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Who's Really Writing Those Emails in Cuba?

by Jessica
(Hamilton Ontario)

Vic. I wonder if you could let me know what you think about those emails which arrive from Cuba.

Who do you think is actually typing the words?.

I've been corresponding with my friend in Cuba for almost two years now and his emails arrive from different accounts with different names.

Obviously from friends or colleagues who work in an organisaton which have access to the net at a university, hospital or clinic.

It can be quite inhibiting at times because you never know who is actually writing the emails and who's reading them.
I am aware that Big Brother in Cuba reads all emails in and out of Cuba regardless of who's writing them.

My friend says he is the one who is typing the words and sitting at a computer.
But I have often wondered does he in fact give a note with what to write to a friend who types the email on his behalf.

What do you think Vic? From your experience and indepth knowledge of Cuba do Cubans pay others to write the mail for them?.

ANSWER by Vic Webmaster
Well first this Jessica, I am no clairvoyant! You can't see who's tapping the keyboard. Having said this I can tell my experience.
In normal circumstances a Cuban citizen goes to an
official internet cafe, and opens a Correo de Cuba email account (Cuban Post Office). You have to pay for the account and buy a fixed amount of "time credits" this can be a (money) problem for some Cubans. The Cubans themselfs type the text on one of the computers (10-15) available. The waiting time in the queues can be very long, sometimes many hours. Technical problems, occur frequently. So Cubans are a creative people and seek for solutions.

One of these solutions is to ask a friend or family member to type and send a (pre)written message. In this case there is no privacy, the sender reads the message too! Another solution used, your sender asks a friend (family) to use his computer / email account to send a message to you, so you might receive messages from different Cuban email accounts. Renting email accounts and email time is a widespread way to earn a little (black) money. Cubans that frequently use different email accounts use a kind of code, usually nicknames to indicate who's writing. For example when a friend write you from an unknown email address, but he starts the message... Hola, your "Black Chicken" (or "Black Dog") is here, when he's known under the nickname "Black Chicken". Cubans like to use "coded" language and nicknames. They do not write about politics, Big Brother is watching, but they use innocent words and names. When they speak about Papi, Tio (uncle), La China, La Gorda, La Rubia, etc. everyone knows who they mean. The problem with the different email accounts is that you frequently have to check your Spam filters, to check for mails from unknown and blocked addresses. When you frequently communicate with a friend you recognize after time his writing style, topics, words frequently used, misspellings etc. This can proof the origin of the writer.

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Sep 29, 2010
The Hustlers Have the Persistence Of African Scammers
by: Anonymous

The emails can seem like those Nigerian 419 scams. Overly friendly, full of B.S and extremely persistent.

It's as though their life and livliehood depended on it. In many cases that is the truth, it does.

All they have is those fake words, declarations of undying love, so very over the top that it becomes farcical, a joke. You end up wanting to throw up or laugh out loud.

I think it would be a great idea to have a thread posting the most over the top love emails. We can keep them anonymous but I'll bet we'd be entertained and enlighted as to how incredibly similar the wording is.

Sep 28, 2010
The content makes me want to throw up.
by: Anonymous

The emails are far too personal sugary and over the top.

Unrealistic even, when you consider you've only known someone for a week, and only seen them for a few hours each day.

Frankly I am totally turned off by the extreme declarations of love. Words like..

.'I love you with every fibre of my being..' 'We belong together, were made for each other"

make me want to throw up as opposed to feel secure or loved.

I just get the feeling that he she sees me as a total mug who is willing to believe in such sugar B.S.

How can anyone profess to be so madly in love with someone after a week, and what a cunning and desperate investment for them if they have to pay someone a $ when they are so cash strapped, in the hope that their investment will snare them a Yuma and a passport out of poverty.

It would be interesting to hear the ridiculous and over the top lines being spun in your emails from Cuba, and if reading them turns your stomach.

Sep 16, 2010
Time Vampires
by: Hamilton

I find it astonishing how some Cuban workers who work for the State have time to chat all day and I mean all day online.

I was approached by a Cuban guy on Facebook. Despite having pictures of a woman who appeared to be his wife and a 11 year old daughter he claimed to be searching for the love of his life in block capitals.

He told me he worked as an electronic copyrights lawyer so I guess this gave him lots of time to online access.

But the amount of time this guy spent online meant he could not possible be doing any legal work so I presume he was more of an IT support worker or engineer.

He began to ask me more and more questions. Wanted history of my country. Told him to go to a library. He responded obviously angrily with an email containing 6 inch letters, clearly enraged I had dared to challenge him.

Well it took over an hour to compile the history and I emailed it to him. Then he made another demand. Telling me that according to Socrates 'Knowledge is Power'.

By now I had become extremely irritated. I work for me and he who claimed to be seeking the 'Amor De Mi Vda' (are'nt they all?) was totally monopolising my day, my time.

I felt a great sense of relief after I had blocked him. I managed to salvage my day, my time, my life.

I told him to stop that he was hogging my days and I needed to work. That he was a Time Vampire.

He responded angrily again using 6icnh letter and told me not to contact him again or he would block me. Not before I had blocked him though.

He is a classic example of the Cuban lazy state worker who idles his day away online.

Little wonder Raul Castro has ordered a shake up of these lazy workforce which was far too top heavy and in need of pruning.

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