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You tell the Cuban truth in a good way.

by buzword

Your tells the truth in a good way. I know all about the problems and mistrust you speak about because I was living in Asia for a while. People are people and all people who travel anywhere have to be careful. The situation for Canadian men it is not so hard as it is for Canadian women in Cuba. A Canadian man is by nature careful, especially because we know we are we are being used for money and we know about it already from before in Canada. We are used to trying to figure out women, because they always seem to want so much but at times they really do not care. We are by nature macho or close to it. It is easy for us to take and not look close. Latin culture seems ok for us. We already know that women are looking for security in the guise of love. On the other hand it seems that Canadian women are far from the truth. They still see the world Disney gave them. They are so special. No wonder they are so bitter after they are robbed. They yell at us at home about how we have ripped them, (as if men did it like a team of bandits) then they go to Cuba and expect a Cuban man to suck it up hard, but he does not do it well and he leaves and for that they hate yet again, bitter and cold. The women who write about what they lost need a reality check. Pick up the page of a man and then start to understand why the map of love in Cuba is not the same for us as it is for a woman. We don't have the baggage you have for a start.

A Canadian boy knows all about this sort of privilege. It is born in our country because the oppressed in Canadian have the advantage. Women amung others are underprivileged here. Government gives money to the cause.

A woman from Ottawa is pissed off when her nice tanned hunk drops her! Gag me with a pitchfork. Bitter Canadian women, by all accounts, know nothing about people or for that matter about the scam they will get into. Men as a race can be called stupid, but i believe Canadian women remain the most naive, and stupid of the people who write in her. And when those cows are hurt, oh my god do they sing. Canada is like that. Come to Canada and cry about crap that doesn't mean jack shit to a Cuban or an Asian and wonder why we are out of touch with reality.

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Feb 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

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Oct 19, 2015
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Oct 08, 2015
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Sep 01, 2015
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Jun 07, 2015
Nice post NEW
by: Maurice

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Apr 26, 2015
These Broads Are Deluded, Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land NEW
by: Anonymous

A brilliant post Buzword, and so true. Do these (mostly) unattractive women in the 40's and 50's really think that a Cuban hunk would give them a second glance if money or the chance of a visa out were not the object? Not a hope in hell and they know it.

Would they get a second look from a Canadian back home? No chance. So why would a Latin dude have any interest in some overweight bitter broad who in her deluded mind think this hunk is 'in love' with her.

You see them fly into Varadero and Holguin, laden down with presents for these chancers who will be with another tourist the week after she leaves.Some are booked into a hotel for the week and eat and drink round the clock, and sell off the laptop or iphone that she has brought them down.

When he finally dumps here she is soo depressed, as you say 'Well kill me with A Pitchfork' he was a scammer! and she is on every website known to man telling the world about it.

The reality is these women lack a life back home, they are sad lonely neurotic and desperate. Some are desperate enough to open up paladars, bars, buy houses for their con men, they even marry them to enable them entry to Canada. Then they forgive him when he wants to spends the cold winters back in Cuba (with his Cuban lover). She puts it down to his 'depression'. Meanwhile the paladar the house is all in his name. He is laughing all they way to the bank, as well as his Cuban novia and family.

You see the deluded lone females in their 40's and 50's who think the resort handyman is their 'fiance' when he is happily married to his Cuban wife and has no plans to join the yuma in freezing ass cold Toronto. But he is more than happy to Accept her presents.

These women live in lala land, and we laugh as we read their stories which always have predictable endings. At least the yuma men are more wised up and leave their Jiniteras where they are happiest - in Cuba!

Apr 17, 2015
Amazing post NEW
by: Tylerlee

I think it is not something that happens only in Cuba. This happens in almost all the locations across the world. Primary for men being this way is their parents. This is what happens when they are not given any obligations in lifestyle. Must like to appreciate your effort.

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