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United States and Cuba

In december 26 , 2010 I went to cuba aha . Not to long ago . Well I went there to meet my family because I haven't seen them since I was 6 years old . Now I'm 14 so that like 7 years older. Well when I got in Cuba I went to My grandma's house and when I was there I met this boy his name is Alexis. When I first saw him I felt in love with him. But he goes to my Grandma's house everyday and when he goes he brought a girl. So I thought they were going out. They were . But we had to go to the a shop to buy some chicken or something like that. He left her and went to go see me . So she got mad that he left her at My grandma's house. Alexis and that girl have been going out for two years. He said he broke up with her for me. Me and him know each other since we were babies. Butt I don't remember because I left Cuba when I was 6 years old. Me and Alexis felt in love at first sight. After he told me he likes me we started talking stuff and then we ended going out . Butt it really bother me because I Live in the United States and he lives in Cuba and I don't want him to cheat on me or anything . Because I really like him and He gave me a ring. He told me to promise him not to loose it. I still have it (: butt i'm worried because I don't want his Ex-Girlfriend to try to talk to him again. Because I'm scared they will go out again. I call him once a week because I don't have enough money to call him everyday. In August or July im going to Cuba to see him to make my 15 years old party over there. But after that I don't know when a will return to Cuba again? He want me to marry him so he can come to the United States but I have to wait till i'm 18. I'm only 14 but I'm going to have to wait 4 years until I'm 18. In 4 years I hope he hasn't forgot about me ? Wat should I do? It's really hard and nobody in my family or his family wanted me to go with him, but oh, well they are going to get used to it . because we love each other . !

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