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Why Keep a Mirage in Cuba?

by manatee

About a year and a half ago I met a delicious looking young Cuban male at a resort. He was a dancer. I was a tourist (Canada 23 yrs old)...and well he looked good, danced well, and needless to say my intoxicated friend and I went over after the show and met the entire dance team. That holiday we saw my new love interest 3 times and exchanged e-mails.
Booked another 3 trips in the 12 months following that.

I will not replay the great moments because honestly, I am a realist. I had heard it all before and throughout the year so I tried a different approach. I always 'cut the shit' when it came up, any of the "I love you, I want to be with you, Imagine this...that...my mother wants to meet you" talk I would say hush. Please. I will not marry you, I am not in love with you, yes you are special and interesting as a person but really do not expect to ever come to Canada to live because it is not going to be with me! I don't even want to live in the cold...ha ha ha..

but NO matter how honest i try to be, how many ways I try to come to the SAME level where he can admit "yeah, I know were just spending time together for your vacation and it won't go beyond that"....he never does it! He still drops phrases/comments here and there like trying to convince me he truly does love me!

I feel like it is a major game....the real truth will never come out. Well of course he lied about his age from the start, his ex contacted me and said he was dating her prior to me, cheating, lying, ect. I never cared enough to have this stuff affect me because in all truth....I always had a funner vacation spending it with him than going with girlfriends!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention he is great to look at!

So there is my story....you can still have amazing 'magical' experiences....and leave it in Cuba or leave it as memories of the past....do not take everything in life so serious and dire. Your here one moment gone the next. Gotta live in the moment sometimes. Just don't screw your whole life over it!!!!

Does anyone have advice or a story where they WERE able to get a cuban man/their cuban lover to admit..."yea I don't love you but I enjoy spending time with you and we'le just enjoy each other when we can"....hahaha...would love to hear it.

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