, so she decided to put some distance between you and her. This can then pan out one of two ways:
1) She loses you but she has the other 'boyfriends' to keep on with
2) You feel guilty and give her another chance, forgetting about the fact that she probably has another 'boyfriend'.

Presumably you took gifts too? Clothes? Drink? Medicine? Phone? DVD player 'for work'? And these were given to her the moment you arrived? If that's the case you might as well go home right away because you have served your purpose. She won't even have to bother feeding you - bonus for her!

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