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wedding photographer in Cuba

I am getting married in Varadero and bringing my own photographer from home, can he take pictures of us and our bridal party in havana?

Answer by Vic Webmaster

If the photographer is a professional he must apply for a special visa for professionals. This visa can be obtained at the Cuban embassy in your
country. The photographer has to fill out a document about the nature of his visit (and business) and buy the visa for professionals (more expensive than the tourist visa). I recall the story of a Russian wedding photographer who was stopped by the Cuban police because he had no professional visa. So if you want to avoid problems, pay for the visa. The photographer can make pictures everywhere in Havana except in front of military instalations and the US interest section (embassy)
On the other hand, when your photographer is a family member (and you can proof this) and you keep a low profile, make only pictures in a hotel, on the beach etc. I guess there will be no problems, but the safest way is to go for the professional visa.

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