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Will a Cuban doctor ever be granted permission to leave Cuba?

by Noa

My boyfriend is a Cuban doctor and I am wondering if, in case we decide we want to have a future together, is there a realistic chance for him getting a permission to leave Cuba and live in Europe? I have read that for doctors and other medical staff it's extra difficult.

ANSWER by Vic Webmaster

You're right, it's very difficult for a Cuban doctor to get an Cuban exit visa.
The rationale behind this measure is understandable.
The Cuban government declares that the country has invested alot in the (free) education of the doctors and wants them to serve their country by staying in the country. When a Cuban doctor request an exit visa he has to wait at least 3-5 years, sometimes longer before he can leave the country.

In recent years Cuban doctors have become a strategic export product. Cuba and Venezuela barter doctors for oil. Many Cuban doctors, nurses, sports trainers and technicians are sent abroad so there's often a need for new doctors. Briefly, an exit visa for a Cuban doctor is possible but it can take many years.

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