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What is it, really..?


I met a cubano when I was on vacation last week, he was a working student at the hotel I stayed in. We sneaked out of the hotel at night to go on the beach to talk and we could talk for hours, literally. He would always look at me and when we had the chance to see each other in the evening, he would talk to me about his day and ask about mine. For my whole stay there, he would look out for me and my 2 friends (girls) I was travelling with. He was not the perver super sexual type of guy and told me several times about his disgust towards guys who would "chase" after girls, tourists or locals. He seemed to have great values and good educations. His co-workers told me he was always talking about me. I slept with him on the beach one night (no sex whatsoever). I had my purse with my iPhone 4 and a wallet with over 150$. The next morning, he and all my personal stuff was there, intact. He never asked me for anything and when I came to give him a tip one night after he served my table, he gave it back to me saying he didn't wanted it. The night before I left, he asked me if he could give me his e-mail adress from university so we could stay in touch. He gave me everything ; his phone number, his personal adress at his parent's house, his adress at the university and he gave me his friend's e-mail adress and told me it was all in case the e-mail thing didn't work as he was not sure if he could receive/send e-mails worldwide with his university's account. When I was with him, he was never looking at other girls and my two friends I was travelling with assured me they never saw him smile or look at another girl. Being with him felt right. Just by his body language I could feel like he really cared - he would kiss my forehead, look into my eyes, hold me for long periods of time,he was always holding my hand whenever he could. I felt like he was a real genuine sweet guy. He introduced me to his group of friends as "his girl". We made a deal that we would be in an open monogamist long distance relationship ; meaning we we're not aloud to have any physical interactions with anybody else but are still aloud to go out and meet new people and in the case we would meet someone else, we had to tell each other. Before I left, he told me "I want us to always tell the truth to eachother". He seemed as concern as I was (everybody heard horrible stories of girls marrying cubanos...).
I would like to mention that he is 2 years older than me. Also, I didn't told him I could speak spanish and can understand fluent spanish (thanks to the spanish class I took in University!) and never did I hear him say anything wrong/innapropriate about me to his friends and co-workers. He was actually very sweet. I don't know what to do..? I am suppose to go back in August with the same group of friends. He told me we can try the long distance relationship and see how that works and if by August we're both un-happy in it, we would end it. If on the other hand we were happy in this situation, then we would stay like this until we are both done our studies.
Can I have any advices please? I am really confused and I don't want to waste my time and do a mistake.

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Nov 11, 2015
Education NEW
by: Michelle N. Torres

You have a such a cute love story. I guess you two should complete your studies first and then try to be happy and together. Ups and downs are a part of relationships. Try essay services reviews. It has relationships as an upcoming topic of discussion. In which people share their relationships and problems are discussed in detail.

Mar 19, 2012
Too Funny !!!
by: Anonymous

Really???? You see, read and hear all the warnings but you still need to ask!! So one more time... If he works with tourists...he IS having sex with them !! Lots of them!! I will tell you what my cuban friends tell me, "when one plane takes off... Another one lands", To them,every tourist girl is the "Special", one,until they leave.They do this every week!! Thats just how it is plain and simple.To think that this young cuban man would go without sex for even one month makes me laugh histericaly!!! WOW

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