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What could of been in Cuba

by Chris Jackson
(Ontario Canada)

I was so exhausted after the flight, I decided to ditch my friends to check out the sights so I went to a bar that was outside. From there I was just thinking to myself what If I get robbed or kidnapped because I'm all alone with complete strangers. I literally got drunk of rum and decided to stay in the bar because every 3 minute there was girls who would come up to me and start talking. Then there was this one girl who was so beautiful, well tanned and I saw something special in her. So She said ' Hi, are you visiting here first time' and I said Yeah ' I am a late bloomer' :D

She took interest in me( that's what it looked like) Then I asked her if she wants anything to drink and she surely agreed. Then I joked saying ' But Im not buying the bar for you just 1 or 2 drinks'

So after that we connected and I was too drunk so she could of easily had sex with me anywhere because I was so attracted to her that I forgot I came here with my friends.

It was getting late so I told her if she wants to meet me here tomorrow same place and she said sure.

One thing is I fell for a girl to easily and never saw her again. To this day I still hope I get to see her once more.

Just wanted to add that not every girl is bad, some are troubled but are nice and kind.

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